DKC – Chapter 1507

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Chapter 1507 – Become famous with one battle (3)

That’s not right ah. These toxic poisons, only an Elite Apothecary’s body has the ability to resist such poison. Otherwise, there was simply no antidote.

Therefore, Li Aochen had exceptional confidence in himself.

Li Aochen’s pair of eyes was full of excitement as he looked at Su Luo: “You can even laugh? Haha, wait until the poison spreads then die!”

“This must be your last trump card?” Su Luo not only didn’t retreat, she even took a step into the water stain, step by step walking towards Li Aochen.

Li Aochen stared at Su Luo as if looking at an idiot: “You are not afraid to die?”

“Do I look like I want to die to you?” Su Luo smiled happily, both hands spread out, “Looks like your last trump card isn’t much use where I’m concerned.”

How was this possible? Absolutely impossible! Li Aochen’s heart was intensely opposed to this idea. But the reality was that Su Luo stood steadily above that water stain. There was no trace of poison corroding her clothes, shoes or socks.

An ice-cold expression flashed through Li Aochen’s eyes: “What’s going on? Why aren’t you poisoned!”

“Could it be that you don’t know, I am already an Elite Apothecary ah.” Su Luo playfully played with her long hair, faintly glancing over.

“You…Elite Apothecary!” Li Aochen’s eyes seemed as if it were about to pop out!

Li Yaoyao, who had been on the road to being an Apothecary before, she had especially mentioned Su Luo’s situation in front of him. Her words were full of disdain, contempt and loathing.

She had contemptuously said ‘so old and Su Luo was still an Elementary Apothecary’. She said Grandmaster didn’t have eyesight and had overlooked her, such a talented pearl, to chose Su Luo, that waste.

But now!

Only an Elite Apothecary could be immune to his Infernal poison okay? But Su Luo, this loathsome girl, didn’t seem to be affected at all.

Such a discovery almost made Li Aochen’s entire person collapse.

“This is absolutely impossible!” Li Aochen snarled!

“Merely an Elite Apothecary, what’s so impossible about that?” Su Luo carelessly smiled.

“At that time when Grandmaster Rong Yun was accepting disciples, everyone knew you were only an Elementary Apothecary!”

“It’s been more than two years, do you still think I would remain at that level?” Su Luo blinked her eyes astutely.

More than two years!

Two years to be promoted from Elementary Apothecary to Intermediate Apothecary, to Advance Apothecary until Elite Apothecary?!

F*ck! Other people need at least ten years to advance from Elementary Apothecary to Intermediate Apothecary okay?

At this moment, Li Aochen had an extremely painful headache.

“Is there a problem with this?” Su Luo’s pitch-black, glossy and clear eyes blinked, “If there is no problem, then next, it’s my turn to counter-attack oh.”

Su Luo faintly smiled from the corner of her mouth, her eyes firm.

Meeting Su Luo’s pair of old, calm and deep eyes, Li Aochen felt a chill slowly rise from the soles of his feet. His back became stiff as he felt a chill on his back.

Su Luo’s mouth hooked up, immediately after, she made her move!

Su Luo simply did not give Li Aochen the chance to react!

Because she wanted to become famous with one battle!

With a wave of Su Luo’s hand, a countless number of flames rushed towards Li Aochen.

“I thought it would be very difficult to deal with, but it’s merely just some flame.” Li Aochen slanted a despising glance at Su Luo, with a wave of his hand, the flames were extinguished.

But after that, Su Luo once again launched another attack in succession.

Her sleeves raised, in the time it took to wave her hand, Nothingness of Space directly enveloped down from Li Aochen’s head.

What kind of thing was this? Li Aochen could feel a slight change in the space around him.

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