DKC – Chapter 1500

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Chapter 1500 – Simulated battle (4)

“Then what is Honorable Father’s meaning?” Li Aochen’s lips hooked into a malicious arc, his pair of eyes flashing with light.

“This time, you must win against Su Luo!” Li Yaoyuan issued this command: “Must win!”

Li Aochen suddenly laughed out loud, he blinked his eyes and stared at him in disbelief, “Could Honorable Father think that I will lose?”

Li Yaoyuan gave a snort.

Although Li Aochen was tenth rank, however, recalling the opponent was Su Luo, that loathsome girl, Li Yaoyuan was no longer calm. Inevitably, he had a bad premonition.

“That girl is extremely sly, can’t predict her based on conventional reasoning. In short, whatever the case, you must defeat her.” Li Yaoyuan coldy snorted several times, “But you need not kill her.”

“Honorable Father is worried about Grandmaster Rong Yun?” The corner of Li Aochen’s eyes curved up sinisterly.

Although Li Yaoyuan doesn’t want to admit it, he had no choice but to admit to this point: “Grandmaster Rong Yun is very overprotective. If you were to directly kill Su Luo, that loathsome girl, on the stage, can’t guarantee Grandmaster Rong Yun won’t get angry and make a move. At that time, even your grandfather might not be able to protect you, so it’s not necessary.”

“Honorable Father rest assured, I know what to do.” Li Aochen’s eyes were full of a sinister smile.

In fact, he simply never viewed the ninth-ranked Su Luo as an opponent. Wanting to kill her was something that could be done anytime, anywhere. Therefore, he was not anxious to kill her on the stage.

“Although your two older brothers weren’t directly harmed by her, but it still had something to do with her. There’s also Yaoyao.” Mentioning Li Yaoyao, Li Yaoyuan’s face immediately sink down, “If it were not for that loathsome girl, Nangong Liuyun and Li Yaoyao wouldn’t get to this step.”

Although that Dongfang Xuan seemed to spoil Yaoyao, but Li Yaoyuan always felt that Dongfang Xuan’s body gave off a very dishonest aura, it was a feeling he couldn’t describe.

Seeing Li Yaoyuan mention Li Yaoyao, a trace of ridicule flitted through Li Aochen’s eyes. But his eyes hanged low and drained the wine in his cup in one gulp. At the same time, the words in his throat were swallowed with the drinking of the wine.

Pausing a bit, Li Yaoyuan suddenly said: “This time, us Li family will use everything to support you.”

“Oh? How are you going to to support me?” Li Aochen’s tone had a trace of indifference.

“The last match, us Li family lost thoroughly. Lost a total of eighty thousand green-colored crystal stones!” Li Yaoyuan, mentioning this matter, the veins on his forehead protruded out, looking very malevolent, “Eighty thousand green-colored crystal stones ah! It was all Li Yaoyao’s fault!”

“So many?” Li Aochen’s eyes half-narrowed dangerously.

He remembered that when he was very young, in order to steal a very small red-colored crystal stone to cultivate, not only was he chased and bitten by a ferocious wolf bear, he was even beaten half to death by people. In the end, he laid in bed for a full three months before he could barely get out of bed.

But now, Li Yaoyao had directly lost eighty thousand green-colored crystal stones. Li Yaoyao was really generous ah.

“Therefore, this time, you must win back all of those crystal stones!” Li Yaoyuan’s eyes were full of determination as he heavily slapped the table.

“Honorable Father rest assured, how could your son lose to that loathsome girl?” Li Aochen was full of self-confidence. He simply didn’t feel that there was a possibility he would lose.

“This father believes in you.” Li Yaoyuan’s face had a gratified smile.

Li Aochen, at such a young age, was already tenth-ranked, this made him very gratified. If he was to let Li Aotian or Li Aoqiong to participate, how could those two brothers be as mature as Li Aochen?

Therefore, it could be said, it’s a blessing in disguise, losing those two sons allowed him to gain a super talented son!

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