DKC – Chapter 1495

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Chapter 1495 – Ultimate showdown (7)

“Your mother, at your age…” Rong Yun looked at Su Luo with disdain, “You’re not equal to the hem of her robe.”

Su Luo widened her eyes immediately.

What does ‘not equal to the hem of her robe’ even mean? Just how amazing was she?

“Not convinced?” Rong Yun’s face glittering like jade carried a trace of smile, as if lost in a beautiful memory. His voice carried a complacent charm, “Your mother was tenth rank when she was ten, at thirteen, she reached commander rank, at fifteen – saint rank, at eighteen – monarch rank, she was the youngest to enter monarch rank in the recent thousand years.”

No, no way ah…

Su Luo almost choked on her own saliva.

This kind of promotion speed simply made Su Luo feel her hair stand on ends.

If you must know, she was about to be eighteen and had just been promoted to ninth rank ah. But her mother, at ten, ten years old was tenth rank! Commander rank at thirteen! Saint rank at fifteen! Monarch rank at eighteen!

Was there a greater evildoer than that? Really was comparing people would frighten people to death.

However, Su Luo quickly came back to her senses, and asked doubtfully: “That’s not right ah. Wasn’t is said that the number one most talented person in the world was called Di Shitian?

Grandmaster Rong Yun shook his head: “Di Shitian indeed was not bad, but still could not be compared to your mother.”

Su Luo’s eyes sparkled: “But this matter seems to not have spread around?”

Rong Yun’s face opened in a smile. Rong Yun had a beauty that could steal people’s souls as he looked at Su Luo and smiled: “The members of Gui Ci kept all the information secret.”

Also because of this, almost the entire continent hadn’t heard of Yan Hua’s name, even though her strength reached the level that defied the laws of nature.

“Gui Ci?” Su Luo cried out in surprise.

“You’ve heard about them?” Rong Yun asked calmly.

“Yes, at that time in Western Jin palace, old emperor once mentioned a bit. He said Northern Mo’s Xuanyuan imperial family was destroyed by Gui Ci.” Su Luo said according to the truth.

Rong Yun suddenly laughed, his laughing face holding a pondering meaning.

“Master, could it be that there is still a mystery in this?” Su Luo asked curiously.

Master normally kept those secrets hidden very tightly, he wouldn’t easily say them. Now, it was rare to see him start talking, naturally, she must seize this opportunity to dig out a bit more of the inside story. Who knows when the next time Master would be in this mood, and how long after this it would be?

“Northern Mo, Xuanyuan family, ha ha, “Rong Yun laughed softly several times, his gaze was deep and tranquil, “This matter you brought up does have something to do with your mother.”

“Oh?” Xuanyuan family’s destruction had something to do with her honorable mother that possessed remarkable abilities?

“Although Gui Ci was an organization of assassins, they wouldn’t willfully slaughter the innocent. At that time, a young prince from the Xuanyuan family took liberties with your mother, therefore, death was preordained.” Rong Yun’s eyes carried a gentle smile.

Su Luo immediately was astonished.

Her real mother, hiccup, just because somebody took liberties with her, destroyed the whole Xuanyuan royal family? How powerful of an existence was her mother ah, a goddess ah! Su Luo directly gave a thumbs up in approval.

“Of course, it wasn’t your mother who did it, how could we let her dirty her hands? There were plenty of people who would do it for her.” Rong Yun’s shallow phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, and smiled with interest, “At that time, if she furrowed her eyebrows, the whole continent would tremble three times, what’s funny was that most people didn’t know your mother’s existence. The amount of people who knew about your mother’s existence, you wouldn’t need ten fingers to count them all.”

No wonder, no wonder with Mother’s natural gift, strength and charm, there were no rumors spread around the continent about Mother’s matter, it turned out that the measures to keep this secret was very good.

No wonder, such a woman, no wonder Fairy Yanxia would go mad out of jealousy.

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