DKC – Chapter 1487

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Chapter 1487 – Easily (7)

Su Luo put a total of ten thousand green crystal stones inside, but in less than two hours, these two little guys had destroyed a small pile of it.

When Su Luo came in, she saw a pile of crystal stones in the front and a pile of crystal stone shells in the back, with two little heads in between.

Su Luo was immediately stunned.

“You guys…“ They wiped out almost a tenth of it?

This was also under the conditions of the little stone and the Variant Red Acacia Tree being in cultivation state and not joining in the meal. Otherwise, these ten thousand crystal stones were like rain water that landed in the oceans, making a bubble then they just disappeared?

“Awoo, awoo…” The little divine dragon’s two claws were full of crystal stones. He lifted his big black clear eyes up and looked at Su Luo with confusion and innocence.

“Ao, ao, ao.” In front of the little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox was pile that was already cracked, that revealed the spirit liquid of the crystal stone. While it was absorbing, it looked at Su Luo with uncertainty.

Being looked at by these two little things with anxiety, Su Luo felt like she was the one in the wrong.

“You two gluttons, your family’s master couldn’t afford to raise you guys even if she was to sell herself.” Su Luo poked their tiny heads.

Su Luo’s words were not fake.

If she hadn’t won so much this time by chance, Su Luo simply couldn’t afford to raise these two gluttons.

The two little things still unblinkingly stared at Su Luo with adorable, soft eyes.

Su Luo sighed helplessly, she could only use strength to rub their heads: “Eat, eat, eat as much as you can. After eating, quickly get promoted, making it worth it for your family’s master.”

Now, Beichen Ying’s account had several hundred thousand crystal stones, the amount of crystals stones those influential families had was still huge. There’s still huge space to earn more.

Therefore, Su Luo decided to take advantage of the next competition and pry out all of the crystal stones from those influential families.

In the beginning, it was Su Luo’s and Beichen Ying’s fight.

The second match was between Nangong Liuyun and Luo Haoming.

The third match was between Zi Yan and her Senior Brother.

This match was not the least suspenseful.

Zi Yan didn’t even bother to go and directly forfeited.

According to Zi Yan’s words. “If I were to go, then won’t I lose? Rather than being ridiculed by Li Yaoyao at that time, I might as well sit at home and bask in the sun comfortably.”

As a result, Zi Yan simply didn’t go to the arena.

Li Yaoyao had went there earlier with her arms linked to Senior Brother and strutted around.

But because Zi Yan didn’t go, Su Luo and the others also didn’t go. So it seemed as if Li Yaoyao’s fist struck cotton, so soft that there was no reaction.

“Infuriating!” Li Yaoyao waved her fist, “Originally wanted to ridicule Zi Yan properly, didn’t expect she wouldn’t come!”

Dongfang Xuan stood by her side and rubbed Li Yoayao’s head in a spoiling manner: “It was expected.”

“But I prepared a belly full of words, and I didn’t get a chance to say it.” Li Yaoyao’s mouth pouted. With her arms wrapped around Dongfang Xuan’s arm, she started to twist her body by his side.

The current Li Yaoyao, where was that pure and cold person with flesh of ice, bones from jade, above everyone’s appearance that Su Luo first saw? Now, she was simply walking the route of a little Lolita ah.

If Su Luo saw this, she would be astonished to the point of her chin hitting the floor.

But Dongfang Xuan seemed to really like Li Yaoyao acting spoiled, his eyes were full of a pampering intent.

“Foolish girl, what’s so good about ridiculing Zi Yan? In the end, isn’t the person called Su Luo that loathsome girl the one you want to ridicule?” The corners of Dongfang Xuan’s mouth curled into a ghost of a smile.

“Senior brother still understands me the best after all.” Li Yaoyao giggled.

“Wait for the results of this time’s drawing lots, if…” Dongfang Xuan smiled mysteriously.

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