DKC – Chapter 1480

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Chapter 1480 – Duel (11)

“This time’s bet, how much was placed?” Li Yaoyuan said with a solemn expression.

He knew it was betting on Luo Haoming to win, but the specific number, he hadn’t paid attention to it.

Elder Li gestured a number.

In an instant, Li Yaoyuan’s eyes glared until it was perfectly round. He wished to swallow up Elder Li on the spot. With one move, he grabbed the other by the collar, almost lifting him up: “What did you say?!”

“One hundred thousand green crystal stones, really….the crystal stones we won before, all….were bet on this…” Elder Li’s neck was pinched, so he could only speak intermittently.

Li Yaoyuan was so furious that he directly tossed Elder Li away!

Before, so much that was painstakingly earned, were all bet on this.

“Who decided this?” Li Yaoyuan’s voice was cold, so angry that the muscles on his face trembled.

“Eldest Miss.” Elder Li’s gaze looked towards Li Yaoyao.

In an instant, Li Yaoyuan’s swordlike gaze shot towards Li Yaoyao.

Li Yaoyao’s heart suddenly shivered, her complexion becoming stiff.

Li Yaoyuan unwaveringly stared at her, his gaze an unfeeling as a hawk. But very quickly, he took a deep breath, slowly sitting down.

Only at this moment did Su Luo slowly release a breath in relief.

At this moment, the competition was still continuing.

Nangong Liuyun started to show his powers by counterattacking.

On the stage, Nangong Liuyun controlled the twenty-four wind leopards.

The wind leopards surrounded Luo Haoming in a circle.

Twelve wind leopards bit his lower body, while the other twelve leaped up and pounced towards his upper body!

“Go die!” Luo Haoming paled in comparison, his face, body and hands all had wounds. He gave a violent roar, and a spirit force that could startle the heavens suddenly covered his whole body. Momentarily, one could only see his body sparkling with golden light, spirit force soaring to the sky.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!” Luo Yu Sword became two from one, from two to four, four to eight. It directly beheaded the twenty-four wind leopards rushing towards him into four parts, turning them into the element of wind. In the end, they disappeared into air.

Twenty-four wind leopards were beheaded in an instant.

But the corner of Nangong Liuyun’s mouth still hung a making-fun-of-him sneer.

Luo Haoming’s spirit power could use the Miracle Body Protection Technique three times. Now, he had wasted one time and only two times remained.

“Nangong Liuyun, you are not bad. Able to force me to use the Miracle Body Protection Technique.” Luo Haoming’s gaze was ruthless, his tone even more unfilling.

“There are still two times, almost there.” The corner of Nangong Liuyun’s mouth held a faint smile.

“You won’t have a chance to force me to use it a second time!” Luo Haoming was full of confidence.

“Very quickly, I’ll have a way.” Nangong Liuyun’s tone downplayed the situation.

“Humph!” Luo Haoming gave a heavy snort. He filled the Luo Yu Sword in his hand full of spirit force, and the spirit aura suddenly exploded out, blazing in all directions. The dazzling sword light hacked fiercely towards Nangong Liuyun’s head!

Nangong Liuyun’s footwork was nimble and exquisite, don’t know to what degree his mind could calculate everything so accurately. Everytime Luo Yu Sword hacked down, he could always use the most exquisite step and the smallest distance to avoid it at the most accurate angle.

Usually, it was only a hair’s width from him.

Now, the fight between the two people on the stage still were based mostly on Luo Haoming attacking and Nangong Liuyun continuing to be in the stage of passive defense.

Although Luo Haoming’s sword, from beginning to end, couldn’t hit Nangong Liuyun, everytime, it was daunting and near escape.

These kind of circumstances continued, until after a cup of tea’s time.

Nobody noticed, that when Nangong Liuyun avoided Luo Haoming’s Luo Yu Sword, he was walking a huge circle around him.

Now, with Luo Haoming in the center, within a range of one meter around him, suddenly, a prisoner cage appeared. Roaming dragons like lightning densely covered this prisoner cage.

Luo Haoming was completely trapped in this lightning prisoner cage!

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