DKC – Chapter 1473

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Chapter 1473 – Duel (4)

“Hateful!” Li Yaoyao slapped her palm down!

In Jade Lake Palace’s VIP seats suddenly came the clear sound of applause.

The corner of Li Aochen’s mouth hooked into a smile that wasn’t a smile.

Li Yaoyao directly roared back: “What are you smiling about?”

“Oh, now you’re acting lofty? Before, who was it that cried and kneeled, begging me to come?” The corner of Li Aochen’s mouth hooked into a sneer, the words he said were undisguised.

Li Yaoyao’s expression suddenly changed, as she strictly glared at Li Aochen: “Don’t speak nonsense!”

“What nonsense? Before, who was it that said as long as I kill Su Luo, then…” Li Aochen didn’t have any intent to avoid the taboo subject.

Li Yaoyao’s complexion paled in an instant. She threw herself over and with one hand, covered Li Aochen’s mouth and loudly shrieked: “Shut up!”

Li Aochen effortlessly pulled her hand away.

Li Yaoyao was afraid he would really say it, so her strict and insulting gaze was menacing: “If you dare speak nonsense, be careful that my Senior Brother will find out and he won’t let you off!”

“Senior Brother? Haha, now you have Dongfang Xuan, you are a lot more firm.” Li Aochen coldly laughed, “Are you sure that senior brother of yours can beat Nangong Liuyun?”

Mentioning Dongfang Xuan, Li Aochen also had some misgivings, so he let that subject go for the time being.

“This matter, you should stop mentioning it! In any case, I’m well aware of the situation!” Li Yaoyao stooped down, glaring down at Li Aochen, full of warning and threats, “The business deals before are all invalid, in the future, you are not allowed to mention it!”

Finished speaking this sentence, she turned and returned to her seat. She didn’t even glance at Li Aochen.

Li Aochen’s face seemed to be enveloped in cold frost, as he coldly stared at Li Yaoyao’s leaving back. His hands clenched into tight fists.

Not to mention how chaotic it was under the stage, the two people on the stage had already started to fight.

Don’t know if Beichen Ying’s luck was good or not, last night, he directly broke through to the ninth rank.

Therefore, at the moment, both were at ninth rank.

Beichen Ying went all out, and Su Luo also didn’t hide anything, the two people on the stage fought till they were hard to separate, and evenly matched.

In the end, Beichen Ying helplessly complained while fighting: “My sister-in-law oh, quickly finish it, I’m tired to death.”

At this moment, the two were fighting very fiercely. Aside from Su Luo, no one else heard Beichen Ying’s complaints.

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth twitched.

This was Roaming Dragon List’s competition for four to advance out of seven. Beichen Ying, this child, was casual as if he was eating or drinking water, just that simple.

“Let just finish the fight.” When the two were crisscrossed together, Su Luo suggested in a whisper.

“But you don’t think us fighting back and forth, being watched by everyone, makes us look like fools?” Beichen Ying guided patiently.

“Really looks like fools.” Su Luo expressed her agreement.

“Therefore, finish this quickly. Just get it over with.” In any case, he couldn’t win.

“Okay, I’ll complete your wish.” Su Luo nodded her head.

Afterwards, Su Luo condensed out her Nothingness of Space.

Nothingness of Space was without rival within the same rank. Therefore, when Beichen Ying entered Nothingness of Space, his speed was weakened by Su Luo.

Afterwards, without any dispute, he lost.

“I lost.” Beichen Ying, while waving his hand, yelled loudly, going down the stage.

“Really stupid…” Su Luo refused to walk the same road as him, turned around and got off the fighting stage.

“Too stupid.” The audience in their seats all shook their heads as they left.

This match was even more boring then they had imagined. It simply didn’t have a bit of thrill or excitement, the people watching had almost started to yawn.

“How much did you win?” Su Luo saw Beichen Ying’s excited appearance, so she asked when she had time.

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