DKC – Chapter 1470

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Chapter 1470 – Duel (1)

Su Luo didn’t hesitate for long and randomly selected a lot.

Don’t know if it could be said that her luck was good or bad, she actually drew the number six lot.

“Let me see, let me see.” Beichen Ying saw Su Luo looking at him with a strange gaze, and his heart became somewhat nervous. He quickly ran over.

“Impossible ah!” When he saw the number on the lot, suddenly, his whole person didn’t feel good.

“Why is my luck so bad! Afraid of what and it comes.” Beichen Ying, in a depressed manner, held his hand over his forehead.

Su Luo very kind-heartedly patted his shoulder: “My strength is similar to yours, you should be happy.”

Beichen Ying gloomily tossed Su Luo a glance, gave a deep sigh, then walked away with hidden bitterness.

Su Luo had so many trump cards, even if she met Luo Haoming, he would also eat a lot of suffering, let alone to say him. Therefore, Beichen Ying knew his odds of winning were very very small, approaching close to zero.

The current lot drawing results were:

Beichen Ying vs Su Luo;

Zi Yan vs Dongfang Xuan;

Nangong Liuyun, Luo Haoming and Li Aochen were the three people remaining that hadn’t drawn lots.

Then, among these three, who would draw the empty space lot, which would directly advance?

Regardless whether it was on the stage or below the stage, everyone’s gaze was fixed on these three people. The atmosphere was heavy, as if it was about to freeze over.

Luo Haoming’s hand extended into the lot box.

“Number two.”

Luo Haoming got the number two lot.

The corresponding number should be five. Regardless, the number five lot still hadn’t been drawn up till now.

Luo Haoming clenched the number two lot, his gaze sweeping over Nangong Liuyun and Li Aochen. His expression right now was dark and unclear, deeply enigmatic, but his gaze stopped over Li Aochen an instant more.

Su Luo’s lips pursed slightly.

There was never a competition like the Roaming Dragon List competition. The element of luck occupied a large part of the competition.

Luo Haoming, the last Roaming Dragon List competition’s champion. But, if his luck wasn’t good this time and was matched against Nangong Liuyun….This champion from last time’s competition would very likely be eliminated at this step.

Or maybe, the always favored Nangong Liuyun would be eliminated at this step.

After all, these two were the most favored seeded players.

If it was other competitions, naturally would not let the seeded player compete against each other before the finals. But the Roaming Dragon list was unlike other competitions, in this kind of competition, luck occupied a great part. Nobody knew who their opponent would be in the next match.

After Luo Haoming finished drawing, and knew he drew number two.

The remaining lots were the number five and the empty space lot.

“My turn.” Li Aochen took a deep glance at Nangong Liuyun, slowly strolled over to in front of the lot box.

At this moment, everyone’s gaze was focused on Li Aochen’s body who was about to draw lots.

Because this lot drawn by Li Aochen, very possibly, could affect the entire match.

Under a countless number of gazes, Li Aochen extended his hand with great difficulty.

Although he had experienced trials and hardship, however, at this moment, even the formidable Li Aochen was nervous.

Because Su Luo could see his fingers trembling slightly.

Li Aochen’s hand hesitated for a long time in the box, finally taking out a lot and handing it to the host.

He himself didn’t even look.

The host looked at the lot in his hand, for a split second, he stared blankly. Soon after, he lifted his head with a sly expression, sweeping the surroundings once. Finally, he madly shouted: “Empty space lot!!!”

In other words, this round, Li Aochen didn’t need to compete, he directly advanced!

Li Aochen’s expression was ecstatic for a split second!

However, very quickly, his expression was restored to normal. His face was emotionless, as if he didn’t care a bit about the result.

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