DKC – Chapter 1466

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Chapter 1466 – The competitions afterwards (3)

Now, the competitions that had been completed were, Su Luo vs Su Qing. Su Qing died.

Lan Xuan and Li Aochen. Li Aochen won.

Luo Haoming and Anye Ming. Luo Haoming won.

The three remaining competitions were; Zi Yan and Ouyang Min, Beichen Ying and Mo Xiaoxun, Nangong Liuyun and Anye Xin.

Today’s competition was between Zi Yan and Ouyang Min.

Ouyang Min had always kept a low profile, but he had also surmounted all difficulties, rushing all the way to the top thirteen strongest.

But what’s unfortunate for him was that this time, Zi Yan’s luck was full to bursting. After she swallowed the Promotion Pill Su Luo gave her, sure enough, the night before her competition, she advanced a level. She was directly promoted to the summit of eight rank.

Ouyang Min was also at the summit of eighth rank, but how could Western Jin’s resources be compared to Purgatory City’s?

At the final moment, Zi Yan took out an Absorbing Spirit Mirror and succeeded in using an attack of the mind to defeat Ouyang Min. So, she got a place to advance.

If they were to really compare till now, Zi Yan’s advance to the top seven was the easiest among them.

After that was Beichen Ying and Mo Xiaoxun.

All thanks to Su Luo giving Beichen Ying that herbal medicine she stole from Central Palace, it allowed Beichen Ying to be immune to ice element attacks within the same rank. Therefore, the ice system attacks from Mo Xiaoxun was completely of no threat to him.

On the stage, Beichen Ying smiled like a rat, pleased as punch.

It was only natural he would be happy, because that spirit grass actually came from Central Palace. Now, using Central Palace’s treasure to resist Mo Xiaoxun’s targeted attack, moreover, he was immune. This made Beichen Ying so excited that he almost laughed out loud.

“What are you smiling about?” Mo Xiaoxun coldly glared at Beichen Ying.

They had already fought for six hours, but because Beichen Ying was immune to the ice element, therefore, almost all of Mo Xiaoxun’s attacks couldn’t cause him any harm. This made Mo Xiaoxuan, who was clearly at a higher level, feel that this was a very thorny problem.

“You come and hit me ah, come hit me ah.” Beichen Ying bounced around, his speed was fast as lightning while continuously provoking Mo Xiaoxun.

The pitiful Mo Xiaoxun, his luck wasn’t as good as Li Aochen. Li Aochen was a dual element mage, restricting his water element, he still had fire element. However, Mo Xiaoxun only had the ice element, and Beichen Ying just so happened to be immune to the ice element.

Therefore, all of Mo Xiaoxun’s attacks were merely decorations to Beichen Ying.

“You finished?” Beichen Ying smiled happily and jumped back and forth at his side. Those movements were simply like a lively little monkey.

Mo Xiaoxun’s face turned frosty, heavily groaning from being flustered: “If you have the ability, then don’t run!”

“Don’t run? Okay.” Beichen Ying smilingly stood still.

Just now, he deliberately forced Mo Xiaoxun to release most of his spirit force, then, what’s remaining would be Beichen Ying’s turn to fight.

Beichen Ying condensed out a thread of fire in his hand. Soon after, the thread of fire became a column of fire, fiercely hacking towards Mo Xiaoxun!

“A small column of fire, what’s so rare of about it!” Mo Xiaoxun didn’t even put this in his eyes.

Just when the column of fire was about to hack his forehead, Mo Xiaoxun, with a heavy palm strike, split it!


What Mo Xiaoxun never expected was that when this column was split in half, when it flew in two different directions, why did he feel as if medicinal powder was sprinkled on him?

Mo Xiaoxun raised his head in disbelief, then, he saw an unimaginable scene.

On his hair, there really was a trace of white-colored powder.

What’s going on?

Just at this moment, Mo Xiaoxun couldn’t feel his feet, as if it was weak and lacking strength.

Taking advantage of him being ill, Beichen Ying would take his life!

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