DKC – Chapter 1456

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Chapter 1456 – Su Qing dies (3)

“Su Qing, looks like you couldn’t say your last words.” Su Luo pursed her lips and smiled.

Originally, she had wanted Su Qing to leave her last words, but only now did she suddenly remember that she had poisoned Su Qing, so that she was now a mute. She simply could not speak, really pitiful ah.

“Yi——Yi——Yi——” Su Qing’s heart was full of wrath, she wanted to curse Su Luo in rage, but what made her despair was that she simply could not say a word.

The sound she made was coarse and intermittent, she wanted to convey countless words from her heart but was completely unable to say them. At this moment, Su Qing’s heart had an unprecedented panic.

Enduring bitter hardship for more than eight hundred nights, could it be that she would admit defeat just like this? She was unwilling, really unwilling…Su Qing was so anxious that her eye sockets turned red.

Su Luo squatted down in front of Su Qing and carefully scrutinized her. She smilingly said: “At that time, just who was it that saved you? You certainly won’t tell me right?”

Su Qing angrily looked at Su Luo, the rage in her eyes were interwoven. She was itching to burn Su Luo until nothing was left.

“Two years ago, you lost under my hand. Two years later, it’s still the same result.” Su Luo’s hand was placed over Su Qing’s forehead.

“Yi——Yi——Yi——” Su Qing felt the shadow of death enveloping her body. She wanted to struggle, wanted to resist, but she found that her body seemed to have been injected with an anesthetic. Her body was completely outside of her control, she wanted to move but couldn’t shift an inch.

“You know my secret.” Su Luo leaned close to her eye, in a low voice, she said this, “That’s right, you are not wrong, I am a space mage. Since the beginning, I was a space mage, you guessed correctly.”

“Wu, wu, wu!” Su Qing struggled violently but Su Luo’s hand had already touched her critical pressure point.

A thread of pain and despair flashed through Su Qing’s eyes.

No, she didn’t want to die, she was unwilling, really unwilling….

“What could you possibly be unwilling for?” Su Luo increased her strength, pouring it into Su Qing’s head. She carelessly said, “You see, I haven’t even used the little divine dragon ah, and you are at the point of dying. You say, what could you possibly take out to fight with me?”

“Wu!” Su Qing shook her head with all her might.

She still had a trump card, she also had a spirit pet. Her spirit pet was given by Master specifically to control that little divine dragon! But she still hadn’t had an opportunity to release it and she was about to die just like this? Su Qing felt extremely unwilling.

“You have a spirit pet? Too late.” Su Luo’s tone was unprecedentedly soft. Her gentle gaze looked at Su Qing, then her hand used strength to pinch.

One could only hear a snap sound, and Su Qing’s skull was directly crushed into pieces by Su Luo!

Su Qing, facing death, was still unwilling!

Why, she had used her future hundred years of life to exchange for this fast cultivation speed and still couldn’t be compared to Su Luo? Why?

But she would never have a way to ask why. Because she had closed her eyes forever. She would never utter another sound.

After tossing down Su Qing’s body, Su Luo slowly stood up.

The Su Luo at this time had completely become the focus of everyone present.

Originally, Su Luo was insulted by everyone, and at this moment, she stunned everyone!

Her expression was full of arrogance and determination.

She lifted her head up high, and she was contemptuous of those under the stage whose mouths formed ‘O’ shape. Her icily arrogant glaze swept by Su Zian, who was in such despair as if his heart had been torn and his lungs were split.

That imposing pressure coming from Su Lou’s body jolted everyone to a stop at the scene. In an instant, making people lose their ability to think. The her right now was more brilliant than the biggest pearl from the Eastern sea, more dazzling than the bright sunlight!

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