DKC – Chapter 1449

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Chapter 1449 – The final decisive battle (2)

Countless pairs of eyes stared fixedly at Su Luo.

Now, the Su Luo in the cage resisted non-stop the encroaching ice and snow.

Fire element battered it in waves, very quickly, the spirit force in Su Luo’s body faded away until nothing was left.

But what Su Luo had most of was Spirit Restoration Pill, so she grabbed a handful of Spirit Restoration Pills and tossed it into her mouth. Then, another wave of fire element battered out to intertwine with Su Qing’s ice and snow cage.

“To continue like this is not a method ah…” Beichen Ying nervously stood up, his gaze was fixed on the stage, afraid of missing a bit of news.

But now, Nangong Liuyun’s lips suddenly hooked up: “Keep calm, don’t get excited.”

“Second Brother, don’t tell me you are not worried? That’s Luo Luo ah.” Not someone else! Beichen Ying silently criticised in his heart.

“Don’t need to be worried.” A trace of having a weight off his mind flashed through his eyes, “You just sit down and watch the play properly.”

“Oh?” Seeing Nangong Liuyun so calm, Beichen Ying was able to suppress his fretful mood. He quietly sat down.

On the stage, just like Nangong Liuyun had said, Su Luo’s situation had already started to improve.

Because of the process of waves of spirit force being released until it got completely depleted, then rapidly being replenished, Su Luo found that her strength had advanced a bit more.

The distance from finally breaking through to the ninth rank was almost within reach!

This was all thanks to Su Qing’s ice and snow cage’s stimulation. Otherwise. she would have had a challenging section of the road to walk.

Quite clearly, Su Qing was also not a fool. She saw Su Luo’s expression and immediately sensed the situation inside.

Not waiting for Su Luo to attack that last thin layer of membrane to advance a rank. One could only hear a swish sound, and Su Qing’s ice and snow cage actually disappeared!

“Humph, killing you just like this is too cheap!” At the same time, Su Qing said this sentence.

But Su Luo only sneered as she glanced at her.

Su Qing’s reaction was considered pretty fast, if she was given another fifteen minutes, she would get promoted to ninth rank. A pity ah, a pity.

Su Qing’s cold and ruthless gaze swept once around Su Luo’s body, there was a trace of doubt in her eyes.

In fact, from the beginning when they fought hand to hand, she could feel that Su Luo’s strength actually wasn’t weak. She was far from the fifth rank she seemed on the surface.

Just now, she had used ninety percent of her strength, but Su Luo almost succeeded in counterattacking her. This made Su Qing’s originally arrogant mood vanish in an instant.

“Ice panther, go!” In the time it took Su Qing to wave her hand, two fierce ice panthers, in a flash, pounced towards Su Luo’s body!

Ice panthers? The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a cold smile.

Don’t know if Master had a fortune-telling ability, since earlier, he had given her a book called Exploding Flame technique. Now, it just so happened to be useful in restraining Su Qing’s ice panther right?

“Flame panther!” Su Luo’s face condensed into frost. In the time it took her to lift a hand, two raging flame panthers were ignited and released.

The two flame panthers rushed towards the ice panther in a flash, and started to fiercely battle into a ball!

How could it be like this? Su Qing’s expression changed slightly, her suspicious gaze sweeping toward Su Luo.

Now, all the people under the stage became impassioned.

“Flame panther? How could it be a flame panther?” On the honored guest seats, a lot of people’s expressions were complicated and abstruse.

Only a ninth rank could learn the Exploding Flame technique. So, the ninth-ranked Su Qing could of course form the ice panther.

But Su Luo…. how could she condense out flame panthers? Even if she wasn’t fifth rank, she absolutely could not have reached ninth rank ah!

Su Luo’s display smashed these people’s existing knowledge. Therefore, everyone’s gaze condensed into frost and looked at Su Luo with a complicated expression. Now, the shock in their hearts could not be described with words.

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