DKC – Chapter 1447

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Chapter 1447 – Su Qing (6)

“Hehe.” Beichen Ying scratched his head. “I took all of my crystal stones and bet that Su Qing would die. Sister-in-law, therefore, you must work hard ah.”

“There’s also me.” Anye Ming said faintly, “Not only me, there is also my older brother that had bet everything on this.”

In any case, his older brother was going to battle Nangong, he’d lose with no possibility of winning. Moreover, both were people he cared about, no matter who he bet on to win, it wouldn’t be good. So, he may as well fetch everything in his older brother’s wallet and use it all to bet on Su Qing dying.

“You two guys…” The corner of Su Luo’s mouth twitched.

Looking from this position, if she didn’t kill Su Qing, then the loss would be extremely huge.

“There’s also me.” Zi Yan also stood out silently.

“I also made the bet.” Lan Xuan smiled ingratiatingly as he gathered closer.

“You several guys…” Su Luo speechlessly looked at Nangong Liuyun.

Nangong Liuyun smilingly pinched her nose: “I also bet on this. Therefore, you are only allowed to win, not allowed to lose, you know right?”

“You guys… are just this confident in me.” Su Luo herself wasn’t as confident about this.

“In any case, evil cannot be straightened, that’s the unalterable truth.” Beichen Ying was selected as the representative and stood out to say this.

“Fine.” Su Luo reluctantly accepted this recommendation.

Just at this moment, Su Qing directly walked over.

Su Qing looked at Su Luo full of provocation. Her chin was hoisted up high: “Su Luo, properly bid farewell to your good friends. In the future, you won’t ever have an opportunity.”

The implication being that she was here to take Su Luo’s head.

Su Luo smiled faintly, sweeping a glance at Su Qing. Her gaze then swept past Su Qing to Su Zian, who was behind and looking immensely proud.

Su Luo shook her head: “The pitiful great general Su, this daughter had just returned, and you’re going to experience the pain of mourning a daughter once again. So pitiful.”

Su Zian’s original immensely proud expression suddenly stiffened. He very fiercely glared at Su Luo: “Su Manor doesn’t only have you who is amazing! You shouldn’t be too excessively proud of yourself!”

Su Luo’s eyes flashed, even Nangong Liuyun undertook the task to inquire about Su Qing’s backer and couldn’t find anything. But to start from Su Zian, it could be a place to break through and get the information.

As a result, Su Luo arrogantly sneered: “My master is Grandmaster Rong Yun. How could her master be considered worth a fart? Why can’t I be proud?”

Su Zian was especially bad at keeping his cool, he immediately sneered to say: “Admittedly, Grandmaster Rong Yun is amazing, but in this world, the exceptionally strong experts is not only him alone. Su Qing’s master is no worse in strength than Grandmaster Rong Yun. Put away your proudness!”

“Dad.” Su Qing hinted that Su Zian shouldn’t say anymore. She tauntingly swept Su Luo a glance. Then, with a flip, she got on the fighting stage.

Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun exchanged a glance. Although Su Zian did not divulge a lot of information, however, it was very critical.

Because in this world, people on equal terms with Grandmaster Rong Yun were very few.

“Who could it be?” Su Luo asked in a low tone. She was really curious, at that time, why that person would pick Su Qing and carry her away from the fighting stage.

Was it because of Su Qing or because Su Qing’s enemy was her, so that person would take Su Qing away? This point made Su Luo have deep misgivings and puzzled her endlessly.

“After today’s mater is finished, I need to go find my master and carefully ask him.” Su Luo always felt that Su Qing’s disappearance at that time was very strange.

And now, her strength flew up so suddenly to this degree, it was also very strange.

Restraining the curiosity in her heart, Su Luo unhurriedly walked step by step to the center of the battle stage.

“Su Luo, the last time’s life and death battle stopped unexpectedly, now, it’s time to conclude it.” Su Qing stood there arrogantly, her face cold and ruthless.

Su Luo tauntingly laughed: “You actually have the face to say these words?”

Su Qing didn’t get angry at Su Luo’s words, without saying anything more, she condensed all the spirit force in her body and suddenly launched an attack towards Su Luo!

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