DKC – Chapter 1444

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Chapter 1444 – Su Qing (3)

Now, the lot in Su Luo’s hand was already known by people.

Number 11!

“Su Luo drew number 11, then His Highness Prince Jin definitely drew number 7!”

A lot of people yelled this.

But nobody noticed, the beads of sweat rolling down from the host’s forehead, as well as Nangong Liuyun’ chilly gaze that swept past his face.

In fact, the two lots in the box were both number 11, so as to say, no matter which one Nangong Liuyun drew, he would have drawn number 11 and would be fighting with Su Qing.

Then, Su Luo’s opponent would change to Anye Xin.

Based on Su Luo’s current strength, if she was matched up against Anye Xin, she simply didn’t need to fight and would have to directly admit defeat.

Only if she was matched to Su Qing would she still have an opportunity to continue.

All of these lots were made by Grandmaster Rong Yun, but Nangong Liuyun’s sharp sense could detect that there was a problem with one of the lots among them. After probing it, he detected this problem.

That was why Nangong Liuyun would destroy this number 11 lot that had a problem at a critical moment. Like this, the remaining number 11 lot would be proof that Nangong Liuyun had picked the number 7 lot.

Otherwise, if Nangong Liuyun picked number 11, then Su Luo simply did not need to go pick a lot. Because the whole world knew there was only one opponent left for her, and that that person was called Anye Xin.

In the end, who was plotting against her? Who wanted her to be matched against Anye Xin? Su Luo’s eyes swept over everywhere, but her heart was unsure.

There were a lot of people that wanted her dead, but people with the ability to do something like this, there weren’t many ah.

Compared to Su Luo’s conspicuously tangled mood, Su Qing was simply too happy.

She arrogantly walked to in front of Su Luo, her sidelong glances containing traces of provocation: “Su Luo, you won’t get cold feet right?”

“Cold feet? Su Qing, are you talking about yourself?” Although Su Luo was preoccupied, but her gift of gab was based on instincts ah.

“You——” Su Qing was angered until her face turned red, she flung her sleeves and gave a heavy snort, “Su Luo, just gave you an extra day to live!”

Finished speaking this sentence, Su Qing then strutted away.

After the drawing of lots was finished, the second day, the competition would start. There was a battle everyday, and since Su Qing drew number 1, therefore, in the competition of thirteen to enter the top seven, it would start off with their battle.

When Su Qing walked off the battle stage, she lifted her eyes and saw a middle-aged man standing before her, his face had a dusting of frost. Right now, he was so moved that he could hardly control himself.

“Qing’er, Qing’er, is it really you?” Su Zian was so moved that his eye sockets were slightly red.

His treasured daughter Su Qing ah. Returning, covered from head to toe in glory. This made Su Zian, who had suffered a lot of anger under Su Luo, moved to the utmost.

Su Zian’s lips trembled from being so moved: “Qing’er, these several years, why didn’t you return home? A lot of misfortune happened at home, you…”

“What happened at home?” Su Qing’s expression changed slightly.

She had been wholeheartedly immersed in cultivation and her hatred toward Su Luo. So she didn’t make any inquires about matters at home. She had all along thought that people at home would be very good.

“Your mother and elder brother was harmed by Su Luo until they are paralyzed. It’s been dragging on for two years, looks like they won’t last much longer. Quickly follow Daddy home to see them.” Su Zian pulled Su Qing along, and without saying anything more, he turned and walked away.

Su Qing was worried about her family’s comfort and followed Su Zian to leave with large strides.

Watching their back view full of strength, Su Luo’s eyebrows gradually wrinkled.

“Didn’t you draw the lot you wanted? What, still not happy?” Nangong Liuyun spoilingly pinched Su Luo’s nose, smiling from ear to ear.

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