DKC – Chapter 1438

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Chapter 1438 – The life or death battle that was delayed (3)

Since he agreed to Grandmaster Rong Yun’s condition of sending Su Luo to number two, then he must accomplish it.

Nangong Liuyun caressed Su Luo’s snow-white, clear face. His smile was exceptionally good-looking: “Could Dongfang Xuan be more amazing than your man?”

Momentarily, all around was silent.

So quiet it seemed they could hear the sound of each other’s breathing.

Zi Yan and the others looked at each other in dismay: the following was an ambiguous scene, should they tactfully and voluntarily withdraw?

Su Luo grabbed Nangong Liuyun’s waving hand with her mouth hooked up slightly, and she said. “What do you think?”

“Trust your insight in picking a man okay?” Nangong Liuyun’s tone had a slight nasal sound but was exceptionally demonic and alluring. Damn his sex appeal!

“Always believed in you.” Su Luo cupped his extremely handsome face and imprinted a kissy love bite on his face.

Nangong Liuyun started to laugh foolishly, compared to that evildoer expression from just now, he was a completely different person.

Beichen Ying’s lips twitched. In a romantic relationship and would be foolish by three years. Sure enough, even such a wise man as His Highness Prince Jin, could not escape it ah.

“Tomorrow, who do you want to battle?” Nangong Liuyun bit Su Luo’s sensitive earlobe, his voice was low but mesmerizing.

Su Luo pushed him away, after all, under thousands of staring eyes, this kind of impression was not good.

Her head slanted as she thought a bit, then spit out on name.

A smiling expression appeared in Nangong Liuyun’s eyes.

Time passed in an instant, in the blink of an eye, it was the second day.

On the stage drawing lots, Su Luo stood there, unmoving.

It was the same as in the past. In order to be fair, Su Luo simply did not have the chance to draw lots. The remaining lot, no matter if it was good or bad, would belong to her.

Among thirteen people, one of them with the empty place lot that would not fight. The rest of the people all had to compete.

Before, there were two times the empty place appeared. Clearly, it was Nangong Liuyun and Luo Haoming who got it. Don’t know this time, who would get the empty place lot.

On the stage, the experts stood there indifferently. Under the stage, the discussion once again began.

“Oh heavens, you guys look. That Su Luo is actually still on the stage.”

“That’s right. All around her, the worst has strength of an eighth rank. Just her, a very insignificant fifth rank. This is too dishonest right?”

“This isn’t an era that depends on brother. Also not an era that depends on father. This is an era that depends on master ah.”

“Having a good master, whatever you eat is aromatic. Mother would not have to worry about my rank again.”

All kinds of taunting pressure pressed towards Su Luo. But Su Luo remained unmoved as she calmly stood in place.

Now, already, the results of the lots came out in succession.

Dongfang Xuan was the first to go up and draw lots.

Don’t know if his luck was good or bad, he directly drew the empty place lot.

All the people under the stage didn’t know that this person wearing a bamboo hat was Purgatory City’s Eldest Senior Brother. Only because he was an unknown person, therefore everybody started to discuss again.

“Don’t know who this person is, it seems as if I have never heard of him.”

“That’s right ah, wearing a bamboo hat, not a bit of that face is revealed. Don’t know if it is because he looks really ugly.”

“He seemed well-matched to that miss wearing a black-screened hat.”

Su Luo listened to these discussions, and rolled her eyes in annoyance.

So Dongfang Xuan didn’t get angry? Su Luo thought like this, and her gaze couldn’t help but to look towards Dongfang Xuan’s direction.

Now, as if he could sense it, Dongfang Xuan’s gaze also looked towards Su Luo.

In the split second their gazes met, Su Luo felt her entire body freeze, feeling as if she had fallen into hell.

That pair of eyes, was pitch-black like continuous hell. Just coming into contact made Su Luo’s whole body unable to move. A dark and terrifying aura rushed towards her forehead.

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