DKC – Chapter 1424

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Chapter 1424 – Roaming Dragon List (22)

“Luo Luo, you must be careful. She is full of hostility towards you.” Zi Yan repeatedly exhorted.

“I know.” Su Luo unconcernedly smiled, that person’s identity, from her perspective, was on the verge of being revealed.

However, Su Luo was really looking forward to having a battle with her. Thereby, settling all kinds of hatred and enmity from before.

“You shouldn’t relax your guard like this. Her strength is really terrifying.” Zi Yan seriously said with a grave expression.

“I know.” Su Luo smilingly nodded her head.

The competition to enter the top thirteen from twenty-five was arranged to start half a month later.

The competitions had progressed to this point, the remaining were all elites. If they were placed in a small region, they were all characters that would seize that place by force.

Recently, the rumors outside were very unfavorable towards Su Luo.

All kinds of rumors raised a tremendous stink.

Some protested, some marched, there were even some that ran naked in order to arouse all the parties attention to the competition’s fairness.

However, this wasn’t the modern world where public opinion could direct the upper layer of decision-makers. This was a different world. A world based on martial arts and seniority. Public opinion, with respect to Grandmaster Rong Yun’s level of super strong expert, was just a fart.

If he was not happy, he could wave his fist at will and a city would forever disappear from this world. So, these public opinion, to him, didn’t have any effect. Even more, there wouldn’t be people that would express anything just based on the public opinion of the masses.

The competition was held as scheduled.

As far as Su Luo was concerned, this was the fourth competition.

The first three rounds of the competition, whether she took the initiative or was passive, it could more accurately be said, she entered all three all because of tricks. This round, Su Luo simply didn’t even walk up to the stage.

She would wait until the last remaining incense stick. No matter who it was, she would recognize them.

Seeing Su Luo didn’t even bother to walk up the stage, those common people started to discuss things once again.

“This time she won’t use any dirty tricks right?”

“Who knows? Maybe that empty place lot is Su Luo’s.”

“That really could be possible. Maybe those assistant judges, in order to curry favor with the head judge, deliberately gave Su Luo that empty place lot.”

A countless number of voices calling things into question rushed forth like the tide, almost drowning Su Luo.

But among the crowd, Su Luo was like an immortal fairy, standing there alone, apart from the world. She just sat there indifferently, her face holding a shallow smile. Her expression was calm without a ripple, as if nothing could affect her state of mind.

Not far off in Jade Lake’s Li family’s VIP guest room.

“The matter has been handled properly?” Li Yaoyao’s mouth hooked into a cold sneer.

This time, she had moved some hands and feet, deciding to let Su Luo very fortunately draw that empty place lot.

Because she knows, want to kill a person, first raise her up high. Lifting up to the highest point, then heavily throw her down. This kind of retaliation feeling was the most pleasurable. Let alone to say, if she let Su Luo to draw the empty lot again…reckon the masses would all go mad right?

Thinking up to here, Li Yaoyao’s mood suddenly became good and she laughed her head off.

“Eldest Miss.” The elder guarding at Li Yaoyao’s side, his eyelids flipping over.

“Okay.” Li Yaoyao stopped her laughter, a sinister light flashing through her eyes, “Must let Su Luo draw that lot!”

The same sinister smile flashed across the Elder’s face. To harm Jade Lake’s Li family to this degree. Death, with regards to Su Luo, this was the lightest penalty.

This time, they must destroy all her reputation!

Su Luo still didn’t know that Li Yaoyao had this idea. If she knew, perhaps her expression wouldn’t be so calm.

On the stage, slowly, the lot drawing begin.

In the wake of the people picking up the lot plate and leaving, Su Luo’s eyes half-narrowed.

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