DKC – Chapter 1422

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Chapter 1422 – Roaming Dragon List (20)

Wasn’t this the fighting stage? This was already the third round, she hadn’t had a change to even make a move!

Forfeit, forfeit your younger sister ah! Su Luo’s heart was furious ah, she was trembling from head to toe in rage.

In the wake of Li Maohai, this forfeit, immediately, the spectators under the stage all boiled up.

“Forfeit? Why is he forfeiting!”

“Why is it that every time it’s Su Luo’s turn, if it isn’t the person not showing up or forfeiting, they would pretend to be weak ah?”

“Dirty tricks, serious dirty tricks, absolutely, there are dirty tricks!”

At this moment, the sounds of the spectators’ discussion rose and fell in succession. Everyone present was riled up.

Beichen Ying and them were all stupefied.

Forfeit? That person from the Jade Lake’s Li family actually dared to forfeit at this time? What right did he have to forfeit ah. His strength was clearly weaker than Su Luo’s, he ought to concede or surrender instead. Now, he made it seem as if he was being forced by someone.

Beichen Ying gave a cold humph. He decided that when that person got down from the stage, he’d go over and have a proper chat with him.

On the stage, Su Luo’s face was cold like condensed frost. Her pair of eyes was like layers of ice accumulated for millennium. She ferociously glared at Li Maohai opposite of her: “Say it clearly, why forfeit?”

Li Maohai hatefully glared at Su Luo, not speaking.

At this time below the stage, Beichen Ying started to loudly shout: “What were you doing earlier? Why are you forfeiting after drawing lots? Fight ah!”

“Fight ah, fight ah, the right to forfeit? On the battle stage, forfeiters are cowards!”

“That’s right, this person from the Jade Lake’s Li family really doesn’t have any courage okay? Didn’t he say he wasn’t afraid of Su Luo? How was it that he admitted defeat before even fighting ah?”

Su Luo coldly sneered: “How did Jade Lake’s Li family raise you, such an afraid-to-die coward! Since you are afraid of dying, then don’t enter the Roaming Dragon List competition ah! In the end, you want to say you forfeit. Aren’t you placing Jade Lake’s Li family’s face on the ground for people to step on?”

Su Luo’s tone when speaking wasn’t a bit polite.

Li Maohai’s hand at his side was clenched into fists, bursts of crackling sounds echoing from the bones.

A layer of black air enveloped his face, with veins exploding out on his forehead. His pair of eyes was scarlet and bloodshot, as if at any time, he would rush up to rip Su Luo into pieces.

Su Luo thought, under so many aroused emotions, Li Maohai was stirred up to this degree. She should have her wish fulfilled and have a fight right?

However, Su Luo absolutely did not expect that she really underestimated Jade Lake’s Li family’s inheritance of shamelessness for thousands of years.

Li Maohai took a deep breath, and he swallowed down all the humiliation. Finally, with a face full of resentment, he glared at Su Luo, the hate in his eyes like fire: “Su Luo, this time, I’ll let you go. The new young master of Jade Lake’s Li family will kill you with his own hands. Using your blood as sacrifice for our Jade Lake’s Li family’s reputation!”

The meaning of his words after translation was: I won’t kill you now, I’m leaving you for our new young master to personally kill you.

Finished speaking these words, Li Maohai waved his sleeves. He didn’t bring away any of the clouds and directly floated far away.

If it weren’t for Eldest Miss’s instructions that he must set aside Su Luo for the new young master to settle, just now, under that kind of circumstances, how could he have forfeited? Even if he was to die, he would have rushed over and fight, then discuss it. Li Maohai’s heart was also bitter ah.

But he didn’t know, him leaving like this, directly sunk Su Luo into the ground of injustice.

The rage in Su Luo’s heart was simply hard to vent.

The spectators under the stage all whispered in one another’s ears, discussing this spiritedly.

“Now, Su Luo could be considered to have entered the top twenty-five experts? When had it become so easy to enter the top twenty-five ah?

“That’s right, that’s right ah. I haven’t even seen her make a move. She just stands on the stage, and her opponents either forfeits or won’t arrive. This luck…”

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