DKC – Chapter 1421

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Chapter 1421 – Roaming Dragon List (19)

At this time, the numbers had almost all been drawn out, but that number 38 still hadn’t been drawn, it still lay inside the box, unmoving. Why was Su Luo so certain like this? Because there still wasn’t anyone opposite of that girl clothed in black with a screened hat. At this moment, her pair of vicious eyes was staring at her without regard for others.

Although she wasn’t able to clearly see that face under the screened hat, but Su Luo was more or less able to guess who this person was.

At this moment, there were still two numbers lying in the chest.

That hefty man walked up, cast a glance at Su Luo and then extended his hand into the chest.

Su Luo’s eyes half-narrowed, she wished this person could leave the number 38 for her. Although the number didn’t sound good, but if she could personally dispose of that person, she wouldn’t care if the number didn’t sound good.

When that hefty big man took out the number and handed it over to the host, the host loudly announced: “Number 38.”

Su Luo was immediately depressed!

The person who was even more depressed than Su Luo was that girl dressed in black.

The gaze she shot towards Su Luo was ferocious, wishing she was able to pounce on Su Luo and tear her into pieces.

When Su Luo felt the malice from the other person on her body, she cast a glance at the other side, and the corner of her mouth raised into a complacent sneer. Seeing the other side wasn’t happy, she felt happy.

“You just wait!” That ice-cold voice came over.

Su Luo indifferently spread out her hands and faintly replied: “Just afraid you won’t have the chance to stand up in the next round.”

“Tsk.” That miss seemed to have heard the funniest joke on earth, she coldly scoffed, full of taunting intent.

“You, must be on the battle on stage, and die in my hands.” The black-clothed miss made a killing gesture.

“Then let’s wait and see.” Su Luo indifferently laughed. This girl’s identity, seemed to be on the verge of coming out.

Su Luo’s turn for battle this time was relatively late. So, she sat at her seat and enjoyed the competition of others, full of interest.

Beichen Ying’s battle was brilliant, no one had anticipated that such an ordinary person had concealed such a big trump card. And that he would only take it out to use now, when twenty-five out of fifty would advance.

However, Beichen Ying wasn’t just mud that could be pinched, after going through a brilliant and varied contest, Beichen Ying finally kicked his opponent off the stage and obtained a place in the top twenty-five.

Lan Xuan, Anye Ming, Zi Yan, Nangong Liuyun, all advanced without one falling off, only Su Luo alone, remained.

“Sister-in-law, your opponent, oh, is Jade Lake’s Li family’s people ah.” Beichen Ying handed a handbook about the competitors to Su Luo, pointing at that person, he said to Su Luo, “You see, he is at seventh rank in strength. He’s an expert in fire attacks and speed.”

“Look here, isn’t he clearly put there to be oppressed by you?” Zi Yan took that book and tossed it into Beichen Ying’s bosom, “Aren’t your strongest attacks using fire element and your speed. Who can be compared to you when it comes to these?”

Other things need not be said, Su Luo could also teleport. Try asking whose speed was faster than Su Luo’s teleport? So, that competitor from Jade Lake’s Li family, was only fated to be oppressed by Su Luo.

“Okay, this time, watch me.” Su Luo stood up, smoothed out the crease on her skirt, and unhurriedly walked on to the stage.

Li Maohai, the Jade Lake’s Li family’s younger generation from a side lineage.

He was about thirty years old, with a square face and a robust silhouette. He gave off a trace of being an iron-blooded man.

Su Luo was just about to speak, when, who would have thought, Li Maohai send a despising glance at Su Luo, then wave his big hand and loudly roared: “I forfeit!”

A mouthful of old blood immediately blocked Su Luo’s throat!

Forfeit?! Just when she was about to properly fight, the other side actually once again gave her a forfeit? Were even the damned Heavens toying with her?

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