DKC – Chapter 1381

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Chapter 1381 – Strange jade pendant (2)

Emperor Jing knitted his brows and sighed: “I heard Su Luo, that girl, came back.”

“She actually came back?” Elder Ancestor Su opened his eyes wide.

Pretend, continue to pretend! Emperor Jing was very disdainful of Elder Ancestor Su in his heart, but on the surface, he still accompanied with a smile and an amiable tone: “Yes, I heard she returned a few days ago, now, they are living in the Southern Mountains.”

“Oh? Isn’t the Southern Mountains His Highness Prince Jin’s property?” Elder Ancestor Su pretended he didn’t know.

In any case, he had just exited closed-door cultivation, not knowing those trivial matters was to be expected.

Pretend ok, continue to pretend ok. Emperor Jing harboured hatred in his heart, yet on the surface he still spoke with a face full of smiles: “Elder Ancestor Su may not know ah, your family’s Su Luo and Liuyun are harmonious, their feelings are deep and their intention serious. Now, they are already at the stage of discussing marriage.”

Elder Ancestor Su had laid the work for so long, wasn’t he just waiting for these words?

Elder Ancestor Su, with a stiff face, angrily said, “Since they are already discussing marriage, then properly talk, properly discuss. They still haven’t married and are already living together like this, whatever’s next?”

Emperor Jing didn’t know Elder Ancestor Su’s tail would show so quickly, he sniggered in his heart, yet on the surface, he also wrinkled his brows, “This is……alas.”

“His Highness Prince Jin is determined to marry my family’s Luo girl?” Elder Ancestor Su’s eyes went vertical, carrying a trace of cold intention.

See, see, she still hadn’t returned and recognized her ancestor yet and you’re calling “my family’s Luo girl” like this. Emperor Jing recalled that day’s Su Zian, in the main hall, was determined to expel Su Luo from the Manor, this contrast, he couldn’t help but somewhat rejoice in other people’s misfortune.

“This, you have to ask Liuyun’s intention, frankly speaking, I am also unable to be in charge of this matter ah.” Emperor Jing completely pushed his own responsibility cleanly away.

“So to speak, it was that girl who is determined to marry Prince Jin?” Elder Ancestor Su switched his wording.

“This……” Recalling the day Nangong Liuyun protected that smelly girl like the apple of his eye, Emperor Jing thus knew. It was absolutely that foolish son of his that loved the other person a bit more.

“Your Majesty, please give my message.” Elder Ancestor Su stood up, unperturbed, his voice was long and dragged on, “If Prince Jin really wants to marry that girl, then he has to do so rightly and properly. The etiquette that is needed must not lack a bit. My words end here, I’ll take my leave.”

Finished handing over this sentence, not waiting for Emperor Jing to reply, Elder Ancestor Su left without consulting anyone.

“This……”Emperor Jing felt embarrassed.

Just now, Elder Ancestor Su’s meaning was very clear, he was threatening ah. If Su Luo was determined to marry Liuyun, she must first return to Su Manor, only entering Su Manor would those etiquette be done bit by bit. However, would Su Luo return?

Emperor Jing recalled from that day the cold arrogant complexion that was no different from Nangong Liuyun’s, and he slowly sighed. This time, Elder Ancestor Su really gave him a very big and difficult problem. If he couldn’t succeed in this matter, this time, the power competition between the four countries, he would certainly freely look for an excuse to send him, this emperor, away.

That night, Emperor Jing lied down in the palace alone, he tossed and turned yet couldn’t sleep, in his mind, Elder Ancestor Su’s words flipped over and over.

At midnight, he again threw on some clothes. With jolting buttocks, he ran to the empress’s place.

The empress, towards Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun, naturally fumed with rage between gritted teeth, what suggestion could she possibly give Emperor Jing? How could she not add more eye medicine?

“Your Majesty, there are rumors outside saying Su Luo is already at the eighth rank in strength. Don’t know if it’s true or false.” The empress laughed with ‘puff-chi’ sounds.

Emperor Jing waved his hand, jittery: “That day when she left Eastern Ling, she was only at the fourth rank at best, in two short years, how could she possibly reach the eighth rank? These rumors, you also believe in?” In any case, Emperor Jing didn’t believe them.

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