DKC – Chapter 1353

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Chapter 1353 – Beyond expectations (1)

After Third Princess swallowed the pill, she sank into deep sleep.

Beichen Ying curiously asked: “What kind of medicine is this of yours ah?”

“A mysterious pill and a wonderful medicine.” The corner of Su Luo’s mouth curved into an arc, and she smilingly narrowed her eyes, “You guys ah, just wait to admit defeat ah.”

“Humph, humph, who won, who lost, still hasn’t been decided, now, it’s too early to reach a verdict.” Beichen Ying crossed his arms over his chest, proudly lifting up his chin.

Zi Yan looked at the Third Princess who was in a deep sleep, her brows wrinkled slightly. She always felt that there was something fishy about this matter.

Under everyone’s gaze, very quickly, Third princess woke up slowly.

She opened her perplexed eyes and rubbed her drowsy eyes, when her gaze landed on Su Luo——

“Master.” Third Princess’s face immediately changed to seriousness and she kneeled down to salute Su Luo.

“Hiss——” In the wake of Third Princess’s reverent call, Beichen Ying and Zi Yan suddenly sucked in a breath of cold air!

This was simply like a ghost was in the upper body, really too horrifying okay? Just now, she was still a stranger, now, having awoken, she directly called her master?

Beichen Ying dug his ear: “This…the call wasn’t a mistake right?”

A smiling expression appeared in Su Luo’s eyes, she lightly said; “Enough, don’t need to be so polite.”

“Yes, Master.” The noble Third Princess respectfully and differentially straightened her body, reverently staying under Su Luo’s foot.

“This…In the end, what is going on?” Beichen Ying’s face was stiff, pointing at Third Princess in disbelief.

That wasn’t just anyone, that was the third princess of Northern Mo ah. In her body ran the most noble blood of a royal family. The Xuanyuan family that was one of the ten powerful families in the world. She actually really recognized Su Luo as her master? Beichen Ying felt that his worldview had been completely toppled, from now on, the gates to a new world had opened.

Zi Yan also felt that this was unimaginable. No matter how much she pondered, she could not think of the crucial point in this matter.

How could they have known that Su Luo imprinted that mind pill with the aura that belonged only to her. Therefore, when Third Princess swallowed this mind pill, and when the mind pill fused together with the breath in her pubic region, Su Luo’s aura would be deeply branded in her pubic region.

Just like a young chick being imprinted, Su Luo’s aura as the first that Third Princess knew made her recognize her as master.

“You will really accept her as a disciple?” Beichen Ying had his arms crossed, lips deliberately hooking into a disdainful expression, “She is merely an ordinary person in a profound world, following by your side, very quickly, she would lose her life right?”

Su Luo laughed with a pfft sound: “An ordinary person in a profound world? I say, Little Beichen, how about you go test her innate talent?”

“Could it be she is not a waste?” A trace of suspicion flashed through Beichen Ying’s eyes.

Before, he only roughly probed her, this third princess didn’t have a bit of spirit power in her body. If she wasn’t a waste, then what else could she be?

However, when Beichen Ying placed his hand on Third Princess’s wrist, suddenly, his face swelled red!
Zi Yan knocked against his arm: “What’s wrong? Did you bump into something evil?”

“You come and give testing her a try, maybe it’s me…having a hallucination appear.” Beichen Ying took a step back and set aside the best position for Zi Yan.

“Chattering so mysteriously, you aren’t deliberately playing with me right?” Zi Yan placed her hand on Third Princess’s wrist.

The next moment, Zi Yan’s face immediately stiffened.

“This… how is this possible?” Zi Yan almost started to shout in surprise.

“You also felt it?” Beichen Ying’s facial muscle was rigid and weakly asked a sentence.

“Ice system, also has the light system.” Zi Yan spit out these words with great difficulty.

Beichen Ying rubbed his head: “Then it seems my head didn’t start to hallucinate.

“Beichen Ying, so to speak, you also felt it?” Zi Yan asked.

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