DKC – Chapter 1346

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Chapter 1346 – Snatching food from the jaws of a tiger (3)

First Elder used strength in his hand, and was just about to secretly kill these two people——
Little Stone’s lips hooked into a taunting smile, “What? Want to put them to death in front of my face?”

Little Stone’s words were casually spoken, and even had a touch of ridiculing tone which was a smile that was not quite a smile. However, just because of this calmness, it made First Elder’s heart even more fearful.

First Elder’s heart froze, unconsciously, his hand stopped.

Su Luo could no longer continue to watch. Little Stone was biased towards her, so placed the crime on Beichen Ying and Zi Yan. But how could she have a clear conscience and accept this?

As a result, Su Luo took a step forward and coldly humped: “Just now, Ancestor Mo was joking with you, you really believed it ah.”

First Elder stared at Su Luo with ill intentions. Ancestor Mo could use an arrogant tone towards him, but not everyone could casually interrupt him in front of his face! Not to mention, it was this silly little girl whose hair hadn’t all grown out.

First Elder’s eyes gave off a cold light: “Who are you this little girl?”

Su Luo smiled faintly: “Last night, the person Ancestor Mo was looking for is me, not those two people in your hand.”

“What evidence do you have?” First Elder’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Su Luo glared at Little Stone: “What do you say?”

Little Stone uncomfortably gave a snort: “Normally, I haven’t seen you be loyal like this.”

“Can’t let them be unjustly blamed for nothing ah, am I right?” Su Luo smiled, pointed to First Elder and said faintly: “You want to retaliate, can come to me at anytime, as for those two people in your hand…..”
First Elder obviously didn’t believe it!

Anyone with a discerning eye would see at a glance, Ancestor Mo’s relationship with this loathsome girl was pretty good. Last night, Ancestor Mo, that crazed wrathful expression, at a glance, you would know he was looking for an enemy. Therefore. it definitely wasn’t this girl in front of his eyes.

First Elder smiled maliciously, looking at Ancestor Mo: “Since you hate these two people so much, then, let me help you dispatch them.”

Finished speaking, the strength in First Elder’s hand immediately increased!

In his heart, he truly believed that Beichen Ying and Zi Yan were the main culprit that sunk Northern Mo’s imperial palace.

Little Stone’s eyes coldly narrowed and sneered: “Xuanyuan Ming, great courage, you really think I won’t dare kill you!”

Xuanyuan Ming was First Elder’s name, but this hundred years, he had always used the First Elder identity in his high position, so this name was gradually forgotten by people. Almost very few people could call out this name.

But able to call out this name were all people with the same status and strength as First Elder, that kind of major character.

First Elder originally saw Ancestor Mo’s attitude had become lenient, so he got an inch and wanted a foot. Seeing Ancestor Mo time and again didn’t flare up, so he pressed harder and harder. But now, being shouted at by Ancestor Mo like this, suddenly, his heart gradually was filled with cold air.

It seemed this Ancestor Mo was still the original Ancestor Mo, but his madness illness ought to have gotten better.

“They are people this old man has chosen as disciple candidates, yet you actually dare say this old man dislikes them!” Ancestor Mo became angry!

An angry Ancestor Mo immediately released a dark murderous aura that could destroy the sky and wipe out the earth!

Momentarily, the air all around condensed into frost, full of murderous intent.

Seeing that Ancestor Mo was about make a move, the First Elder who had already eaten deep suffering, immediately quit while he was ahead and placed the two people on the ground: “Just now, this humble person misspoke. Since they are people Ancestor Mo is interested in, how could this humble person dare to have other thoughts. Now, will return them to their rightful owner.”

‘Return to their rightful owner?’ After Beichen Ying and Zi Yan heard this, they immediately grew angry and thought. When did they become objects?

However, a weak person’s words had no effect, the kind of dialogue between powerful experts wasn’t something the small fries like them could insert in. The two people could only fiercely glare at First Elder, feeling unfair.

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