DKC – Chapter 1332

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Chapter 1332 – Final decisive battle (7)

When the ice knives were just a hundred meters away from his body, Nangong Liuyun moved.

His hands made seals, and very quickly, in the space above his head, appeared one flicking dragon serpent-shaped lightning after another!

Every lightning was shining and magnificent, making sizzling sounds as if it contained an inexhaustible amount of terrifying power.

The lightning bolts quickly assembled into a lightning sea, and purple-colored rays of light flickered and sparkled.

“Go!” Nangong Liuyun’s eyes condensed into frost, his long, thin fingers calmly pointing forward.

Very quickly, the endless sea of lightning soared towards the ice knives.

“Rumble, rumble!”

“Crackle, crackle!”

The purple-colored sea of lightning and the sparkling, transparent ice knives collided!

Momentarily, an incinerating fire collided with lightning, sending sparks all over the place. It was even more beautiful than the most beautiful fireworks by one hundred percent!

Su Luo’s figure stood, transfixed in place.

She raised her head, and foolishly watched this beautiful scenery that was never seen since the dawn of time till now, engraving the memory of this deeply into her mind.

Perhaps, her whole life, since rebirth, she wouldn’t be able to forget this dazzling radiance.

Now, because of this violent collision, an intense chaos took place in the spirit force in the whole horizon, the earth in the surroundings once again gone through another great change.

If it was said that Ancestor Mo’s crazed howl in the beginning could overturn the entire leveled ground to bury the corpses, then at this time, the surface cracks were even more miserable.

Su Luo didn’t know how to describe the scene at this time.

She only knew that the entire earth was rocking violently, and then it sunk in.

The originally vast flat grassland, now, because of this battle, all caved in.

Within a twenty kilometer radius, the flat land, in an instant, turned into a deep pit. If it rained, then this would turn into the most perfectly formed natural lake.

In the past, Su Luo doubted the story of Purgatory City’s Master smashing a mountain peak into a lake, but now, she saw it with her own eyes, so she firmly believed that matter.

So, it turned out, a real strong expert really could be strong to this degree.

Witnessing this rare battle between two strong experts, Su Luo’s soul was baptised and enlightened. Now, her state was not at the eighth rank, but because her spirit power still stayed at eighth rank, so temporarily, she still couldn’t be promoted.

In the wake of the sea of lightning blocking the ice knives, Nangong Liuyun’s eyes condensed out a trace of frost.

Because, he felt that his body’s functions were already declining, if he couldn’t settle Ancestor Mo in another fifteen minutes, then, he and Su Luo would undoubtedly die.

That strange power in his body was too enormous, it was not something he could control completely right now.

Although he had broken through to the commander rank, and could form even more seals, and release even stronger strength, however, his body couldn’t handle such an enormous force.

A trace of annoyance quickly flashed past Nangong Liuyun’s face! He didn’t expect Ancestor Mo would be crazier and more difficult to deal with than before.

Currently, the only plan, was to stake it all.

The desire to commit murder burst forth from Nangong Liuyun’s eyes.

For a moment, his foot tapped out a secret martial arts, and his entire person seemed to have became a sharp sword. He charged towards Ancestor Mo with the speed of light and an awe-inspiring murderous intent.

The more he fought, the braver Ancestor Mo became, with uninterrupted killing moves.

A madman’s world, because there was no other matter to distract the heart, so, their strength of concentration was very strong. After absorbing close to a million souls, Ancestor Mo’s soul had reached an unprecedented strength.

Two exceptional experts at their peak, battling like mad.

From this part of the world, directly killing to the distant horizon.

This place just so happened to be the border between Northern Mo and Eastern Ling, besides a piece of grassland in the middle, the rest were all mountain ranges. Also, it was not far from the black forest.

They each displayed their abilities, used their own surprising moves, and the entire area of this world looked ferocious.

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