DKC – Chapter 1321

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Chapter 1321 – Frantic along the whole way (6)

“It seems you really are the daughter of the goddess of fortune, this luck…” Little Stone didn’t know whether to praise Su Luo’s good luck or that her strength was good.

That First Elder at the peak of commander rank from the Northern Mo’s royal family, was frozen into an ice cube with one palm strike from that old madman. That Second Elder at the beginning of the commander rank, was slapped into slags by one palm strike. But now, this small eighth-ranked Su Luo was still healthy and active.

“My family’s venerable mother was so devastatingly beautiful, with ten thousand kinds of enchanting grace, how could she be the goddess of fortune ah? Goddess of love seems more appropriate.” Su Luo saw that the old madman didn’t run back for a long time, and immediately relaxed a breath of air. She even had the mood to laugh and tease the little stone.

“Looks like the old madman really chased along the original route, really is the Heavens also helping me.” Su Luo laughed with ‘hehe’ sounds and drank a mouthful of high grade Celestial Spirit water to maintain her physical strength. Then, she turned to head in the southeast direction.

No matter what, hidden in the army with millions of soldiers would absolutely be much safer compared to anywhere else.

As a result, Su Luo headed towards the southeast.

The pitiful Ancestor Mo still didn’t know that Su Luo had hid in the Variant Acacia Tree halfway along the journey.

Because he couldn’t catch up to Su Luo for a long time, he became angrier. And the result was that his speed soared to his limit!

But even like this, before, that unceasingly moving little black dot, still disappeared without a trace. He searched everywhere and couldn’t find it.

Although Ancestor Mo was a madman, he wasn’t a fool. He still could use his brain.

He depressedly stopped his footsteps, slapping his head and standing in place. He didn’t ponder over the issue, rather, he directly mobilized all the spirit force in his body. He released his sharp perception, and rapidly pressed it forward.

In the wake of the spirit aura being released out more and more into the distance, Ancestor Mo’s expression followed it becoming uglier and uglier!

Within five hundred meters, not there!

Within five kilometers, still not there!

Within fifty kilometers, continued to not be there!

That flea-like little black dot, seemed to have disappeared from this world. Up ahead, he completely couldn’t feel her aura.

Ancestor Mo rubbed his starving flat stomach, and suddenly, he went insane from anger!

Recalling that blood filled with a sweet fragrance, the saliva at the corner of Ancestor Mo’s mouth, with dripping sounds, dropped down.

Really want to drink ah…

But where was that little flea ah?

Ancestor Mo patted his head and simply sat cross-legged in place, his pair of eyes closed tightly. The spirit power that was locked in the southwest direction now radiated in all directions.

Along with time passing bit by bit, suddenly, Ancestor Mo’s tightly closed eyes abruptly opened. A cold light shot out from his eyes!

At the same time, Ancestor Mo was so angry that he spat out a mouthful of blood.

When did that little flea head towards the southeast direction? Caused him to run for so long in vain, really was hateful to the extreme. Must eat her up! Ancestor Mo made a fist!

Now, Ancestor Mo had no time to think some more. His figure leapt up like lightning towards the southeast direction. Rapidly chasing after his food.

At this moment, Su Luo’s mental strength had been restored.

She knew Ancestor Mo would definitely chase over, so she didn’t hide nor conceal herself. So, she openly and confidently used the teleport method and quickly headed towards the army stationed in the southeast direction.

However, Su Luo’s heart was still somewhat proud.

Even if it was First Elder at the peak of commander rank, would he have the ability to run for one day and one night and not be captured by the old madman at the peak of saint rank? This, Su Luo could proudly say, she could.

Teleport, teleport, and teleport again.

Unconsciously, another daytime passed.

The border of Northern Mo was so close as to be less than a meter away.

Originally, the battlefield at night should be quiet, but at this moment, the place where Northern Mo’s army was stationed was very lively.

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