DKC – Chapter 1299

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Chapter 1299 – Clear Spirit Pool (8)

However, this Third Princess, who was originally a waste, had managed to absorb four-fifths of the Snow Spirit crystal stone in just a short hour. Moreover, she still said it wasn’t enough, she wanted to absorb some more. With such a discovery, how could the second elder not be happy? Not be shaken?

At this time, the expression Second Elder used to watched the Third Princess was simply like he was looking at a rare unique treasure, afraid she would have some sort of mishap. Now, he wasn’t even cultivating anymore. He just attentively watched the Third Princess cultivate.

At the bottom of the lake, Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun continued using hand signals to communicate soundlessly.

“Being watched so attentively by that second elder, can you still absorb it?” Su Luo asked with deep concern.

“Just watch and you’ll find out.” The corners of Nangong Liuyun’s mouth hooked into a demonically enchanting smile. His eyes closed tightly as he faced that tiny Snow Spirit Crystal Stone, slowly refining it.

The second elder stood ashore. His line of sight was a bit far, but he could still clearly see that the Snow Spirit Crystal Stone was emitting sizzling sounds and tiny bubbles. It was nibbled away bit by bit.

‘Good, good, good! This is truly great!’ The second elder was so excited that his eyes almost popped out. Seeing how the Snow Spirit Crystal Stone was almost completely absorbed and yet the third princess was still over there, refining with her eyes closed, the second elder became even more excited. He made a decision. After the third princess came ashore, he would rush up and make her his disciple before others could step forward.

He must be fast. Otherwise, she would be stolen by those few other old guys, with no place for him. With this sort of unsurpassed innate skill which was unique in the whole world, one had to have fast hands to keep it, slow hands would get nothing.

That tiny Snow Spirit Crystal Stone emitted some bubbles and then completely disappeared. The second elder didn’t say a word more and put in another Snow Spirit Crystal Stone.

This Snow Spirit Crystal Stone was even bigger than the previous one. The second elder estimated, ‘This time, it should let the Third Princess absorb until she’s satisfied, right?’

However, what made the second elder ecstatic was that after putting in this Snow Spirit Crystal Stone which was the size of two fists, before one hour was reached, it was actually completely absorbed again!

‘Good, good, good! Simply great!’ The second elder paced excitedly on the shore, excitedly rubbing his hands together. ‘What to do? It has already been nearly a hundred years since such a monstrous genius last appeared in Northern Mo!’

When he saw the second Snow Spirit Crystal Stone get absorbed completely, the second elder excitedly put in a third Snow Spirit Crystal Stone.

“After refining this one, it should be enough, right?” The second elder gazed fixedly without blinking at the third princess.

However, what made him not know whether to cry or smile was that this third Snow Spirit Crystal Stone was once again soon to be completely absorbed!

“This- This… This is simply a rhythm which defies the natural order! A monster!” The second elder was afraid that not having enough crystal stones would negatively affect the development of the third princess’s potential. So, he threw down a line, “Second Grandpa will go get more Snow Spirit Crystal Stones. I’ll come back really quickly. Wait for Second Grandpa, ha!”

The originally arrogant and ice-cold Second Elder had, at this time, already upgraded himself to Second Grandpa. Of course, he could just call someone else to deliver the Snow Spirit Crystal Stones here, but the second elder was afraid the third princess’s genius potential would be made known to the other old fellows. So, he would rather make the trip himself.

At this time, the Third Princess’s complexion had already gone from pale to scarlet red. Currently, she was extremely puzzled. She completely didn’t understand what was going on.

Seeing the back view of Second Elder leaving hurriedly, the Third Princess secretly and quietly let out a breath of relief. Fortunately, Second Grandpa left. Otherwise, she would fall apart.

The Third Princess knocked her own head depressedly.

The Snow Spirit Crystal Stones were gradually refined, yet the spiritual energy on her body didn’t increase in the least. Just what was going on exactly?

The more the Third Princess thought about it, the more afraid she became… If the second elder found out that the Snow Spirit Crystal Stones were refined and yet her own strength didn’t actually increase even a little bit, by that time, would the old man get so angry that he would personally choke her to death?

Thinking up to here, the Third Princess couldn’t stay still. She hurriedly climbed ashore, put on a new robe, and fled at lightning speed.

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