DKC – Chapter 1285

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Chapter 1285 – What path to take (6)

Many of the more nimble people rushed out of their rooms and ran into the street.

Momentarily, the entire Luo Yang City shook like a sheet.

Luo Yang City was also known as a city of crime. Everyone here had all violated laws somewhere else and afterwards fled here to avoid people chasing to kill them.

Able to live in Luo Yang City, there were very few that didn’t flout the law. But at the same time, able to flee to this city of crime, it could be said their strength also wasn’t bad.

Therefore, when Old Madman’s roar was about to make the entire Luo Yang City collapse, a lot of people still were able to run out.

“Loathsome girl, come out——come out——”

The old madman floated there in mid-air, looking all around, as if trying to find Su Luo’s figure to admonish her.

Su Luo inwardly complained in her heart.

She lowered her voice, and said to Nangong Liuyun: “We won’t be discovered by the old madman right?”

Nangong Liuyun shook his head: “Taking advantage of the chaos right now, we must run out without delay.”

Nangong Liuyun’s long slender finger with pronounced joints lifted up the carriage curtain. Looking at the towering city gate before him, he frowned slightly.

Because the old madman had entered from the north gate, so the north gate was affected the most by the attack. Nearly more than half of the city had collapsed into ruins. Therefore now, a countless number of people were all running toward this south gate.

However, the soldiers guarding on the city wall, no matter what, wouldn’t agree to opening the city gates.

“Retreat backwards, join together to meet the enemy. Who dares to flee, an arrow awaits them!” The captain of the soldiers raised his right hand, behind him was a squadron of archers ready to fire.

Each and every one of them had their bows pulled back with an arrow inserted, taking the posture of preparing to shoot.

At this time, if Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun stepped out to retrieve the Dragon Scale Horse, then jump on top of the city gate and fly out of the south gate, this tentative plan could be executed successfully. Although, it was a bit more time-consuming and took a great deal of effort.

However, with so many people around, with the Dragon Scaled Horse received back into space, wouldn’t this target be too big?

Nangong Liuyun frowned just because of this.

Su Luo smiled and said: “Look carefully, now, I’ll perform a magic trick for you to see.”

One could only see Su Luo wave her hand, and Nothingness of Space enveloped the Dragon Scaled Horse. She gave a low grunt, “Quickly——rush out!”

Up ahead was a very thick wall, with such a fast rushing speed, if they didn’t die, it would still end with them being badly bruised.

As a result, when the surrounding people saw this horse with strange dragon scales rushing forward with flying speed, each and every one of them had a shocked expression.

“Was this horse scared till it went crazy?”

“It ought to be, otherwise, why would it rush heedlessly forward? Over there is the city wall ah!”

“In fact, it became crazy from being scared! However, that’s not bad, if it can ram a small hole, we can also take this opportunity to run out!”

During the time when numerous people were discussing this, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a slight smile.

With Nothingness of Space enveloping them, how could the Dragon Scaled Horse have an accident?

At that time in the demon cave, she and Beichen Ying were both locked inside, unable to get out. It was because she understood Nothingness of Space at that time, did the two of them then find an opportunity to come out.

Now, along with Su Luo’s cultivation being promoted, Nothingness of Space had also gradually enlarged. Now, she could already protect the entire horse carriage.

The Dragon Scaled Horse rushed forward with flying speed, its speed soaring to the peak!

The pitiful Dragon Scaled Horse didn’t know that Su Luo’s Nothingness of Space would be so easy to use. It striving so hard was all because of its respect and trust in its master and master’s lady.

“Wow, wow, wow, this horse has gone crazy! It really is about to ram into the wall!”

“Oh heavens, who can stop this horse?”

Some people screamed loudly, and there were also people who looked on gloomily.

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