DKC – Chapter 1266

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Chapter 1266 – Strike first to gain the upper hand (3)

Have to say, Beichen Ying and Nangong Liuyun, sure enough, were close childhood friends who grew up with each other, he could somewhat guess at Nangong Liuyun’s thoughts.

“Then good, we’ll run for it, and by all means, must not be captured!” Zi Yan, with a rightfully apprehensive expression, solemnly nodded her head.

Thus, the two people that had finished discussing this issue displayed their normally quickest speed, rushing forward at high-speed!

Because Mo Yunfeng received some internal injuries when he fought with Mo Yunhai before, if the situation this time wasn’t so urgent, he definitely would not run out to wander about randomly. It was also because he had suffered internal injuries, that his speed was somewhat lowered.

As a result, Mo Yunfeng continuously maintained the same distance between him and Beichen Ying and Zi Yan.

At the moment, Beichen Ying and Zi Yan couldn’t run away, nor could Mo Yunfeng catch up to them.

The three of them assumed this kind of subtle balance, two running and one chasing, their steps gradually going southwards.

After Beichen Ying and Zi Yan ran away. In Central Palace, Su Luo only had Nangong Liuyun as a helper. However, she didn’t know what Nangong Liuyun was busy doing right now and still hadn’t joined up with Su Luo.

Su Luo teleported with each step, quickly going southwards, to that place Nangong Liuyun and her had agreed on before.

However, before Su Luo reached her destination, she had already run into trouble.

This troublesome person was not someone else, it was the main female lead of the sex scandal, Mo Yunqing.

Because of last time, Mo Yunfeng and Mo Yunqing’s sex scandal made First Elder furious. At that time, First Elder had wanted to immediately exterminate Mo Yunqing, it was because Palace Master Mo didn’t have the heart to let it be done, so agreed to lock her away securely to let her properly reflect.

According to the rules, Mo Yunqing was locked away in a tightly closed room, but no one could have anticipated that that bellow from Elder Ancestor Mo that startled the heavens and made ghosts sob, actually shook open the always sealed door in the forbidden area!

Although Mo Yunqing suffered a bit from the shaking, with her qi and blood somewhat unstable, however, luckily, it was not too serious.

At this moment, curiosity occupied her entire heart.

Consequently, Mo Yunqing left the sealed room without permission and secretly, through the long and narrow tunnels, walked out quietly on tiptoes.

Don’t know whether or not Su Luo had bad luck to the utmost degree.

As chance had it, when Su Luo had just teleported out and opened her eyes, she was only a meter away from Mo Yunqing.

The two people stared at each other head-on!

Su Luo, at one glance, immediately had a bad premonition.

Mo Yunqing, with a gaze of seeing a ghost, foolishly stared blankly at Su Luo, then, she covered her ears and loudly shrieked: “Ah!!!”

Su Luo, speechlessly looked at this idiotic female, her hand extending out to smash towards Mo Yunqing’s back nape!

However, at this moment, Mo Yunqing seemed to have been possessed by a ghost, she avoided Su Luo’s attack.

At the same time, her gaze turned severe and vicious, glaring at Su Luo while she loudly questioned: “Su Luo, how did you appear just now? You quickly tell me!”

Su Luo remaining silent, raising her eyebrows. This idiot, must she answer whatever she asked?

Su Luo was too lazy to waste words with her, turned around and was about to leave. But just at this moment, Mo Yunqing coldly snorted and said: “Su Luo, you can teleport, right!”

Su Luo halted her steps, gazing at Mo Yunqing with ill intent while maintaining her silence.

“You are a space mage, you can teleport, right!” Mo Yunqing angrily questioned. After she asked this question, it seemed as if she found the truth. Her train of thought flowed more and more easily and voluntarily continued, “The Divine Spirit Tree was stolen, but there was no trace of mud that dropped on the ground, very clearly, it was put into space and taken away.”

Su Luo raised her eyebrows, noncommittally raising the corner of her mouth.

Mo Yunqing, seeing Su Luo like this, sneered even more: “Our family’s Treasure Storage Pavilion, all the treasures were stolen, if one didn’t have space to hold things, how could all of it be carried away by one person? Su Luo, you say, am I right?”

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