DKC – Chapter 1263

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Chapter 1263 – A matter of life or death (7)

He suddenly lifted his head, with a pair of bloodshot eyeballs, unwaveringly stared at Mo Zixu.

Being stared at by this gaze filled with hatred, Mo Zixu immediately became mute.

Without waiting for Mo Zixu to react, Elder Ancestor Mo directly lifted his hands to slap him, ruthlessly smashing into Mo Zixu’s face.

Mo Zixu was originally beaten up like a rag, so how could he bear it now? He fell back with ‘thump, thump, thump’ sounds, then ferociously hit the wall.

At this moment, the palace was already on the verge of collapse, then, adding a hit like this, a crashing sound could be heard.

Su Luo secretly said ‘not good’ in her heart.

This palace was about to collapse! She couldn’t stay here any longer.

Su Luo wanted to leave, taking advantage of no one paying attention and retreated step by step.

Retreating a distance of seven steps, there was just a column that supported the wall, thus, Su Luo, with noiseless treading steps, secretly hid behind the column.

“Teleport!” Su Luo said in a low voice, afterwards, a flash, and her figure had already disappeared in place.

Just after Su Luo had teleported away in less than the time to take a breath.

At this moment, don’t know what bothered Old Man Mo, maybe it was those black spots that had completely controlled his mind, making him suffer extreme pain!

This Old Man Mo, having a hard time suppressing the pain, wildly roared: “Ah!!!!!!”

A bellow, as if cutting off thousands of birds in flight, and wiping out ten thousand people’s footsteps!

Like boiling lava bursting out and also like huge raging waves rolling up three thousand meters high!

The heaven and earth fiercely shook as if Judgement day had come.

The most important was still the sound wave itself.

This bellow of Old Man Mo who had lost his mind contained his peak saint rank’s formidable strength, completely without the slightest bit of restraint, rushing out like a wild torrent.

Now, having suffered this ferocious sound wave attack, this palace shook, countless bricks continuously smashing down.

“Let’s go quickly!” First Elder pulled on Old Man Mo and was just about to leave, at this moment, his expression carried a bit of anxiety.

That bellow from just now, even turned him over in place, his qi and blood rolled over and over. He received internal injuries, also don’t know how big the damage Central Palace would suffer this time. If others created it, they could still demand compensation, unfortunately, it was their own family’s elder.

No, the main culprit ought to be Su Luo, that loathsome girl. If not for her blood, Elder Brother also wouldn’t……

First Elder turned around to look for Su Luo! Even if they couldn’t suck her blood, they also must not let her live. First, exterminate her to get revenge!

But First Elder’s plan of counting his chickens before they hatched didn’t succeed. Because seeing that the situation was far from good, Su Luo had escaped even quicker than a rabbit. How could she possibly stay in place to become their punching bag?

“Where’s Su Luo? Where is that smelly girl?” First Elder angrily roared wildly!

“First Elder, first, let’s not care about her, we need to quickly go out!” Mo Zixu stood up with difficulty and was about to limp out.

Seeing that this palace was about to collapse, if they didn’t get out, at that time, everyone would be buried alive. If it was ordinarily, how could a sinking palace bury him, Central Palace’s master, alive? The problem was, at this moment, he had a bunch of internal and external injuries ah, and the attacker was his own father, he could not even avenge this hatred, Mo Zixu was about to be stifled to death.

First Elder unwillingly swept a glance around again, finally angrily saying: “Loathsome girl, give you a last chance, if you come out now, I can still spare your life. Wait for the next minute, and you will be buried alive!”

Bricks rolling down like a tide was the response to First Elder!

Old Man Mo was smashed by a brick, he didn’t dodge or avoid, as if this was nothing,

However, that was also correct, according to this old man’s strength, these bricks simply couldn’t do anything to him.

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