DKC – Chapter 1261

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Chapter 1261 – A matter of life or death (5)

Before, in order to save Nangong Liuyun, Su Luo had covered his whole body with her blood, thus losing a great amount of blood. Several days hadn’t passed since then, and once again, it was another great amount of blood loss, so Su Luo’s complexion was pale as paper. If not for swallowing a lot of spirit medicine before in the Treasure Storage Pavillion, very likely, Su Luo would have already fainted.

However, before Little Stone dealt with Elder Ancestor Mo…… A trace of quick-wittedness flashed through Su Luo’s eyes.

“Save me ah! My blood is about to be drained dry! First Elder, Palace Master Mo, quickly pull away this old man ah!” Su Luo, facing those two rotten old men who looked as if they were watching a good play, cried for help, shouting and screaming.

But these two, seeing Su Luo crying out for help, they not only turned a deaf ear, instead, their faces were still brimming with splendid smiles. First Elder then waved his hand, hinting for Su Luo to be quiet, with an indifferent voice, saying: “Originally, you were suppose to be Human Blood Medicine, the value of your existence is to offer Central Palace your blood as spirit medicine. Even if you die, then it is also a worthy death! This is your honor!”

Honor, your sister!

Su Luo furiously shouted in her heart.

This First Elder was really infuriating, sucked her blood and still said this was her honor?

The fury in Su Luo’s heart grew without restraint, originally, she still felt a little bit guilty for destroying Central Palace’s foundation. Now, this guilt was really gone, instead, she even felt that her retaliation wasn’t thorough enough.

Although she was complaining like this in her heart, Su Luo nevertheless had to put on a play on the surface. Her crying appearance was miserable and pitiful: “First Elder, there’s something you don’t know ah, my blood…… my blood still hasn’t been completely detoxified!”

First Elder’s features were ice-cold, suddenly, his complexion turned bad!

Before, he had personally tested that there was poison in Su Luo’s blood. At that time, he even took the last Divine Spirit Fruit for her to eat, so she could quickly heal.

“Then what about that Divine Spirit Fruit ah!” First Elder didn’t believe her in the slightest.

“I gave the Divine Spirit Fruit to Nangong Liuyun.” Su Luo spread out her hands, telling the truth.

“You——” First Elder glared at Su Luo in rage. If eyes could kill, Su Luo would have already died a hundred times through death by thousand cuts from the First Elder’s glare. That was also the last Divine Spirit Fruit in Central Palace, and she actually gave it away!

“That is impossible!” First Elder indignantly put down the finger that was pointing at Su Luo.

“First Elder, this is the truth, this blood of mine really is poisonous, aren’t you worried this Old Ancestor Mo of your family will be poisoned to death?” Su Luo’s shouts seemed to get weaker and weaker, lacking more and more in energy.

First Elder’s sharp eyes unblinkingly stared at Su Luo, seeing the clear evasiveness in her eyes when he looked at her, he couldn’t help but to smile coldly.

Loathsome girl, your hair still hadn’t grown in neatly and would dare to cheat him.

“First Elder, you must believe me ah, this blood of mine really is poisonous! If you don’t believe me and something bad was to happen to Elder Ancestor Mo, then don’t blame me ah.” Su Luo shouted, to inform them and wash herself clear of criminal charges in advance.

Elder Ancestor Mo would certainly have a mishap.

First Elder absolutely won’t believe it. Divine Spirit Fruit, this kind of good thing, who would kindly give it to someone else? Wasn’t this clearly lying?

Su Luo, seeing that First Elder didn’t believe her, a trace of chilliness quickly flashing through her eyes.

At this moment, her figure was motionless, her mind had already been replaced by Little Stone’s.

First Elder only felt his eyes blur, as if the Su Luo before him had become someone else. Her entire body seemed to be enveloped in ice, her whole body emitting a frightening aura that terrified even him.

This, what was this all about? First Elder’s heart was alarmed, staring at Su Luo with his eyes opened wide.

However, looking left and right, this girl’s face was still the same ah. But that aura was like a king overlooking the land under heaven, really made people feel extremely puzzled.

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