DKC – Chapter 1259

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Chapter 1259 – A matter of life or death (3)

His Luo Luo was so clever, she destroyed the Central Palace’s millennium-old foundation with the power of one person. How could such a Luo Luo let something happen to herself?

“That’s right, Luo Luo is highly intelligent, her luck is heaven-defying, but her strength still isn’t enough ah. An eighth rank put outside, could walk around horizontally, but in front of those several old farts of the Central Palace, she simply isn’t any different from ants ah!” Beichen Ying was so anxious that sweat seeped out of his forehead. His series of words directly attacked Nangong Liuyun.

How could Nangong Liuyun not know what he was saying? But, just now, he deliberately talked to the First Elder about this and that, finally, was able to win some precious time for Luo Luo.

As for the following matter, just let him cooperate with Su Luo and put on a large-scale huge play.

Su Luo, being carried by First Elder, continuously fly towards the east. Not too long afterwards, she had returned to the place she previously did the evil deeds.

When Su Luo left before, this place was still fine, the surroundings were also clean, not contaminated with a speck of dust, but now——

This scene was simply too horrible to see.

Bodies were lying in disorder around the palace’s surroundings, each and every one of their heads and bodies were covered with bloodstains, the seven apertures on their heads were bleeding non-stop, clearly, they had suffered a strong attack.

The originally orderly and lavish palace, now, also was on the verge of collapse. Sand and stones constantly tumbled down, as if it would cave in at any moment.

A flame excitedly bounced up and down in Su Luo’s eyes. It went without saying, this certainly was caused by Old Man Mo’s movements when he went mad.

Su Luo stroked her chin, the corner of her mouth hooking up into a smile with an unclear meaning.

The First Eder was completely unaware that the main culprit of this devastation was the Miss Su that he had in his hand. If he knew, he would directly hack Su Luo into dregs with a blade.

First Elder also didn’t stop, directly lifting Su Luo to enter into the palace.

At this moment, the situation in the palace was also not too good.

The originally sleeping Elder Ancestor, didn’t know why he would suddenly wake up. His mind wasn’t too clear-headed when he first woke up, one moment he was furious, and another, he would cry wildly.

When he was furious, this old man completely disregarded the consequences, he would destroy all the decorations in his surroundings; when he cried, that sound was like sudden claps of thunder, making people’s’ eardrums feel extremely painful. Those guards that were passed out outside had been attacked by this sound wave time and time again until they passed out.

When the First Elder carried Su Luo inside, this Old Man Mo was just getting angry.

His actions when angry were very simple, it was just, destroy!

He broke everything in front of him into fine powder, at this moment, he was pressing down on Mo Zixu, trying to beat him to death.

“Smelly boy, I, your daddy, can’t kill you, I will beat you to death!” Old Man Mo’s hair was dishevelled with bloodshot eyes, he appeared sinister and terrible.

He pulled Mo Zixu as simply as if lifting a sack, fist after fist, hitting him in the belly.

Pitiful Mo Zixu, the grand and dignified Central Palace’s master, now, was beaten to the point of spitting out blood, so delirious, he couldn’t even shout out loud.

Seeing First Elder come over, this Central Palace’s master, that was always widely known as being strong, almost cried.


Look at this voice even carrying a sobbing tone. Just hearing it made people’s nose go sour.

Seeing that Central Palace’s master’s face was completely covered in blood, First Elder was so startled that his eyes were about to pop out. His entire body seemed to be like a carved sculpture and stood in place for a long time, staring blankly. Only when he heard Palace Master Mo’s sobbing tone did he wake up.

First Elder immediately tossed Su Luo aside, urgently rushed up two steps, in one move, he grabbed Elder Ancestor’s hands that were beating him like a sack, and in a stern voice, he swifty called: “Big Brother! Zixu is about to be beaten to death by you! Quickly stop!”

It could be considered that First Elder Mo’s luck was good, this angry shout of his shouted Elder Ancestor Mo awake.

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