DKC – Chapter 1253

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Chapter 1253 – Recoil of Madness (7)

Palace Master Mo and First Elder looked at each other in dismay. Finished beating someone up, and afterwards, didn’t remember it at all… This was truly a wonderful capability ah.

First Elder said speechlessly, “Elder Brother, just now, what happened to you?”

“What happened to me?” Elder Ancestor Mo doubtfully rubbed his head.

It was also right at this moment that suddenly, Elder Ancestor Mo felt a pain inside his skull. Following tightly behind, the black spots inside his head were like huge waves, rolling by, wave after wave.

Elder Ancestor Mo could only sense the darkness before his eyes, then, his mind became sheets of endless darkness. Immediately following this, his consciousness soon became fuzzy.

First Elder had been watching Elder Ancestor Mo all this time, and when he saw Elder Ancestor Mo suddenly break out in cold sweat, he couldn’t help but feel alarmed: “Elder Brother! Elder Brother, what’s wrong with you?!”

Palace Master Mo also shouted with worry: “Father! Father!”

However, no matter how the two people shouted, Elder Ancestor Mo stood there blankly, as if he’d become an idiot. Elder Ancestor didn’t really become an idiot, rather, at this time, he was circulating spirit force non-stop to attack the black spots in his brain.

Seeing the black spots become increasingly frantic, Mo Family’s Elder Ancestor’s sight suddenly went dark. Then, while still standing up straight, he directly fell down.

“Father!” Palace Master Mo become anxious, and he cried out loudly. However, no matter how loudly he shouted, Elder Ancestor Mo’s eyes stayed tightly shut and his jaw was tensed, like he was in extreme pain.

“First Elder, this… just what exactly is going on?” Palace Master Mo looked towards First Elder anxiously, pleading for him to come up with a plan.

At this moment, the First Elder was also at his wits’ end ah.

Elder Ancestor Mo had always been like an area of the sky, covering the entire Central Palace, protecting it rigorously, no one would dare to despise. However, now, this sky had suddenly fallen down, how could First Elder not feel helpless?

“First Elder!” Palace Master Mo shouted loudly, snapping First Elder out of the trance he had sunk into.

When First Elder returned to his senses, his complexion was extremely ugly: “Elder Brother was probably poisoned.”

“Poisoned? Considering his cultivation, what poison on this continent can infect him?” Palace Master Mo completely didn’t believe it.

“Ordinary poisons naturally won’t work, but what if it is a mind poison?” Originally, First Elder was just guessing, but after he said it out loud, he was seventy percent certain of his guess.

First Elder’s gaze wandered all around. Very quickly, he saw the crystal stones that were randomly left scattered on the ground.

“These are not purple-colored crystal stones!” First Elder cried out in alarm as his complexion suddenly changed greatly.

Recalling when they had just entered, his elder brother had continuously asked who had stolen and exchanged his purple-colored crystal stones. At that time, he just thought that his elder brother had gone crazy and was spouting nonsense. But now, it seemed that this was indeed real.

First Elder crouched down and picked up an empty shell.

“Inside this is…” First Elder’s complexion immediately sunk down, so gloomy that one could almost wring out some water.

Following along, Palace Master Mo also crouched down. He also picked up a crystal stone shell and recognized it at one glance: “These are blue-colored crystal stones that have already been absorbed! How did it end up like this?”

“Elder Brother’s purple-colored crystal stones… really was switched by someone!” An expression of astonishment spread over First Elder’s entire face as he stared in shock at Palace Master Mo.

For a moment, Palace Master Mo didn’t know what to do either.

“Restrictions were placed on this palace hall. Additionally, there are guards surrounding it, giving it heavy protection. Let alone to say, Elder Brother is also at the peak of the saint rank!” First Elder firmly drew in a deep breath of cold air, “Able to switch out Elder Brother’s purple-colored crystal stones while he’s under such heavy guard… On this Earth, how many people could there possibly be?”

“Are you saying…” Palace Master Mo was about to say the names of two people to choose from.

“No, according to what I know, that person from Purgatory City has gone into seclusion, just like Elder Brother. Additionally, considering his character, he would feel that it’s beneath him to do this sort of thing.”

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