DKC – Chapter 1198

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Chapter 1198 – Something major has occurred (2)

Mo Yunfeng’s eyebrows knitted even more intensely.

He’d been following the horse carriage this whole time and he hadn’t seen an assassin drop from the sky. Let alone to say that this place was wide-open with snow in all direction. Even if there was an assassin, where would he be able to hide?

This Snowfield Plateau had been frozen over for a millennium. The layer of ice was incomparably hard, wanting to hide under it. only an expert at the tenth rank could. However, a tenth rank expert wouldn’t possibly attack her, the third Miss of the Mo family, okay?

So, to summarize——

“Third Younger Sister, did you have a nightmare?” Mo Yunfeng tried asking her.

“Second Older Brother!” Mo Yunqing got so angry that she nearly went mad! If the person before her wasn’t her family’s second older brother, she would definitely directly kick out and send him flying as far as possible.

“Second Older Brother! Do you think that if I was having a nightmare, I would twist my own neck?” Mo Yunqing glared at him angrily.

It went silent all around them.

There were people silently ridiculing her inwardly, ‘Spraining one’s neck while sleeping… that’s not such a hard thing to do.’

Mo Yunqing saw that no one believed her, and her heart became even angrier! She was the victim okay, why was it that no one believed her when she said it out loud? Really infuriating her to death!

“Second Older Brother! Do you think that while having a nightmare, I could fly up and overturn the roof of my own carriage?” Mo Yunqing panted in rage while pointing at the roofless carriage, “I dare to swear on my life that just earlier, there truly was a woman. She directly dropped down and sat down, twisting my neck!”

With great difficulty, Mo Yunqing clasped her almost twisted off neck, and complained angrily.

However, these words of hers made everyone think it was even funnier.

A person dropped from the sky and sprained the Third Miss’s neck? Hahaha, this was truly the funniest joke. They had been following the carriage all along and surrounded it. How was it that they hadn’t seen a person drop down? Let alone to say, even if the Third Miss really did get smashed askew by a person dropping from the sky, then didn’t that indicate she normally did too much, even the Heavens wouldn’t let her off?

Everyone wildly ridiculed her in their hearts.

Mo Yunfeng rubbed his chin, turned around and asked the people nearby: “Did any of you see an assassin run out from the Third Miss’s carriage?”

“We didn’t!” The nearby chamberlains shook their heads firmly!

“You guys really didn’t?!” Mo Yunfeng’s face stiffened, and his expression turned cold.

“Responding to Second Young Master, we really didn’t. We dare to swear on our lives that not even a house fly flew out from the Third Miss’s carriage!” The voices of the nearby chamberlains were unprecedentedly firm and earnest.

After they finished speaking, they continued to stare at Mo Yunqing with incomprehensible expressions.

Mo Yunqing felt that she was about to be driven mad from anger. She angrily blew her top: “You two lowly people who take what’s mine and still take from the outside. Actually dare to lie through your teeth! See if this Miss doesn’t beat you guys to death! Aiyo——”

Mo family’s Third Miss had only just moved when she realized her neck felt extremely painful, and couldn’t help but cry out in pain.

Mo Yunfeng watched Mo Yunqing helplessly: “Alright. When we reach Yuan City up ahead, I’ll go find a refining Apothecary to treat your injury. Yunqing, I think you’d best not sleep in the carriage, lest you also sprain your arms ah or legs ah.”

The second young master’s words made all the servants want to laugh, but they dared not. Every one of them stifled their laughs, restraining themselves so much that their faces flushed red, but they dared not laugh out loud.

Mo family’s Third Miss was almost about to cry. She was treated unjustly ah! This was truly frost coming in June and bringing great injustice ah….

However, simply no one believed her words.

At this moment, Su Luo, who was the main culprit behind all of this, had already silently made her return.

Miss Su, who felt as guilty as a thief, silently wiped away the sweat. At long last, she had returned by teleportation. Good thing she ran fast, otherwise, she would have been caught at the scene.

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