DKC – Chapter 118

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Chapter 118 – Infuriated to the point of discarding all rational thoughts (4)

Ling Feng’s pair of eyes were red with rage, it was as if he wanted to swallow Su Luo whole. He pointed at Su Luo and loudly snarled. “His Highness in order to not make you anxious continuously pretended that nothing was wrong with him. You, however! You actually returned all his good intentions with such a heavy blow! I really don’t understand why His Highness would love such a malicious woman!”

Su Luo was dazed by Ling Feng’s denunciation.

She blankly stared at Ling Feng. Every sentence and every word that he said whirled around in her mind.

Nangong Liuyun in that battle had unexpectedly suffered a serious injury. Furthermore, in order to save her, he had repeatedly sustained even more injuries? How could this be….

Ling Feng’s bloodshot eyes quickly glared at Su Luo. His hands wiped away the liquid that had squeezed out of his eyes.

“Blaugh——” Nangong Liuyun could not suppress it anymore and a mouthful of blood wildly sprayed out.

Su Luo was terrified to the point of becoming paralyzed.

She quickly walked forward and with one knee bend kneeled in front of him. An apprehensive panic that never appeared before, flashed through her eyes.

“What to do? What should we do?” Su Luo gazed at Nangong Liuyun’s chest. That area was blooming like a red spider lily, the pretty and flirtatious red color was spreading. It rapidly saturated the white brocade robe, leaving a dark pattern.

Scarlet liquid drop by drop fell from his lightly-colored thin lips in quick succession.

The vicious, dense blood on his chest saturated the air. The smell of blood immediately assaulted her nose as it engulfed his entire body.

However, Nangong Liuyun seemed to be completely unaware of the pain. His eyes were diluted like the mist. A smiling expression was hanging from the corner of his mouth. Within Nangong Liuyun’s black eyes was an endless, deep abyss. His entire body gave off a flirtatious and enticing manner that was strangely pessimistic and full of despair at the same time. He carried a strong air of self abandonment and self destructiveness while still being incomparably handsome.

Nangong Liuyun’s current state terrified and alarmed Su Luo, but it also made her heart beat faster.

The rims of Su Luo’s eyes gradually become moist….

How could this have happened? This was not what she wanted. Su Luo had never thought that she could injure Nangong Liuyun so severely. She had been enraged when she had smashed him with her fist. She had never imagined that he could be wounded so profoundly!

Su Luo’s eyes misted over and she repeatedly shook her head. She wanted to tell him that she had not done it on purpose. In a moment of rage, she had spoken irresponsibly and hit him. In the future, she wouldn’t dare to do it again.

Unexpectedly, Nangong Liuyun dropped down on one knee and kneeled in front of Su Luo. He wrapped his hands tightly around hers. Because he was doing his best to ignore the pain, the blue veins on the back of Nangong Liuyun’s smooth white hands popped out. His hands trembled faintly.

Nangong Liuyun was quite unaware of how scary his current appearance was. His pair of beautiful and flirtatious eyes gazed at Su Luo in a tender and soft manner. He started to smile even though he lacked body heat. Nangong Liuyun’s demeanor sent a message, that even if the entire world collapsed in front of him in the next second, he would not even furrow an eyebrow.

He determinedly and gently looked at Su Luo. “This is your last chance, Luo Luo. If you stay, from now on you will never be able to leave.”

Su Luo could only shake her head. She wanted to apologize. She wanted to say ‘I’m sorry’, but it was if her throat had been pinched closed. No matter how she tried, she could not make a sound.

“Have you completely vented your anger?” Nangong Liuyun’s smile was very light. It resembled the clouds on the horizon, unattainable and out of reach.

Not waiting for Su Luo to answer, Nangong Liuyun once again started to speak. “In the event that your heart is still incensed…I will give you another opportunity.” From his sleeves, he unexpectedly took out a dagger. He stuffed it into Su Luo’s hand and determinedly looked at her.

Ling Feng was immediately scared out of his mind.

“Your Highness!” That dagger could kill with a single blow. In addition, it was coated with a highly toxic poison. With just a slight touch on skin, a rot will spread through the entire body. Anyone affected would be entirely beyond saving.

“Who allowed you to speak?! Scram!” Nangong Liuyun had always treated other people without the slightest restraint, his behavior always oppressive and unpredictable.

In a split second, it seemed as if time froze.

Regarding His Highness Prince Jin, Ling Feng was already accustomed to following his orders. Prince Jin’s every word, sentence, and action had already been ingrained as orders in the minds of his followers since long ago to the point that complying without question had become a reflex.

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52 Responses to DKC – Chapter 118

  1. Ratatoskr says:

    Why do i feel like nangong liuyun behaviour is similar to the kind of person that would send picture of him cutting himself if the girl refused him.

    • pristineallyn says:

      Perfect Image! He’s Possessive and Obsessed!

    • y4kuu says:

      mte, man o.o

    • CrispyNoodle says:

      nah he won’t cut… only half cripple himself like right now o.O

    • June says:

      He is going further than cutting himself. He seeks death. He basically said I would die for you…If you want out then kill me now….else if you can’t then no escape for you.

    • AnonCom1 says:

      Like that Malaysian guy who sent a video to his ex where he jump from his apartment.

    • Rhendril says:

      Because he is exactly that type of person?

      If he only chose not to abandon her in the first place for the fairy girl in the first place….this could ALL have been avoided. Poor girl getting blamed for him dying on her right now.

      Does anyone else, besides me, find how absolutely hilarious it is that the author is still gushing about how “flirtatious” or “deathly handsome” (ha, pun) Nangong Liuyun is while coughing up blood and bleeding? I’m pretty sure most people would get freaked out instead of getting seduced by the image of a half-dying man hahaha

    • Pewpewpuhdead says:

      He takes it to another level in a couple hundred chapters (he even more blatantly pretends to be sick to get her to stay with him).

  2. ageha07 says:

    Noo. dont do it. Now i feel pity to nangong liuyun.
    Su luo give him the spring water make him healthy again. Dont worry nangong liuyun she will not leave you now .

    • NP-3228 says:

      rly? he’s a total yandere stalking creeper u kno. forces himself on her often, possessive, and also didn’t believe her. At the beginning he saw her nature and believed they were two peas in a pod yet didn’t even think about her words when she tried to tell him tha jade fairy was trying to kill her.

      yet he cries injustice about how she won’t fall for him and how she never listens to him and is now using his injuries to chain her up~

      • June says:

        Would a yandere treat the one they love with total devotion and give up their life for the one he loves? If so yandere fit Nangong Liuyun, he would never harm or let harm comes to Su Luo if he can help it. (tornado not something he can control now).

        • Yukino says:

          You sure he won’t harm her? didn’t he just wondering in the few chapters before about whether to break off her wing or not so that she couldn’t escape from him

        • Rhendril says:

          Well yanderes can do drastic things to possess their obsessions, like locking them up or drugging or breaking legs/arms so that they can’t run away. Which was what Nangong Liuyun was contemplating last chapter 😡

        • Arua says:

          I’m pretty much sure a yandere would do anything to “possess” and “chain down” the one they love, even if it cost them their lives (and if they die, their loved one will die with them, “if I can’t have you, no one will have you”). Common sense doesn’t work with that kind of people. They’re psychos.

  3. Busy Bee says:

    Wow. He is milking his injuries for all it’s worth. Could have won him an Oscar.

  4. Passerby A says:

    On theverge of death and still got the temerity to flirt and blackmail…. this guy, seriously…. imo, sl should run as far away as she can before he recovers… his behavior screams yandere

  5. Arkeus says:

    Yeah… NL is good at emotional blackmail. This is a card he loves playing 🙁

    • June says:

      I honestly don’t think Su Luo would fall for anyone who is not totally obsessed about her and would die for her… Her betrayal would bring a lot of trust issues into a relationship if he is not obsessed enough to put her first.

      • Arkeus says:

        Oh totally, and as said he does improve…. but he totally orchestrated the whole thing just so that scene would happen. So on one hand, yes he is willing to die if she doesn’t help him…. on the other, neither su Luo or Himself are the kind to help strangers AND he made sure she would reopen his injury just so he could put that choice on her.

        It’s one of his habit, though thanksfully when he grows up later it’s much better.

  6. Midori says:

    thanks a lot!
    su luo, he got injured himself! you can pity him, i mean he did help you…but he left you to your own devices in the forest! and he caused his own injuries, ok! ah—this is so…i don’t know what to think! su luo…you deserve a better guy…! ok, fine, nangong liuyun likes/loves her, but…he…i just…he’d better spend a lot making it up to su luo!

  7. ricecal says:

    Now he is taking advantage of the situation to trap her more.
    Thank you very much.

  8. Autumn says:

    She should have just tossed him a bottle of her spring water as she left.

  9. Light says:

    Wow, everyone’s just full of hate for NL. I personally, although not thinking they were “right”, do not believe his actions to have been wrong. He loves her, yes, but she is not the only person he knows. Its obvious he has a life apart from her, even if he did value her above the rest of it.

    • June says:

      totally agree… Did not like his manipulative actions early on… but oh boy does he improve to be almost perfect 🙂

    • Rhendril says:

      Most people aren’t hating him because he has a life apart from her. It’s more along the lines of him playing that pitying card with the injury. Plus, she obviously did not want to kiss him, but he still forced himself upon her. What part of no did he not understand? Women have their self-respect too.

      Also, if he really does love her, he should have trusted her a bit more when she said the jade fairy sent assassins after her.

  10. Hipployta says:

    Okay…this suffering and willingness to just die to appease her will totally work for Su Luo because she requires this level of dedication. It is annoying that the bodyguard blamed her for his condition but he DID stop healing to go to her and I guess I could KIND of see how he was not right in the head due to that.

    He does not get a pass for earlier but pity is a strong motivator LOL

  11. AllhailBookworm says:

    This guy is one of a kind freak! SL needs to put as much distance as possible and get faaar away. He’s not right in the head.

  12. guy smiley says:

    So from what we’ve seen in the last few chapters, I am reminded of what I have heard from people, about the ‘sex contract’ from 50 Shades of Grey. Like what he said at the end of this chapter, if she sticks around then that means she’s consented to being his possession. More than that, he’s saying it means she’s consented forever, cannot change her mind, and loses the right to negotiate. Pretty sleazy, guilt tripping her into feeling like she has.

    @Light: we don’t really hate him because his actions of abandoning her to save his friend are wrong, we mainly hate him because he is a total sleaze, who has no real respect for her.

  13. Just another reader says:

    Man, thanks for the chapter. I get why NL is like the way he is, but SL, hurry up and regain your mind and do something. Otherwise you will regret it greatly. That scene though…..o.o.

    p.s. also i think you made a typo. simile instead of smile

  14. Lord Smooze says:

    Never be able to leave? The title of this series begs to differ.

  15. Keira says:

    This kind of guy scares me so much. Saying things like how he’ll kill himself or want you to kill him if you refuse him.. That is a real emotion manipulator. It seems like he gave you choices whether to stay with him or not. But seriously who in the right mind would just walk away after being threatened that way?! Even if you don’t like the guy, you still don’t wish to see him dead right? Especially not ‘because of you’. Every time the phone rings, you’ll be wondering if it is his parents calling to tell you their son kill himself because you don’t listen to him! Run away su luo…run far far away.

  16. libraryrocker says:

    I’m kind of suspecting that he didn’t go against Jade Fairy in that moment because he was injured and knew he couldn’t …

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!

  17. Arua says:

    ““This is your last chance, Luo Luo. If you stay, from now on you will never be able to leave.””

    Oh boy… die already, trash.

  18. chronos5884 says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

  19. Manga Hunter says:

    I know this scene is supposed to be dramatic, but I still want Su Luo to give up on this guy. Besides, can’t he get better with the spring in Su Luo’s space? -_-

  20. AngelSanc26 says:

    I am puzzled as to why Nangong Liuyun is so enamoured with Su Luo. He should be surrounded constantly by very capable ladies, ie the Jade Fairy that on paper suit him well enough. I get that he is attracted to the fact that Su Luo is not intimidated or impressed by him despite her lack of powers but that still does not explain his infatuation. Thoughts anyone?

    • June says:

      Because Su Luo is very similar to him in personality… calculating, smart, selfish etc… Although the same can be applied to Jade Lake Fairy but she probably fell for him too easily to maintain his interest…. Just my theory.

    • zskyfish says:

      I agree it is because they are similar. I think he said she could kill with a smile when he was watching her the day they met. He recognized her personality and felt a kindred spirit. The Jade Lake Fairy presents herself as a fairy. Calm, sweet, etc. He doesn’t really know how vicious she is. She hides her darker emotions very well. The other women we’ve seen so far are just par for the course in this world. Even those that are high ranking probably cannot surprise him. He is exceptional and he would naturally be attracted to an exceptional woman. Jade lake Fairy is considered by everyone to be closest to his rank and power but she is not so exceptional. If Su Luo could open her power she could easily surpass her. Su Luo is one of a kind that hasn’t been seen in 1000 years. Ah haha. I talked too much but don’t you love it. They are obviously meant for each other–however I’m mad at him and hope she gives him a run for his money.

  21. jkcdeo says:

    shes an assassin! gold rank? why so flustered? -sigh-


  22. Kaiser says:

    Yes, this come to be an immature action. NL possesses a high manipulating doing onto SL, but she is going to stay by him because feeling guilty of her last pushing out.
    Instead of having the opportunity to leave him, she had already made a tiny covenant with NL.
    Brrr… Only if he could have learned to communicate better, he wouldn’t have gotten hurted by now.
    Only way, she to stay with until healing wounds.

  23. JosieLie says:

    This jade fairy bitch is so stupid tho. She never stopped to blame herself for getting the prince injured, especially since she is as strong as he is. Like, bitch please. Get over yourself.

    If I was SL I would vow to ditch the prince once I’m not dependent on him anymore. (At the moment she needs him to get to places & information from him on how to go about cultivation afterall.)

  24. Shion says:

    welp if I was her and I didn’t love him then I would’ve leaved, she’s killed thousand of people before, leaving a sea of corpses in her footprints, what would another make a difference?

    her heart’s grown weak and lukewarm.

  25. Naterenter says:

    He is an absolutely shitty person. He forced her when she said no and is acting like the victim now.
    If I was her, I would leave that bastard right there. This just infuriates me so much. >:(

    Where is the second male lead, please?

  26. Aki says:

    He is a sociopath who’s taking advantage of the situation. He knew very well her normal reaction is violence, because she doesn’t accept his approach. His hidden guard too, tell the ML to stop forcing himself on her and it wouldn’t have happened. Then he adds this sort of childish ultimatum to it? Just toss some water on him and leave. FL is starting to be less likeable now; weak, oblivious and searching for misery.

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