DKC – Chapter 113

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Chapter 113 – A bitter kiss (3)

She looked at Su Luo, and though her smile was broad and her voice clear as she spoke, she still chided Nangong Liuyun, “Third Senior Brother, Miss Su has yet to heal her injuries. It’s better to release her first, and let me take care of the rest.”

Nangong Liuyun’s star-like eyes held a touch of tenderness, elegant clarity and gentle kindness as he nodded and replied, “Yaoyao is right, it was this king who was too impatient.”

Yet, despite having said so, his hold on Su Luo’s hand did not loosen.

Jade Lake’s fairy was like a cold star that stared at those tight interwoven hands in front of her, a cold light flashed within her lovely eyes.

Her simple and neat complexion blossomed with a faint smile, “Oh right. Did Miss Su see any of my maids along the way?”

Su Luo looked at her with a smile full of undisguised mockery.

Jade Lake’s fairy tactic of making the first move, trying to trap her with this dilemma was very clever.

If she admitted that she had seen those maids, then, where were they now? Why did they not appear together with Su Luo?

If she did not admit to seeing them, then, when there was enough evidence to prove that she killed those maids; how would she be able to defend her stance?

Those few words were akin to placing Su Luo on a burning grill while Jade Lake’s fairy, this perpetuator of malicious acts, was simply speculating on the side as she leisurely sipped tea.

Su Luo’s heart grew vigilant. This Jade Lake’s fairy before her not only had extraordinary looks, her shrewdness in scheming was also by no means average. Otherwise, why would Nangong Liuyun trust her so or give her preferential treatment?

According to Cui Yu, the Jade Lake’s fairy had dispatched a total of four maids. The first three had all died in front of Su Luo. As for the last person, she should be the archer, but Su Luo didn’t know what had happened to her…

However, before Su Luo could respond.

Suddenly, a black-robed shadow appeared in front of Nangong Liuyun. He reverently and respectfully reported, “Reporting to Master, we found a suspect within the depression on a mountain not far from here. He was carrying this longbow.”

The black-robed killer stood with his eyes downcast. He deferentially offered the longbow to Nangong Liuyun with both hands .

This was an exquisitely handcrafted upper grade curved bow, the bow was glowing with a faint luster. One glance and you could tell that it was of considerable value.

“Detain him, and bring him here!” Nangong Liuyun’s entire body exuded a strong, imposing, august aura. The depth of his eyes broke out in rage, suffused with evil demonic radiance. His whole person had the appearance of a blood-thirsty monster, savagely cruel and cold. “

Once she saw the person lying down on the ground with eyes tightly shut, Su Luo’s eyes slightly creased.

This person turned out to be Liu Weiming.

How could it be him? Su Luo looked towards Jade Lake’s fairy with a smile that was not a smile. While the other side merely returned her look with a soft, sweet-tempered smiling expression.

It was as if she was saying that she, the Jade Lake’s fairy, was completely unaware of the situation regarding the matter of hunting her down, and it was not her doing.

“Dead?” Nangong Liuyun’s pair of icy eyes, the depths of which mesmerized people, radiated a dense killing intent.

“Yes, by the time we found him, he was already dead.” The black-robed person deferentially responded.

Nangong Liuyun stroked the longbow, probing for traces of the owner. He confirmed that the killer definitely used this bow to kill people, but….

“What could his motive have been to kill her?” Nangong Liuyun had a ferocious appearance, solemn and blood-thirsty.

Qin Ning, who had silently appeared by the Jade Lake fairy’s side, suddenly interjected. “This servant once heard Miss Liu say that they had chased Miss Su to kill her. Miss Su, was this true?”

Wasn’t this implying that only Su Luo would know the motive of why Liu Weiming would want to kill her?

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  1. greedxviii says:

    Conniving bitches. I hope little Meng roasts your faces.

  2. Midori says:

    thanks a lot!
    i’m going to be so happy when that jade lake’s fairy true facemis revealed to nangong liuyun! -snarls at her- grr! she makes me so angry! so you like him! do you think, by destroying your rivals, he’ll like you more?!-flips table- such nonsense! ah…su luo..! you can get through this, i believe in you!

  3. Light says:

    I’m just waiting for that bitch-aide to have her body roasted by meng meng. I don’t expect the jade lake fairy to die yet, at least not for another hundred or so chapters.

    • RoflCat says:

      No, death is such an easy escape for this type, heck if anything they might return as vengeful spirit.

      The better solution is to destroy their spirit foundation in such way that it’ll take decades to recover, if impossible.

      Then brand her face with something like “criminal” mark, cut off her tongue and dominant hand so she can’t speak or write properly.

    • June says:

      Unfortunately the jade lake fairy meet her maker in chapter 1861… Muffin insisted on translating in now. Lots of things will happen between now and 1861.

      • Just another reader says:

        O.O Chapter 1861……..we have to endure another 1748 chapters more of that damn temptress?! I don’t I can take that. I hope Prince Jin opens up his eyes and sees her TRUE NATURE not too late and not just before she dies.

        Hah……thank you for the chapter

        • June says:

          Yes she will be around for while but she is the chief villain for a while and its not like the author let her off…lets just say every time she refuse to give up…she lose something. So a slow tortuous death, not obvious at first.

    • Kaiser says:

      Hahahaha. About to be true… But long to feel happy some day…

  4. libraryrocker says:

    Uh huh… Slap them!!! XD XD XD Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!

  5. Manga Hunter says:

    Please end the jade fairy.

  6. Rawr says:

    The jade fairy and her subordinates’ behavior really pisses me off. And nangong’s blindness to her true face annoys me to no end. I’ll probably stop reading for awhile cause I really want to see the jade fairy get punished. Every chapter that she manages to get away from it frustrates me.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  7. Kate says:

    I read ahead in the raws (using google translate if course) for about 20 chapters, and I just… Aaaaaaaagggghhhh I’m so mad at them all! This will take a while…

    • June says:

      yep… lots of misunderstandings… but Su Luo will be the heroine in this arc

    • Leafyeyes417 says:

      That is not what i wanted to hear…. *ragequits a table* Please let this end! This was a series i looked forward to reading and now i’m starting to get mad at NL. At least it’s not worse that QEL…yet….

      • June says:

        Nope Nangong Liuyun is not bad… Just terrible at communicating. He let others see how much he was worried about her and did not let her see it, instead he choose to piss her off. Yep thus the length of this novel.

        • Arkeus says:

          I’m not sure we can attribute the length of the novel to misunderstanding between them…..

          My personal issues with NL are more about the tone of Su Luo’s thoughts and the narration that tends to try to make Su Luo ‘at fault’ for NL being a teenager.

          It might be the bad MT, though.

          • June says:

            I think what may not have come across is that the author was not saying it’s Su Luo’s fault for NL being a teenager. More like Su Luo was ignoring his efforts because of her own trust issues due to the betrayal… Right now and for a very long time Su Luo’s view is that men are not to be trusted and they will only hurt her.

          • Arkeus says:

            …But the issue is he wasn’t making ‘effort’ in those scenes, they almost always were about NL being either a ‘teenager’ or less charitably a fucking creep, and every time Su Luo was close to thinking ‘well, this guy isn’t worth the effort’ there is something contrived to wank him.

            Furthermore, Su Luo actually had no issues trusting men fairly quickly (in fact, she tends to have more issues trusting women). It was just NL in particular who tended (he thanksfully does get better) to always try to manipulate her.

  8. AngelSanc26 says:

    Does Nangong Liuyun at least figure out the Jade Fairy’s true nature at some point? Her death won’t be as satisfying otherwise.

  9. Busy Bee says:

    Thanks. Wow. We have to tolerate her for 1000+ more chapters. Thanks June for the heads up.

    • June says:

      Yep if you can’t tolerate her now… keep some Valium on hand… honestly she will slowly get what’s coming to her…like slow torture.

  10. hipployta says:

    If the Fairy can’t die now I hope that other maid bites it now

  11. hipployta says:

    A key question would be, “Who killed him” but clearly that is too obvious

  12. arken00 says:

    thanks for the chapters 🙂

  13. libraryrocker says:

    argh I’m frustrated. But I have hope it will get better!! Also, die Jade Fairy. Thanks so much for all your hard work!!

  14. chronos5884 says:

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  15. passingbyreader says:

    …. ML, no seriously, you’re an idiot. Bona fide idiot. You already know that guy’s strength, did you REALLY think he would pretend to die during the earlier altercation JUST to fire an arrow at Su Luo? Heck , even if you have only a rough guess at the strength of one of her maids, you should already know that he couldn’t possibly get away from her. lol.

  16. 12aki says:

    Sheeesh.. She could just say who it is 🙄

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