DKC – Chapter 1129

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Chapter 1129 – The Seventh Challenge (13)

“What’s a good question I should ask?” Seventh Young Master muttered half to himself before he unhurriedly said, “There is a small round hole with a diameter of one centimeter, and an object with a volume of 100 cubic meters can still smoothly pass through this small hole, then, what is this object?”

Luo Haochen was immediately stupefied.

Such a small hole, how could it possibly pass through ah?

Seventh Young Master, smiling, cast him a glance and then, in passing, lifted up a blue-colored fish.

Seeing this, he couldn’t help but sigh on behalf of Luo Haochen: “Your luck as a person is really bad. Clearly, it can be seen that your character isn’t good on a daily basis.”

At this moment, Luo Haochen’s whole head was dizzy.

He still hadn’t started to ponder it, how could a blue-colored fish be fished up? This was unfair!

He wanted to shout in protest, but recalling Seventh Young Master’s tyranny and cruelty, he secretly shivered.

“Cut off your hand or your foot? If you do it yourself, you can still choose.” Seventh Young Master said in a tone as if he had mercy.

Luo Haochen’s complexion was very red, he really was suffering bitterly and could not say it.

Ultimately, he clenched his teeth, a very severe ruthless light flashing through his eyes, afterwards, he waved his knife to chop off his left wrist!

The blood from his left hand would shock people, it rolled in a circle on the ground before falling at the soles of Seventh Young Master’s feet.

Luo Haochen’s right hand pushed the pressure points on his left arm in succession, then, he sprinkled some white medical powder on it. That blood gushing out was immediately stopped.

Like Seventh Young Master said, if he did it himself, he still had a choice.

If he made Seventh Young Master do it, if he cut off his leg or right hand, then, for the challenges ahead, he might as well commit suicide and forget about it.

Besides, Apothecary Leng had the Rebirth of Flesh Pill, the Rebirth of Flesh Pill could regrow his hand at the wrist. This point was already confirmed. According to Luoyu Palace Hall’s might, they could at least obtain one.

After Luo Haochen withdrew, Seventh Young Master casually pointed to Luo Dieyi: “It’s your turn.”

“Ah?” Luo Dieyi was momentarily at a loss, but very quickly, she returned to her senses.

She hadn’t even begun to ponder over this topic!

Luo Dieyi bowed her head and quickly pondered……

However, don’t know if it was because the two siblings were especially unlucky or if Seventh Young Master deliberately targeted them.

Without waiting for Luo Dieyi to think for a few seconds.

‘Splash’ a burst of the sound of water came.

Seventh Young Master once again pulled up a lively blue-colored fish.

Seeing that blue-colored fish unceasingly struggling in mid-air, Luo Dieyi’s eyes were opened so wide that they were perfectly round, disbelief was all over her face!!!

How could it be like this! She still hadn’t started to think about it, how did he catch another fish again.

“Seventh Young Master…… This, this isn’t right…… Can’t be like this……” Luo Dieyi was so scared that she almost cried.

Seventh Young Master raised his eyebrow slightly: “This isn’t right?”

“Your speed in fishing is too quick. There simply isn’t time to think ah! Whose mind could turn this quickly?” Luo Dieyi said with a sobbing voice.

“Wait a bit and I’ll let you see how another person’s brain would turn so quickly. Now ah……” Seventh Young Master waved his hand, “You want to do it yourself or have this young master do it?”

This thing, must certainly remain behind.

“I……” Luo Dieyi trembled from head to toe, continuously retreating backwards.

If it was possible for her not to lose a hand ah……She was really scared……

Seventh Young Master was too lazy to waste more words with her, with a wave of his hand, a ‘kacha’ sound rang out, and Luo Dieyi’s right hand was directly cut off at the wrist.

Afterwards, Seventh Young Master turned around to beckon at Su Luo: “Girl, you come.”

For addressing Su Luo, Seventh Young Master had already unwittingly called her ‘girl’.

At the same time, Nangong Liuyun also gave Su Luo a push, “You go first.”

This question wasn’t that difficult, based on Su Luo’s intelligence, she could definitely pass.

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