DKC – Chapter 1124

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Chapter 1124 – The Seventh Challenge (8)

At this moment, she had already lost a hand, if Situ Ming impulsively ran up to Seventh Young Master, that’s like courting death. Then, what should she do in the future on this road?

Although Li Yaoyao really hated the Seventh Young Master, and wished she could eat his flesh and suck his blood, however, she still understood the principle that a wise man submits to circumstances, consequently, she was willing to go soothe Situ Ming.

The fists at Situ Ming’s side were clenched so tight that they made endless cracking sounds.

It could clearly be seen how hard he worked to forbear it!

Seventh Young Master’s expression was as before, it remained unmoved.

“It’s still that question from just now, if you can’t answer, chop off your own right arm.” Seventh Young Master indifferently said this sentence, but his attention had shifted to the fishing rod. He concentrated on his fishing.

It was still that question from just now? Situ Ming was immediately stumped.

That question from just now, he completely didn’t know ah! If he had known, even risking the danger of being penalized, he would still have told Li Yaoyao and wouldn’t have let her suffer that kind of bitterness.

Time passed in minutes and seconds.

The surroundings were dreadfully quiet.

“Little White looks a lot like his elder brother……” Situ Ming sucked in a deep breath to calm himself down.

Just now, all of his thoughts was worried about Li Yaoyao, therefore, he didn’t think deeply on this topic. But now, he emptied his mind and let his knowledge diffuse, quickly working on this problem.

Situ Ming, who was able to raise above a countless number of people, he couldn’t possibly be an idiot.

“Looks a lot……Looks a lot……Little White…… Big White……Looks a lot like Big White……”Situ Ming muttered to himself.

Just when Situ Ming muttered ‘Looks a lot like Big White’, Beichen Ying’s eyes suddenly lit up!

In the time it took for a flint to light a fire, he had already guessed the answer!

At this moment, Beichen Ying and Situ Ming had the same urgency.

Situ Ming urgently wanted to guess the answer to the riddle.

While Beichen Ying was praying that he wouldn’t guess it. In this way, the next person’s turn would be one among the four of them left…

“Don’t guess it, don’t guess it, don’t guess it……” Beichen Ying almost waved his fist as if swaying to a beat.

Just at this pivotal moment, the float on the fishing line of the fishing rod suddenly sunk!

This indicate a fish having taken the bait!

Situ Ming was so anxious that a drop of cold sweat emerged from his forehead.

After all, if he couldn’t guess it, then ne would lose a hand or foot, completely without leeway to talk it over.

Just at this moment, in the final breath, suddenly, something flashed through Situ Ming’s mind, and he loudly called: “The whole truth is revealed! The answer is the whole truth is revealed!!!”

Little White looks a lot like his elder brother, answer with a proverb, wasn’t it just the truth (really looks like) Big White ah (1)?!!!

Once Situ Ming said the answer, the remaining several people suddenly realized!

No one would have expected that the answer would be so simple, so long as their minds turned a little bit and changed their thinking, they would be able to get the answer.

In fact, the mind making a sudden turn was like this, seeing the heavenly steed soaring across the sky. But as long as someone said the answer, everyone would have a feeling of sudden revelation.

Beichen Ying regretted so much that he glared at Situ Ming, regretting to the point that his teeth itched.

At this moment, Li Yaoyao also looked at Situ Ming with an extremely complicated gaze.

For such a minor topic, she lost her right wrist, however, Second Senior Brother was able to answer it……

Li Yaoyao looked at Situ Ming’s pair of arms that came out unscathed. Her feelings were extremely complicated.

She wanted to smile, wanted to congratulate Second Senior Brother. Yet, when she opened her mouth, she was unable to say a word.

Li Yaoyao bit her lower lip: Did Second Senior Brother really not know in the beginning or did he deliberately not tell her? If he had told her earlier, her right wrist wouldn’t be……

Seeing that arm with blood flowing out with gurgling sounds, that arm completely missing a palm……A trace of malicious light flashed through Li Yaoyao’s eyes!

Once the seed of doubt was buried, it would germinate by itself……


1) the truth (really looks like) Big White ah. This is actually a play on how the words sounds. 真相 which I translated as ‘the truth’ although the character is off by one from the exact sounding words 真像 which translated to ‘really looks like’. 大白 translate as Big White but could also mean revealed. The Chinese proverb is 真相大白 which means the whole truth is revealed.

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