DKC – Chapter 1101

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Chapter 1101 – Special Reward (1)

Because this time, Li Yaoyao got fifty-one vulture eggs. If she took these out, then the power of Jade Lake’s Li family would absolutely jump up a notch.

Li Yaoyao elatedly looked at those Vulture eggs with a tender gaze as if looking at her own kids.

Not only that.

Because she won this challenge, the reward for this challenge was still waiting for her.

In the two previous challenges, Su Luo got some good rewards, and Li Yaoyao felt that hers couldn’t be worse.

Because Su Luo took the rewards for the third and fourth challenges, now, she won the fifth challenge.

According to convention, naturally, the later it was, the richer the rewards.

Li Yaoyao, just like this, fell into her own happy fantasy.

Very quickly, two bands of light brought them their rewards.

A bright red silk cloth covered a tray, in the end, what was underneath the silk?

Not only Li Yaoyao was curious, but everybody else was curious too.

The little divine dragon watched those two bands of light, his eyes momentarily brightened. However, it was only for a split second, then his little head drooped down, showing no interest whatsoever in it.

Su Luo already had some certainty in her heart.

Seeing Li Yaoyao’s excitement that was hardly kept in check, the corners of Su Luo’s mouth curled up.

She used the gaze of watching a play to look at Li Yaoyao with a ghost of a smile.

Now, Li Yaoyao could barely contain her excitement, she lifted that red silk cloth up with her finger.


In shock, on that tray, laid a gorgeous light pink, wide-sleeved, fairy style dress.

Li Yaoyao smile immediately went rigid at the corner of her mouth.

However, this suit of wide-sleeved fairy dress was definitely not a regular wide-sleeved fairy dress!

How could the master of the Nine Different Palace Halls take a normal dress and give it to her as a reward?

Li Yaoyao shook her head, expressing her disbelief.

But, as soon as Li Yaoyao touched the fabric of the wide-sleeved fairy dress, her heart continuously sank down.

Because, by the weight of the wide-sleeved fairy dress in her hand, she was able to determine that it was exactly the same as the dresses she normally wore.

Li Yaoyao was still not reconciled.

She lifted the wide-sleeved fairy dress up and carefully examined it up and down, even checking it inch by inch——

Where was the mysterious mechanism of the garment? This was simply a regular wide-sleeved fairy dress!

Li Yaoyao’s complexion paled on the spot.

She threw down the dress in her hand, and snatched the tray that belonged to Situ Ming.

In the tray, was a set of excellently tailored robe that shocked her.

Li Yaoyao was so furious that she almost vomited out a mouthful of blood.

She raised her head to look towards the sky, took a deep breath and did her best to restrain the fury in her throat.

“May I ask, distinguished Sir, when all is said and done, what is this?” Li Yaoyao pointed at those two sets of clothing.

Why did Su Luo’s side gets rewards like Plant Essence and Fire Source Stone Essence. But she, Li Yaoyao, only get these two sets of regular clothing?

In mid-air, that enormous face laughed, his eyes carrying a trace of ridicule.

“What kind of reward, all depends on this master of Palace Halls’ mood. Who told this master of the Palace Halls’ mood to not be very good.”

“You——“ Li Yaoyao grit her teeth in fury, “This is not fair!”

She only wanted it to be fair! She only wanted the exact same treatment that Su Luo got. Why was it impossible!

That enormous face rolled his eyes: “Fairness? What kind of thing is that? Does the Nine Different Palace Halls have it?”

“You——“ Li Yaoyao covered her chest.

She felt that if she continued to argue with this master of the Palace Halls, she would be infuriated to death!

That enormous face laughed mockingly: “What kind of person deserves what kind of reward, this master of the Palace Halls is very clear.”

Finishing speaking, this deity then disappeared.

However, that sentence he left behind was already enough to anger Li Yaoyao to swooning.

What kind of person deserves what kind of reward…..

What kind of person deserves what kind of reward….

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