DKC – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 – He’s Prince Jin?!

Even though I really don’t like the method you used, the triggered results are pleasing to me. She seriously had no interest in being this prince’s crown princess.

If you really want to compare, although this self proclaimed prince standing before my eyes is devilish, strong, overbearing, rude, and enjoys taking advantage of a situation….. He still gave Su Luo a better impression than the crown prince.

“Poor girl, you’re about to become the sacrificial lamb.” Nanqong Liuyun pretended to be sympathetic as he tapped Su Luo’s delicate pink nose. Although he remainedexpressionless, a smile of satisfaction flashed across his eyes.

“Do you need a friendly reminder?” The corner’s of Su Lou’s mouth curled with a smile that wasn’t quite a smile. “The person you are currently holding is your future sister-in-law.”

“Wrong!” Nanqong Liuyun’s eyes shone brightly as he slightly exposed his white teeth. “The person this king is holding is my future princess consort.

Su Luo silently looked to the sky: “Such a flat joke, it’s not even a little bit funny.” She was the legendary good-for-nothing from the rumors and was born from a concubine. Furthermore, her position of the crown prince’s fiancee was on the verge of being withdrawn. How could this lowly prince dare marry her?

Up until now, Su Luo still did not know the powerful background of the man holding her. She still thought that Nangong Liuyun was one of those little lords.

Let’s not talk about the heated exchange between the two in front of the lotus pond, after the crown prince discovered the truth that Su Luo was that shameless girl, his whole demeanor brightened as his eyes flashed.

Having learned this truth, nothing else mattered.

The crown prince happily left taking the good news with him. With a wave of his sleeves, not even his shadow was left.

The people in front of the Lotus Pond had already left.

A gentle breeze made ripples on the water’s surface

In the lotus pond stood a shivering Miss Su Xi.

Waiting from afternoon till dusk, then from dusk to nightfall, Su Xi waited until her face become pale, lips turned purple, but her third sister still did not come to bring her clothing.

Poor Su Xi did not know that when she pushed Su Wan, she used too much force and thus knocked Su Wan out into a dead faint.

Su Xi in the lotus pond become so angry that she almost start stomping her feet. In her heart she started to hate Su Wan. She silently vowed that after she goes back she will not let Su Wan off.

Waiting until the night became completely black, using the cover of darkness, Su Xi finally jumped out of the lotus pond and onto the ground.

Suddenly, nearby a bloodcurdling scream cried : “Ghost!!”

Following the sound of the scream, Su Xi slowly turned her head toward the sound, her face hideously distorted, eyes crimson from anger.

She had been picked on enough for today!

She turned around and was about to unleash her anger at the luckless footman when she realized that the footman had already passed out after being scared silly by the “ghost”. Now with no way to unleash her frustration, Su Xi turned her eyes away and used the cover of the darkness to quickly flee toward her courtyard.

The remotest small courtyard in Su Manor.

Su Luo had a sliver of grass in her mouth, with both hands behind her head, as she laid on the roof with both feet propped up, giving off a leisurely relaxed impression

She leisurely reviewed what happened this morning. When thinking about how both Su Xi and Su Wan was embarrassed she become happy. Thinking about future fights and grievances between the two made her even happier.

While thinking, suddenly an unparalleled face flashed across Su Luo’s musing

Especially that pair of bewitching eyes, black as ink, with bright light shining from the obsidian iris full of pride.

Although his laugh seemed to be careless, it hid the strength and majesty of an eagle; compelling, disdainful yet at the same time, gave off a strong domineering attitude.

She described the guy to Lu Luo, who immediately become so excited that the bowl in her hand started to shake.

She excitedly said: “Mistress, if my guess isn’t wrong, then the one you meet is His Highness Prince Jin! Yes it must be Prince Jin!”

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