DKC – Chapter 1076

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Chapter 1076 – Swift Cloud Slope (3)

Saying it was a smaller-sized golden-colored magical beast, was entirely based on comparison to the other enormous golden-colored magical beast.

In fact, this smaller-sized golden-colored magical beast wasn’t small at all, about five meters long, and three meters high.

At a glance, this smaller-sized golden-colored magical beast was the cub of that enormous golden-colored magical beast.

At this time, it was walking in a wobbly manner to where Su Luo was.

Nangong Liuyun saw this from the corner of his eyes and then immediately trembled!

Right now, Su Luo was weak to what degree, he clearly understood more than anyone else.

Just a casual wave of that smaller-sized golden-colored magical beast’s paw, and Su Luo could be scattered like pieces of paper!

Nangong Liuyun abandoned his battle with that enormous golden-colored magical beast, turned around and immediately shot towards Su Luo’s position!

However, just at this moment, that enormous golden-colored magical beast used a lightning ray to envelop Nangong Liuyun, forcing him to a stop!

The lighting rays flickered with no way out.

So, it turned out this enormous golden-colored magical beast also had the lightning element, before, Nangong Liuyun’s lightning attacks were all collected into the dark golden thorns, and now, it was released all at once.

Although Nangong Liuyun’s heart was irascible, his face was still as calm as before.

His fingers moved, one after another, rays of lightning burst out, relentlessly fighting with those rays of lightning surrounding him.

However now, he simply could not move a single step, unable to lend a hand to go save Su Luo.

However, speaking of Su Luo’s side.

This smaller-sized golden-colored magical beast walked in a wobbly fashion towards Su Luo.

Su Luo’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

If she was at the peak of her strength, with the help of the little divine dragon’s type of spirit pet, then she could still battle with this small magical beast.

But now, it was completely impossible.

Su Luo’s face remained cool, calm as water, but her feet slowly retreated, step by step.


Su Luo wasn’t paying attention and her back bumped against a thousand-year-old tree, issuing a hitting sound.

Su Luo almost spit out a mouthful of blood from the bump.

Just at this moment.

In mid-air, that enormous golden magical beast roared angrily!

As it turned out, Nangong Liuyun had taken advantage of it being off guard, and the cyan double-edged sword in his hand suddenly pierced its eyes!

Immediately, that eye dripped with blood in a terrifyingly sinister manner!

The enormous golden-colored magical beast exploded out in raging waves of furious roars!

This thunderous roar, was so furious as if it would tear the entire mountain to shreds.

Su Luo faced this seemingly innocent, confused and even a little naturally foolish smaller-sized golden-colored magical beast, now, a touch of blood flashing through its eyes.

Its appearance became terribly malevolent in a flash, its body suddenly jumped lengthwise towards Su Luo.

If it pounced on her body, Su Luo’s body would definitely be shaken into pieces.

Just at this moment of life or death!

Suddenly, an extra little thing that was furry, velvety and snow-white appeared in Su Luo’s arms.

This was the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox that was subdued by the little divine dragon before on the snowy plateau.

This Nine-tailed Spirit Fox sat peacefully in Su Luo’s arms, with its two small claws gesticulating in the air, don’t know what it was doing.

However, no matter what it was doing, it was already too late.


This smaller-sized golden-colored magical beast was already almost within reach.

Su Luo could smell that dense bloody flavor on its body and that strong destructive power.

At her back was the ancient tree, Su Luo had no way to retreat and she couldn’t avoid it.

Su Luo wanted to cast the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox aside, letting it escape as an opportunity to live.

But, at this moment, the tiny Nine-tailed Spirit Fox seemed to have grown from her body, she couldn’t tear if off no matter what.

That smaller-sized golden-colored magical beast’s wide open bloody mouth had already arrived in front of her eyes——

That mouth which reeked of blood made Su Luo nauseous.

The Grim Reaper had already quietly arrived.

“Luo Luo!!!” Nangong Liuyun completely disregarded the injury on his back, and with flying speed, shoot towards Su Luo’s side.

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