DKC – Chapter 1072

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Chapter 1072 – White Jade Bridge (14)

Su Luo sawed away until her forehead started to perspire. She finally cut through that Iron-spined Cheetah’s defense, then directly stabbed it to death with one cut!

With great difficulty, she killed one, and Su Luo was so tired that she could hardly breathe.

Su Luo leaned back and dropped to sit on the ground, gasping for large mouthful after large mouthful of air.

This broken body, having possession of all these favorable conditions, it was just lying there like fish meat on a chopping block, yet it cost her this much to kill it, alas.

Su Luo adjusted her lower body, just when she was prepared to kill the second one, but discovered–

The battle was already finished.

Nangong Liuyun leisurely came down from mid-air. With a wave of his wide sleeves, the protective cover disappeared.

Su Luo glanced at the scene outside.

The originally busy and snow white-colored white jade bridge, now, was densely packed with a ground full of corpses.

These Iron-spined Cheetahs’ corpses, besides the one she personally cut, the rest were all charred, looking like coal giving off smoke and fire.

Seeing it shocked the eyes and astonished a person’s heart.

Nangong Liuyun pulled Su Luo up and patted at the dust that didn’t exist on her body.

With a light pull, he had her on his back.

“The ground is dirty, careful not to get your shoes dirty.” Nangong Liuyun said in a gentle tone.

“You really are…” It took a long time for Su Luo to return to her senses.

This was a full one hundred heads of Iron-spined Cheetahs at the summit of the ninth rank ah! Although somewhat stupid, just like this, it was all scooped up in one go. They were so burned that even the corpses weren’t left behind…

Su Luo looked at Nangong Liuyun with matchless adoration, giving him a thumbs up: “Awesome!”

Nangong Liuyun modestly cupped his hand in salute: “No better or worse than others.”

“No better or worse my ass!” Su Luo almost took a bite of his back.

She had sat on the ground and cut away for a long time before stabbing the Iron-spined Cheetah that only had blood remaining to death.

But what about him?

Nangong Liuyun’s words were clearly sarcastic!

Nangong Liuyun had the urge to smile, but with a glare from Su Luo, immediately, he didn’t dare to smile.

“There is not much time left. Let us quickly go.” Nangong Liuyun’s words barely faded before he carried Su Luo on his back and, with flying speed, rushed forward.

Now, at the other end of the white jade bridge.

The three teams with six people now stood together.

Beichen Ying nervously walked back and forth, so anxious that smoke nearly came out from his forehead.

Zi Yan was dizzy from watching him walking around in circles, and couldn’t help but glare at him: “You should stop walking, your walking is about to make me throw up!”

Beichen Ying, for lack of a better option, stopped, responding to say: “I’m very anxious, okay? After another cup of tea’s time, the time limit will arrive!”

With regards to whether Nangong Liuyun could cross the white jade bridge, Beichen Ying wasn’t a bit worried.

However, whether they could arrive within the stipulated time, this point made his heart endlessly worried.

He had barely finished speaking before Zi Yan’s wrathful gaze shot towards Li Yaoyao, who sat on the ground with legs crossed.

“Li Yaoyao, I’m telling you, if Luo Luo doesn’t arrive within the stipulated time because of you, then you should just go die!”

Li Yaoyao coldly took a glance at her, then closed her eyes to rest.

Beichen Ying stood behind Zi Yan’s body, his gaze unprecedentedly sharp: “You think that she alone is able to carry this responsibility? Humph, if Second Brother can’t cross, then not only her, but the entire Jade Lake’s Li family will be buried with her!”

Li Yaoyao’s expression didn’t change, but her heart was suffering bitterly.

Before, she really was headstrong and took some rash actions, but now, she already regretted it.

Because, when she did that, not only did she destroy Su Luo, she also destroyed her most beloved Third Senior Brother ah….

If something happened to Third Senior Brother, she really didn’t know what she ought to do…

Li Yaoyao’s heart felt helpless and at a loss, agonizing over and over again at this.

“Time is almost up! What to do!” Beichen Ying looked at the time that was constantly counting down, his heart extremely anxious.

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