DKC – Chapter 1065

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Chapter 1065 – White Jade Bridge (7)

“Girl, you don’t need to worry. The road is still very long.” Nangong Liuyun slowly said to console her while stroking her soft hair.

“With you here, I don’t need to worry.” Su Luo smilingly looked at him.

Nangong Liuyun left the imprint of a kiss on her forehead.

The warm atmosphere between the two people was full of tender feelings.

Li Yaoyao scoffed heavily, “I’ll just see how many points you guys will get!”

Su Luo continued talking with Nangong Liuyun.

Nangong Liuyun laughed as he listened, as if what she said was very amusing.

Li Yaoyao stood there for quite a while, but no one paid any attention to her.

Those two people were simply ignoring her, treating her as though she didn’t exist!

Thinking up to here, Li Yaoyao almost exploded.

Situ Ming saw that the atmosphere wasn’t quite right and hurriedly pulled Li Yaoyao away.

Nangong Liuyun showed clearly that he didn’t like Yaoyao. He also clearly showed that Su Luo was a precious treasure to him. If Yaoyao really got into a quarrel with Su Luo, it was clear to see who would eat the loss.

Situ Ming was also puzzled ah….

The originally fairy-like, pure, cold and noble Jade Lake’s fairy, why was it that now, had unexpectedly become… become…

Those two words, Situ Ming still didn’t have the courage to say them.

Just at this moment, violent battle sounds could be heard coming from the white jade bridge.

However, the battle sounds quickly settled down.

Su Luo immediately sat upright, gazing unblinkingly at the body of the bridge.

Sure enough, a turntable slowly appeared.

“Beichen Ying and Zi Yan made it across!” A smile appeared on Su Luo’s face.

However, regardless of the grades, at least the two of them were safe. This was the best news.

“I already said you were worrying groundlessly. Now, you should feel reassured.” Nangong Liuyun’s eyes contained a smile.

“Eh! Let’s take a look at how much they scored.”

While the two people talked, that turntable’s speed was slowing down.

“Thirty! thirty! thirty!” Li Yaoyao shouted loudly as she waved her fist around.

Su Luo frowned in annoyance: “How can it be thirty points? Is this person insane?”

Nangong Liuyun made a show of being very serious as he touched his chin: “I reckon she is insane. You should stay away from her. Be careful not to get infected.”

When Su Luo heard this, with a ‘pfft’, she laughed out loud.

“That person was originally your most beloved little junior sister. Now, you’re actually saying this about her?”

Nangong Liyun was unconcerned. The tips of his eyebrows raised slightly: “Isn’t it said that when one marries a wife, he forgets his mother? What does a little junior sister count for?”

“Oh, you really are…” Even Su Luo was speechless.

How could there be such a shameless person? Saying when one married a wife, he would forget his mother in such a pompous manner?

If his mother was really still alive, Su Luo felt she would have no face to see this elder again.

“I really am what?” Nangong Liuyun’s pair of enchanting and devilishly charming eyes winked, almost suffocating the person he was enticing.

Su Luo, with great difficulty, turned her gaze away: “I still haven’t married you yet. Talk less nonsense.”

“What? I’m already your man. You still don’t want to take responsibility?” The god-like His Highness Prince Jin, he opened his eyes wide in disbelief. That expression was extremely exaggerated.

“You—” Su Luo pushed him aside hatefully, “I simply never touched you before. Don’t say such nonsense!”

“What do you mean you haven’t? We’ve already shared a bed for so many days. The heavens had seen this, with mother earth as witness. You can’t renege on it!” Nangong Liuyun pointed to the heavens in a deadly earnest manner and then stepped on the earth.

His voice wasn’t low, it could be heard clearly within a range of several hundred meters.

Su Luo became extremely impatient and pushed Nangong Liuyun: “Move aside, move aside. Don’t block me. I still need to see the score.”

Who knew that Nangong Liuyun would, with one move, imprison her in his embrace: “No, if you don’t admit it, then I won’t let you see.”

Such a childish man! Su Luo groaned inwardly as she held her forehead up gracefully.

She really lost to him.

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