DKC – Chapter 1061

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Chapter 1061 – White Jade Bridge (3)

If they calculated just based on his scores alone, then even if they charged this to the end, they still wouldn’t be able to obtain anything.

Because he faintly thought that these scores…in the end, would be tallied up to get a total score.

Seeing Su Luo weakly leaning against his side, Nangong Liuyun caressed her hair lovingly in a spoiling manner.

No matter what, he must challenge and break through this Nine Different Palace Halls. Moreover, he had to get first place.

Nangong Liuyun supported Su Luo and took the lead to walk in the northwest direction. However, his brows still hadn’t smoothed out.

With his eyesight, he naturally sensed the different aura and fluctuations in the northwest.

The party walked for approximately one hour, finally, they had reached the end of the white jade covered plaza.

No one had expected that at the end of the white jade covered plaza, there would actually be a furious sea with turbulent waves.

Apart from this, there was just a white jade bridge that seemed to be connected to the watchtower on the ninth layer of heaven.

This white jade bridge was shaped like an arch, but everyone’s eyesight could only see up to half of the arch.

They could only see one side of it soaring to the sky, connected to the watchtower in the ninth layer of heaven.

Underneath the white jade bridge was the furious flames of the wild waves. While in its surroundings, were many white clouds floating carelessly back and forth.

“This bridge… I’m afraid it goes on for more than five hundred kilometers, right?”

Everyone was shaken by this scene. After quite a while, Beichen Ying was finally able to utter this out loud.

Such a decrepit condition and imposing scene, even he, who had seen the world before, was also somewhat flabbergasted.

“This is only the second challenge.” Nangong Liuyun indifferently looked far into the distance.

“That’s right, it’s still only the second challenge.” Beichen Ying repeated this line.

However, the second challenge was already this shocking. There were still seven hurdles after this!

Beichen Ying felt that for them to successfully break through the challenges unscathed, it was absolutely more difficult than ascending to the heavens.

“The long swinging white jade bridge, pairs for the nine layers of heaven.”

On that white jade bridge’s wall, these scarlet words came faintly into view.

“The long swinging white jade bridge, pairs for the nine layers of heaven. What does it mean?” Luo Dieyi asked in puzzlement.

Li Yaoyao gazed into the distant horizon and, after a quite a while, said, “According to what was written in the family records, in the average grade trials, this white jade bridge was the ninth challenge.

When this was said, everyone froze.

The final challenge in the average grade, now, was the second challenge for them? This death grade was truly… made them want to cry but lacking the tears.

Li Yaoyao shot a glance with hidden bitterness at Nangong Liuyun and continued to explain, “‘The long swinging white jade bridge, pairs for the nine layers of heaven.’ means that every time, only two people can be on this white jade bridge. Only after waiting for these two people to finish crossing the white jade bridge, then, can the two people behind go to challenge this trial. Otherwise, all four people will die ten times out of ten with no chance at life!”

Hearing this, everyone was silent.

“Additionally, to challenge this white jade bridge, there will only be two results. One, successfully rushed through, it’ll be to everyone’s delight and satisfaction. The second, will be to fail and immediately die. There’s absolutely no third road,” Beichen Ying added.

His family’s records, also had bits and pieces of it written down.

“Could it be that we can’t even retreat?” Luo Dieyi cried out in alarm.

“We won’t be able to. The moment we step onto this white jade bridge, there won’t be a return road. You can only move forward. You can’t look back.” Beichen Ying’s gaze burned. “If someone regrets this, they could wait in this plaza of white jade. If we successfully break through, then, when the time comes, naturally, you’ll be able to leave. If we fail the challenge, then everyone will die here together.”

The content of those words made everyone go silent.

Li Yaoyao shot Su Luo a glance and scoffed coldly, “Based on your body’s current condition, you certainly won’t be able to cross this bridge. You should just stay here and wait.”

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