DKC – Chapter 1060

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Chapter 1060 – White Jade Bridge (2)

Su Luo pursed her lips and smiled, as her gaze fell on Li Yaoyao’s body.

Li Yaoyao’s conduct and deeds just now were really somewhat small-minded, with a loud bang, the image she had maintained from before collapsed completely.

Su Luo blushed in shame at having this kind of rival in love.

Li Yaoyao blushed while facing the dry ground, then she very fiercely glared at Su Luo and Zi Yan. Situ Ming then helped her stand up.

Situ Ming’s complexion was somewhat complicated, he took out a Congealing Pill for Li Yaoyao to take.

Before the Rebirth of Flesh Pills appeared, the Congealing Pills were the best healing medicine.

Li Yaoyao, in one mouthful, swallowed the pill.

As if she also felt her actions were ill-founded, she silently stood behind Situ Ming’s body, not saying a word. Her face seemed to be enveloped in frost, cold like icy snow.

Those milky white rays of light that enveloped the Luo siblings gradually left and disappeared.

At the next glance, everyone felt that these two siblings were somewhat different from before.

The wounds they received from being chased to be killed by the Snow Lions from before had actually all been healed. The wounds didn’t even leave a scar.

What astonished people the most was, their strength also increased a level.

Luo Haochen was promoted to the peak of the eighth rank and Luo Dieyi was also promoted to the peak of the seventh rank.

If you must know, before, these two people were experts due to heaps of medicine, it was very difficult for them to be promoted.

However, no one had expected that the effects from this milky white light beam would be so good!

“Hahaha……Promoted a level, was the first challenge’s benefits, what the next challenge’s benefits are, please look forward to it. Hahaha!”

In mid-air, that madly laughing voice was continuous and endless, jolting people’s eardrums until it hurt.

At this moment, Li Yaoyao almost went insane from jealousy, she bit down tightly on her lower lip. She sinisterly stared at those two siblings.

“The next challenge, we have to strive for first place.” Situ Ming saw Li Yaoyao was jealous and envious to this degree, so he said this in a low voice besides her ear.

“It’s not strive for, it’s a must win!” Li Yaoyao made a fist.

Worthy of being death grade’s challenge, just the first challenge and the reward was this rich. Heaven knows what could come later.

Not long after, everyone only felt the rays of light flash.

When their sights settled, they had already been delivered into a plaza.

The plaza’s floor was covered in white jade, sparkling and pure, flickering with spiritual energy. It was simply incredibly extravagant.

Everyone stood blankly in place, not knowing which direction the road ahead was.

Because this plaza seemed vast and endless that you couldn’t glimpse the end.

All around were completely covered with white jade that was as white as snow.

Li Yaoyao and Luo Dieyi’s group looked at each other in dismay.

If they had chosen average grade or difficult grade, they could still consult their predecessors’ experiences as a reference. However, not a bit of the previous experiences were of use for the death grade.

Nangong Liuyun’s tall body was wrapped inside a wide fox fur.

Su Luo stood at his side with a quiet and content expression. Her face was full of a tranquil and calm smile.

Originally, Su Luo also didn’t know which direction to go, but the little divine dragon in her arms pointed to the northwest direction and informed her that the aura was different over there.

Just at this moment, that madly laughing and tyrannical voice could be heard again coming from the sky: “Hahaha, this second challenge, you guys only have a day’s time. If you guys can’t pass it in a day’s time, then wait to be made into mincemeat, hahahahaha——”

That mad guy’s unrestrained laughter made people’s hearts angry, yet they were powerless.

“Second Brother, what are we to do next?” Beichen Ying took a glance at Su Luo and asked in a low voice.

At present, they hadn’t even found the road yet and they still had to successfully pass the challenge in a day, this problem wasn’t just ordinarily difficult.

“Finding the road is not difficult.” Nangong Liuyun frowned slightly.

The difficulty was to get him and Luo’er to challenge it together.

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