DKC – Chapter 1058

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Chapter 1058 – Nine Different Palace Halls (10)

However, no matter how angry Li Yaoyao got, Su Luo still leisurely reclined on Nangong Liuyun’s warm broad back.

When the countless number of wind blades flew near Su Luo’s body, they were smashed into fine powder.

Li Yaoyao nearly went insane from jealousy.

“Be careful!” When Li Yaoyao was distracted, Situ Ming flew over and protected her in his arms.

“Puff——” A wind blade hit his back with a piercing blow.

“Hiss——” Situ Ming sucked in a cold breath of air.

This wind blade was simply too strange, momentarily, blood would violently rush out from the skin that was hit with such a piercing blow.

“Concentrate your mind, stop looking around randomly!” While Situ Ming bellowed, he also helped Li Yaoyao block the wind blades.

Li Yaoyao reluctantly forced down her jealous fire, brandishing the double-edged sword in her hand and unceasingly cursed them not to pass this challenge.

Luo Dieyi and Luo Haochen concentrated their minds on blocking the wind blades, without being distracted in the least.

Beichen Ying and Zi Yan were also completely concentrated on responding.

For Beichen Ying, this time, the wind blades were just perfect for tempering himself during actual combat.

Seeing that the wind blades were about to arrive, he didn’t destroy it with one sword swing. Rather, he continuously calculated while he took continuous steps to leap in and out in order to obtain the most exquisite footwork.

For him, this time’s wind blades weren’t just to endure for a quarter of an hour. Rather, he wanted to cultivate his footwork using the attack at this time.

Zi Yan obvious understood his plans at a glance, as a result, she used all her strength to coordinate with his actions.

Even near the end, she practically left Beichen Ying’s side, letting him stay alone among the wind blades that were coming from all directions.

The bloody double-edged sword in Beichen Ying’s hand moved.

His double-edged sword’s speed rapidly soared to a certain degree, to the extent that the air around him gave off a vibrating sound.

After every passing of the double-edged sword, more than ten wind blades would be blocked.

This kind of accurate grasp of speed, a lot of people had no hope of catching up.

From the beginning, where a sword swing would block more than ten wind blades, till later, when Beichen Ying’s double-edged sword streaked across, several tens of wind blades would fall down with pitter-patter sounds.


The final storm of wind blades terminated.

Beichen Ying still wanted to continue.

“Why did it stop?” Beichen Ying was anxious to the point of grabbing his ear and scratching his cheek.

He had just practiced to the crucial point, an insight had flashed past and he nearly caught it, why did the wind blades cease?

Beichen Ying sighed, alas, he was somewhat dissatisfied.

Li Yaoyao and Luo Dieyi’s group glared at him.

They all wished for the wind blades to end a bit earlier and for that quarter of an hour to come a bit earlier. But this man, unexpectedly, had been disdainful that there were too few wind blades?

However, after he retracted his sword, Beichen Ying’s aura faintly had a touch of change.

If one was to say, before, he was showy and elegant. Then the him right now, actually gave people a feeling that he was showing off his ability.

Like an exceptional treasured sword that wasn’t sheathed.

Li Yaoyao wanted to complain for a few sentences, yet ultimately, she shut her mouth and didn’t say anything.

Just at this moment, with a ‘swoosh’ sound a huge screen unexpectedly appeared in front of everyone.

On the screen, four turntables were rotating nonstop.

Under the turntables were the groups’ names.

The first group, Nangong Liuyun and Su Luo.

The second group, Beichen Ying and Zi Yan.

The third group, Li Yaoyao and Situ Ming.

The fourth group, Luo Dieyi and Luo Haochen.

Don’t know how this Nine Different Palaces knew their names, but at present, their names really did appear under the turntables.

The very first one to stop was the fourth group.

“Eighty points.”

Luo Dieyi and Luo Haochen’s score was eighty points.

The third group’s turntable stopped immediately afterwards.

Li Yaoyao and Situ Ming got: “Seventy points.”

Li Yaoyao’s brows knotted tightly!

She never thought that with her and Second Senior Brother acting together, they would actually lose to the Luo Dieyi siblings. This simply was against all reason.

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