DKC – Chapter 1055

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Chapter 1055 – Nine Different Palace Halls (7)

Why would she dare to shout at Su Luo? Wasn’t it because Su Luo’s body was now seriously injured and she didn’t have any strength?

But her family’s two spirit pets, whichever one that comes out, could easily trample her.

This kind of discovery nearly made her go crazy.

Because of wrath, Li Yaoyao’s body trembled non-stop, so intense as if she was stricken with malaria.

“Yaoyao, Yaoyao!” Situ Ming held her with deep concern.

Li Yaoyao’s both hands were clenched tightly into fists, her fingernails sunk deep into her flesh.

Su Luo! Today’s hatred, I, Li Yaoyao will repay many folds back to you in the future!

Li Yaoyao’s eyes flickered with malicious rays of light, ferociously staring at Su Luo, like a viper hidden in the underbrush that could pounce at any time to give a mortal wound.

Su Luo carried the two little snow-colored balls in her arm. She was unperturbed and calm with a placid gaze, as if the matter just a moment ago never occurred.

Seeing this, Li Yaoyao was even more infuriated.

Nangong Liuyun’s ruthless gaze swept over Li Yaoyao, he picked up Su Luo and softly said: “You should have played enough, let’s all go in.”

Should have played enough? So it turned out that Third Senior Brother allowed Su Luo to play me?

After realizing this fact, Li Yaoyao’s fists gave off snapping sounds.

Now, the sun was overhead, that just so happened to shine upon an ancient tree.

Under the shade of this tree was a sparkling transparent halo.

As it turned out, Nangong Liuyun was playing chess here for the purpose of waiting for the afternoon sun to shine on this teleportation point.

Nangong Liuyun carried Su Luo and stood in the center of that halo. In the blink of an eye, his entire person disappeared.

This party of people was gradually delivered into the Nine Different Palace Halls.

When Luo Dieyi passed in front of Li Yaoyao, she suddenly turned her head around and sneeringly shook her head: “Can you clearly see it now? You had always been in this relationship alone, showering affection on an uninterested party. It’s all your own wishful thinking, my elder female cousin.”

Having finished speaking, Luo Dieyi had already arrived in front of the halo. In a flash, she was transferred in.

Li Yaoyao was infuriated until her complexion became ashen, she continuously took coarse and heavy breaths.

Infuriated to death, infuriated to death, infuriated to death!!!

Situ Ming finally stopped in front of Li Yaoyao, steadily looking at her with eyes filled with deep love: “Yaoyao, give up, give it up, okay?”

“No! Absolutely not!” Li Yaoyao shrieked, hatefully glaring at Situ Ming: “What is your meaning? You think Third Senior Brother doesn’t want me, then you can take advantage of the void to enter? You must be dreaming!”

Finished talking, Li Yaoyao quickly walked into the halo and was transferred in.

It was as if Situ Ming’s face had been ruthlessly slapped, with an area flushed red.

His kindness, unexpectedly, was returned with this kind of treatment? All these things he did, in the end, did it have any meaning?

No matter what each of them chose, they ultimately still came to the Nine Different Palace Halls.

Nangong Liuyun carried Su Luo, wrapping her entire person in the wide fox fur, protecting her completely.

When others exited the teleportation area, each and every one of them was dizzy, nearly unable to stand.

However, Su Luo was completely unaffected by this.

All around, there was a dense mist overflowing with spirit energy, as if they had arrived in the world of immortals.

Before them stood a palace hall made of white jade, towering and erect, subdued but still luxurious.

At a rough count, it just so happened to have nine floors.

So it turned out that this was the legendary life-and-death challenge ——Nine Different Palace Halls.

Numerous treasures were inside the Nine Different Palace Halls, as long as one crossed the appropriate hurdle, there would be a corresponding reward.

“Now, you guys have already entered the Nine Different Palace Halls’ range.” A loud and clear dignified voice rang out beside everyone’s ears.

This voice was like a clap of thunder from a clear sky, shaking everyone on the spot.

This was the voice of the Nine Different Palace Halls’ owner.

“The Nine Different Palace Halls’ assignments are divided into average grade, difficult grade, elite grade, and death grade, the four types of options. The reward for the average grade is the lowest, the reward for the death grade is most abundant. Children, riches and honor can only be sought among danger, the death grade’s spirit treasures are waiting at your own whims ah.”

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