DKC – Chapter 1044

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Chapter 1044 – Everyone assembled (8)

It seemed as if the Luo siblings didn’t hear her calls for help. With skilful quick steps, they flew straight in the direction of the Xian’s Wood Residence!

Situ Ming saw the situation Li Yaoyao was in, and almost drew blood from biting down!

He had warned and told her thousands of times, repeating again and again, not to kill the Snow Lions, don’t draw blood, but what’s the result!

Situ Ming’s heart was full of anger.

But to ask him to watch his goddess die in front of him, he just couldn’t do it.

If they were to die, he would die first before she was harmed.

Just at this moment of imminent peril, Situ Ming lifted Li Yaoyao up with one hand, and with flying speed, ran forward, his speed soaring to the maximum.

Speed had always been Situ Ming’s forte, although he was carrying a person at this time, his survival instinct wouldn’t let his speed drop, on the contrary, he went even faster.

Behind him, a crowd of Snow Lions was like waves of smoke surging towards them.

Up ahead, the Luo siblings’ figures were getting closer and closer.

“Second Senior Brother, quick, as long as we outrun them, we’ll be safe!” Li Yaoyao continuously urged.

Situ Ming’s chest stiffened, he looked at Li Yaoyao with a complicated expression.

If she hadn’t killed that Snow Lion, then matters wouldn’t have reached this step.

“Second Senior Brother, why are you staring blankly, move faster!!!” Li Yaoayo was very anxious and urged him on loudly!

Situ Ming took a deep breath, and took back this kind of oppressive feeling from his heart.

Situ Ming finally was running neck-to-neck with the Luo siblings, but nobody was faster than the other.

The Snow Lions behind them were quickly going to catch up, rushing over from high and low!

Sharp claws ruthlessly reached for Li Yaoyao’s back.

The Snow Lions were full of hatred towards Li Yaoyao, who told Li Yaoyao to kill a cub from their race?

“Ah—— !” Li Yaoyao let out a mournful scream.

That claw was too sharp.

It cut across from high up on her right shoulder down to her left shoulder, nearly taking out a piece of her flesh.

Li Yaoyao staggered, almost falling in place.

Now, the pain was so intense that she felt almost numb, her intestines becoming even more green.

Fortunately, Situ Ming took care of her well, he practically carried her on his shoulder to run forward.

Luo Dieyi was scared out of her wits by the sight of the wound on Li Yaoyao’s back.

“It’s all your fault! If it weren’t for you inciting us to leave, we wouldn’t be suffering the Snow Lions’ pursuit to kill us!” Luo Dieyi condemned while panting with rage.

Li Yaoyao almost threw up a mouthful of blood from regret.

Li Yaoyao wanted to curse back, but even taking a breath made her lungs hurt as if it was in a knot. She simply couldn’t utter a single curse.

Luo Dieyi continued to fiercely curse her: “If it wasn’t for you guys going to ask some Snow Lions to hold up Nangong Liuyun, how could they have been killed by Nangong Liuyun?”

“Eh, that’s not right!” Luo Dieyi finally returned to her senses, “They were killed by Nangong Liuyun, why are they seeking revenge on us?”

This was simply too fishy!

A trace of remorse flashed through Situ Ming’s eyes.

It was no wonder that before, Third Junior Brother let them leave, so it turned out that he had already set up a trap just waiting for them.

Third Junior Brother…. We are your brothers and sisters under the same teacher, for a mysterious woman, you’re going to let us die?

Such a vicious heart!

At this time, not only did Li Yaoyao’s body hurt, her heart hurt until it was practically suffocating.

Third Senior Brother…. So, this killing step was really set up by Third Senior Brother.

Did he really want to kill her so badly? There really wasn’t a slight place in his heart for her?

Just thinking of this possibility, Li Yaoyao’s felt her entire body go soft, nearly unable to take another step.

Up ahead, far far away, they could see those four people.

Their attitude was confident and at ease, as they contentedly stood in front of Xian’s Wood Residence’s gate, talking and smiling in cheerful voices.

In contrast to them, every one of them was battered and exhausted, filthy like beggars.

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  1. Reading Demon says:

    Situ Ming really is unlucky to fall for the idiotic b*tch fairy…. Thank you for the chapter!

  2. Tasha says:

    Ah…is that evil wretch going to finally catch a clue?? But what I really want is for Situ to finally turn away from her. She’s going to eventually get him killed if he keeps defending her…

  3. Eunie says:

    Oh god. What possibility? Is the fairy shit? Really dumb. The guy’s been saying chapters ago he doesn’t like you but how could She be so damn stupid. 😑 And situming…really? Dude what goddess are you talking about. At most she’s just an imp😏

    • Anonymous says:

      We know she’s evil incarnate but Situ Ming, he’s been under her illusion for nearly 10-15 years. For those years, she’s actually managed to put up a front as being as lovely and kindhearted as a goddess. It isn’t until Su Luo appearing and “stealing” Nangong that her true colors started showing because she’s unable to hide her jealousy and viciousness. Even Nangong has said he was under her goddess/fairy illusion until she sent people to kill Su Luo.

  4. Oweng says:

    *sigh* Li Yaoyao don’t even. Nangong Liuyun already told you that you have no place in his heart a long time ago, but you stubbornly refuse to hear the truth in his words and only assume that if Su Lou were to die he would be yours. PLEASE. HE’D HATE YOU SO BAD THAT YOU WON’T HAVE ANY INTACT LIMBS LEFT BY THE TIME HE’S FINISHED WITH YOU

  5. admiralen says:

    “I cant believe youre mad cause we tried to kill your wife” – Situ Ming
    Its even better when you consider he is also doing these things for some woman

  6. Shanzu says:

    The fairy is a malicious bitch but Situ Ming is a blind idiot and deserves all that is coming for him, no pity for him at all. If he had any brains left at all for 15 years he would have gotten some clues about how selfish spoilt and rotten inside that fairy is jeez. Friendship and loyalty are ok but a little common sense is also very much needed in him. -_- *vents anger* stupidity has no cure afterall…

  7. rosana ✨ says:

    Lmao they’re all so stupid, always wanting to blame SL. Whatever, they’ll get what they deserve​~ thank you!!!

  8. Storm says:

    June, I would gift you a “time stop machine” or something if I had one just so you can translate everything in one day for me. Okay, that is too much… Maybe 50ch per day? hahah 😀
    Thank you for the chapter guys, girls or whoever you are…

    • June says:

      We have wonderful and fast translators for DKC…I’m sort of the bottleneck right now…but we do publish more chapters a day when sponsors come in.

  9. night says:

    “Third Junior Brother…. We are your brothers and sisters under the same teacher, for a mysterious woman, you’re going to let us die?”

    Who was it that set the lions on them in the first place. This is merely Karma. Because you are so stupid to believe the ‘Fairy’ this happened.

  10. karinaayacocho says:

    How stupid can situ mong be?
    Can’t he see li yaoyao’s true nature
    Tch!,what a pretentious wench!

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