DKC – Chapter 1024

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Chapter 1024 – Sudden change in travel plans (7)

Nangong Liuyun, a little embarrassed, touched his nose.

However, he couldn’t refute those words.

The him of that time was like the current Situ Ming, deceived by Li Yaoyao’s exterior pureness and kind-heartedness.

Seeing Nanong Liuyun feeling embarrassed, Su Luo very generously waved her hand: “Forget it, seeing that your behavior today was not bad, I’ll forget that old account and write it off, let bygones be bygones.”

Nangong Liuyun embraced Su Luo, his strong figure covered hers as he heavily seized those alluring red lips of hers……

The distance between the tent and the bonfire was really not that far.

Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun also didn’t deliberately hide their dialog.

And all the ones present were also experts with high cultivation, with sharp ears and keen eyes.

Thus, Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun’s dialog was clearly transmitted to the outside.

Under Situ Ming’s treatment, with great difficulty, Li Yaoyao regained consciousness. After hearing their dialog, she nearly vomited out a mouthful of blood.

Third Senior Brother actually said he was not very familiar with her…… not very familiar……

Li Yaoyao’s entire body felt unbalanced, light-headed and extremely unwell.

“Yaoyao, you……” Situ Ming’s crystal-colored icy pupils showed a trace of deep concern, “What are you planning to do?”

Nangong Liuyun’s attitude was already very clear.

Who he liked, who he loathed, he had already made it very clear. If they pestered him again, this……

Li Yaoyao raised her palm-sized small face, and the rims of her eyes filled with tears, she imploringly gazed at Situ Ming: “Second Senior Brother, don’t tell me you also want me to give up?”

Li Yaoyao’s eyelashes were jet-black and thick, but were moistened with specks of sparkling and translucent dewdrops. Her appearance made people take pity on her and feel extreme tenderness towards her.

Situ Ming really wanted to say, if you don’t give up, then what?

But seeing Li Yaoyao, with such a pitiful appearance, he swallowed back these words at the edge of his mouth.

“Second Senior Brother, from childhood to now, only you treated me the best. No matter what I wanted, no matter how difficult it was, Second Senior Brother would accomplish it for me, isn’t it so?” Li Yaoyao tightly pulled Situ Ming to a stop, her crystal-like eyes were full of expectation.

Situ Ming’s chest couldn’t help but feel suffocated.

“Second Senior Brother, you will help me, right?” Li Yaoyao painfully covered her chest, “If I don’t have Third Senior Brother, I might as well die.”

“Yaoyao!” Situ Ming said with emphasis.

“Second Senior Brother…… I really will die.” On Li Yaoyao’s picturesque facial features, her eyes were filled with hope.

Situ Ming had no choice, he only sighed heavily: “What do you want to do?”

Just now, the sound of Nangong Liuyun and Su Luo’s dialog could clearly be heard, that was because Nangong Liuyun deliberately did it.

However, Li Yaoyao and Situ Ming’s conversation couldn’t be transmitted out.

Because from the very beginning, Situ Ming had already set up a soundproofing circle in their surroundings.

Li Yaoyao’s curled eyelashes slightly fanned a few times, in a timid-looking and frail manner, she looked at Situ Ming: “If I could only return to the past, then how great would that be.”

At that time, Third Senior Brother was very good to her. He never reproached her with any harsh words, unlike now……

How could Situ Ming not hear clearly the hint in Li Yaoyao’s words.

It was impossible to return to the past, but to return to the state it was in the past……

If that girl called Su Luo had never appeared……

If that girl called Su Luo would disappear without a trace……

A ripple swept through the bottom of Situ Ming’s heart, thousands of thoughts went through his head.

Li Yaoyao watched as Situ Ming racked his brain with brows creased. From an angle no one could see, the corner of her mouth slightly lifted into a shallow sneer, her vermillion red lips were alluring as blood, ice-cold and cruel.

Second Senior Brother, you must by all means not disappoint me oh……

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