5 Responses to Story of a Careless Demon Volume 8 Chapter 32 [Finale] Release!

  1. abdullah abad says:

    is it wrong chapter’s number or just me? the last chapter in NU was chapter 32 too…

  2. Schadows says:

    Hi, thanks for your work.
    I didn’t follow the news, did you caught up with the official releases ? Or did you simply stop working on this project ?

  3. jorgelotr says:

    I was browsing the syosetu page of the author and found that there is an alternate 2nd series: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9026cz/
    It seems like the author stopped it at some point and made the current 2nd series (which has “remake” in its title) as the canonical one.

    Exactly how much different is that other 2nd series? (at most, I know that the first chapter is called “I became an angel” and then there are several titled as parts of “returning home”, and that there are two completed arcs and one just started before the remake).

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