Slave Career Planner Updates from the Author

The author had reorganized the chapters by merging it, so he reduced the number of chapters but increased the length per chapter.

Good thing the current chapter I’m translating right now (chapter 6) is part of the merging of chapter 4-6, so it wont take long to update this. But this means I’m also merging the translated chapters that I have done.

One more thing, AUTHOR-SENPAI NOTICED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update 20:00

The chapter numbering have changed! I have changed it by merging chapter 1 and chapter 2. Everyone please be aware that the bookmarks have merged! I apologized for the inconvenience I caused to everyone.

Because there is a person now who proofreads in large quantities, we are slowly in the midst of proofreading. We have completed up to Volume 3 Chapter 17.

Because I’m so busy right now, there would be delays in comment replies, I simply ask to forgive me for it.

Currently: 212th place in over-all ranking

joeglens-san, thank you for the English translation!


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5 Responses to Slave Career Planner Updates from the Author

  1. Aiko says:

    Noticed by senpai! Awesome! That’s an achievement by itself.

  2. Maniakku says:

    Now thats an achievement… I guess Congrats are in order…

  3. Bara says:

    Really nice to get the notice from the author for your efforts on the English translation. I guess they are one of the ones who are pleased that others like their story so much they will translate it to another language.

  4. panti says:

    notice me senpai!!!!!!!!….at last…..he notice you huh….grats….

  5. Chance Thompson says:

    It the author is understanding and lets us keep doing

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