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Chapter 74: Eye of Truth and the End of the Tunnel

Yue Qiang had a deep impression of Yin’s skill.

This was because her skills were all very special. First, she had a skill that gave her sickness and did not count as a debuff. Moreover, the higher the skill’s level, the weaker she became. God knows where she got such a strange skill design.

Her other skill would be her Eye of Truth.

Most people’s skill could be fully explained in at most one or two lines. But this Eye of Truth actually had a few active effects and passive effects. In fact, if he remembered correctly this was a skill that could be further expanded.

It was this skill that caused Yin to close her eyes constantly and radiate a very special kind of beauty.

Yue Qiang could remember clearly the first time she opened her eyes.

She was so beautiful that it shook him to the core, but she was also so terrifying that it made him tremble in fear.

The ferocious, savage tiger’s eyes bled just because it stared once at her. At the time, he did not quite understand yet how the skill worked in principle. But now that Yin had opened her eyes once more, he finally did. The principle behind the skill’s function was very simple.

Anything she set her eyes on will be killed absolutely!

He finally understood the meaning behind that one line in the skill description, “Unleash an absolutely accurate attack at a close range target. This attack cannot miss.”

If she could see her target, then she could hit it with her skill!

The base damage of this skill might be incredibly low, and it might not even be able to break mechanical car’s joints just now, but the upper limit of this skill’s power was infinite.

Take, for example, a person’s eyes or trachea beneath the throat. Any weak spot could be hit as long as it could be seen.

If it wasn’t for the fact that this skill had way too many harsh limitations and requirements, Yin could almost be said to be an invincible existence.

The bolt sped across the air.

It would nail Yue Qiang to the wall and kill him in the next instant.

It was during this critical moment when Yin opened her eyes once more.

She only needed to look once.

There were neither gorgeous skill effects, nor cool skill animations. The head of speeding bolt tilted just a little.

Then, the tail of a bolt appeared on Yue Qiang’s screen.

The shaft of the bolt was at the left of his vision.

He could not see the bolt’s head.

But he could hear it entering the wall beside him with a ‘thud’ noise.

He gradually rotated the screen and saw the giant crossbow bolt’s full appearance.

The bolt lay just a finger’s breadth away from his head. The bolt’s head had fully entered the tunnel’s stone wall and sank several inches deep. One could see just how powerful the bolt was when it was fired.

When he looked towards Yin once more, the girl seemed to have closed her eyes again and slowly sitting down on the ground. She appeared to be severely weakened.

Just like before, it would appear that she could use this skill only one time.

In comparison, Yue Qiang’s condition was actually slightly better than hers. His stats and skills made sure that he would be able to recover to an okay state as long as he wasn’t killed instantly. By utilising his newly learned ‘Hunyuan Jin LVL 1’ and converting a portion of his Stamina into HP, his health was finally restored to a safer position.

He walked to Yin’s side and typed, “This place is too dangerous. I managed to find some way to cope with the mechanical fist, but if there was another one of those crossbow bolts one of us was definitely going to die here. At any rate this tunnel is just too dangerous.”

“It is dangerous alright, but don’t you think that the attacks just now are more like a trial than an actual death trap?” Yin said.

“A trial?”

“A trial it is. Judging from the environment, the master of this tomb doesn’t seem to be aiming to kill us here. If the mechanical fist you took apart just now were attached with sharp blades, or if the crossbow bolt just now contained poison gas that would explode on contact, there’s no question that you would’ve been killed already. Moreover, the mechanical fist did not come at us in droves, and not more than one giant crossbow bolt was fired. Perhaps it was just testing our strength or verifying our identities.”

That was a possibility.

Yue Qiang fell into deep thought.

He stared at the mechanical fist that had shattered into a broken pile on the floor and connected it to the fist style that was used just now. The technique behind the fist style was obviously far superior to his own evolved ‘Killing Style, One’. While on the surface the disparity appeared to be due to the mechanism being faster and stronger than he was, Yue Qiang had been practicing this fist style for almost three months. He knew very well that the difference between the mechanical fist and him lay not just in strength and speed alone, but also technique.

The feeling that he was enveloped from all sides; the feeling that he could not dodge no matter how he tried was absolutely due to the difference of skill level. If only he could learn this somehow.

That being said, it was the female fitness coach who taught him his skill had been helping him all this time. The mechanisms and traps in this tunnel did not appear to have been activated to the fullest either. In that case, if they walked to the end of this tunnel, then…

Yue Qiang had a feeling that their mission would definitely bring them some real rewards.

Suddenly, Ai Qian spoke from behind him.

Ai Qian hadn’t been able to recover from his exhaustion after using his skill all this time. In fact, after he re-entered the tunnel, his complexion had only worsened further. It was at this moment he spoke up suddenly, “I feel even worse than before. Could it be that we haven’t left that magnetic field something’s area of effect? This place… I feel like everything I see in this color is in blood red color. I’m experiencing a feeling of extreme irritation…”

When Ai Qian spoke his words were disjointed. A sickly green was mingled into the pale white color of his face, making him look extremely terrible. Yue Qiang glanced once at Yin and recalled her guess about a confusion type skill.

Both Yin and him weren’t affected due to the type of their heart skill. However, Ai Qian’s symptoms had only worsened as they continued deeper into the tunnel. He was starting to develop delusions as well.

Perhaps this was also a proof that supported Yin’s theory that this was a ‘trial’; only a person with a heart type skill could be immune to this confusion type skill. On the other hand, anyone who did not have a heart type skill like Yin and him would either die right away like those soldiers at the tunnel entrance, or suffer pain, misery, and even develop delusions like Ai Qian.

Seeing Ai Qian’s terrible complexion, Yue Qiang walked over and typed, “Brother, I have a way that can make you feel a little better.”

“What is it?” The trader hit his own head in pain while asking.

Yue Qiang arrived by his side and knocked Ai Qian out with a good old punch.

“You’ll feel better if you’re out for a bit.”

Then, he continued forwards while dragging Ai Qian on the ground with one hand and supporting Yin with the other. The trio quickly arrived at the place where the giant crossbow bolt was fired. It was also the end of the tunnel.

To their surprise, there was a small log house at this place. From outside, it looked especially similar to the giant crossbow log house Gongshu Shaoyang controlled at Yue Village.

The small log house was embedded deep into the tunnel walls. The door of the log house was half-closed.

Yue Qiang carefully pushed the door open with an iron rod. He thought on the inside: All of the unknowns should have an answer after the door was opened.

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