SPO – Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: Spiders Leap Into The Flame, And Dig Their Own Grave

A spider was a savage and carnivorous arthropod. It was bloodthirsty, brutal, and very smart as well.

A spider who knew how to make webs would use all sorts of ways to camouflage their predatory actions. They could singlehandedly take out insects that were bigger than them. Some spiders did not make webs, but their size was generally quite big. This type of spiders mainly relied on their large size, sharp mouthparts and deadly toxin to eliminate their prey through brute force.

Yue Qiang wasn’t entirely ignorant about these eight-legged arachnids, and in this game these spiders were obviously amalgamations of both stated advantages above. Not only were they huge and capable of spitting threads, there were more than a fucking hundred of them!

The sound they made alone was enough to make one’s scalp feel numb.

After they had set up the fire ring around the cave entrance, they moved the wooden tables away and looked inside.

Yue Qiang could not help but feel goosebumps on his skin.

The sight was just too scary.

The walls of the vertical hole was filled with densely packed fist-sized spiders. Their long legs, black hair, dark and bright colored stomach were as clear as day underneath the fiery light. It wasn’t a question whether their stomach were filled with poisonous liquid.

It was often said that the unseen fear was the scariest, but Yue Qiang would have preferred not to see these monstrous creatures at all. They were both scary and disgusting.

“Quickly!” He urged Ai Qian behind the fire ring.

Ai Qian’s expression looked even paler than he was. The trader opened his shut eyes, and in an instant he released his unique Charm ability once more. From Yue Qiang’s point of view, Ai Qian’s face seemed to be retouched with a softening effect, causing his already somewhat handsome face to become impossibly pretty and flirtatious. A gentle, charming and lovely aura seemed to spread to the surroundings.

If Ai Qian was a girl then Yue Qiang had nothing to say, but he absolutely wasn’t. He had no idea how Ai Qian managed to learn such a ridiculous ability after he entered this world.

While holding back the urge to push Ai Qian into the hole and feed the spiders, Yue Qiang stood beside him and be on guard with his iron rod.

The spiders at the vertical hole who were gradually forced back by the heat wave before had begun to grow restless again after Ai Qian had activated his Charm ability.

Then, the first spider ignored the fire ring and climbed out of the hole!

Its incredibly ugly, rubbing front limbs indicated that it really wanted to charge right at Ai Qian. However, it was also afraid of the burning flames.

Seeing that the spider didn’t charge immediately at him, Ai Qian activated his Charm ability once more!

This time, the skill was obviously more powerful than before. It also exhausted more energy as a hint of paleness appeared on Ai Qian’s pretty and flirtatious face. His eyes watched the big black spider that lead the way firmly.

Spider was a very smart animal, and its genes and instincts granted it powerful survival abilities. However, Ai Qian’s skill generated an attraction that could surpass the difference between species from an inexplicable plane and seduced the spider.

In the end, the big black spider acted. Its eight limbs crawled swiftly as it pressed forwards courageously into the flames!

Then, it was burned into barbeque spider meat amidst crackling sounds.

Several smoke tendrils appeared above the flames. A mix of yellow body liquid and black poisonous liquid spread out on the ground.

As the first spider charged towards the flames and killed itself, the remaining one hundred or so spiders behind it gradually did the same. They began launching wave upon wave of attacks on Ai Qian before they were burned to death in succession. Yue Qiang kept adding wood to the fire ring while he hid behind it. Beside him, Ai Qian’s face was completely bloodless and shockingly white. It would seem that this skill could only be activated for an instant, and the price for activating it continuously was extremely huge.

At first, Yin was standing beside them as well. But when she saw the green smoke appearing above the flames, she hurriedly tore a few cloth strips from her clothes and covered everyone’s mouths and noses.

“The smoke is poisonous; the cloth would not hold it back for long. We need to leave here as soon as possible.” She explained briefly.

After hearing her warning, Yue Qiang realised that his HP was dropping at a gradual rate. It’s just that his many enhancing stats and OP recovery attribute ‘Cockroach’ ensured it dropped very slowly.

But Ai Qian wasn’t him. This poor handsome bastard looked like he was suffering from kidney deficiency*, and his pale white face also became dyed with a sheen of green because he sucked in poisonous smoke for a while.

*also a sarcastic way of saying that someone fucked/mastrubated too much

Thankfully, the spiders were all dead.

All one hundred or so large spiders had charged to the flames due to Ai Qian’s Charm and dug their own graves!

Their corpses formed a small hill.

Right now, the small room was filled with poisonous smoke caused by the burning spiders. Yue Qiang’s attributes enabled him to preserve a good amount of mobility despite the poisonous environment, but the other two people did not look too good.

While holding one person on each hand, he circled around the huge pile of spider corpses and arrived at the vertical hole. Then, they entered the cave once more.

The poisonous smoke were drifting upwards and not downwards, so going down was the better choice of the two. This was similar to lying on the ground and crawl away to escape the poisonous smoke caused by a recent fire.

Their path of retreat was cut off anyway. Only by moving forwards would they have a sliver of a chance at survival.

The trio continued forwards while feeling like they were given a new lease of life. Yue Qiang looked at the extremely weakened Ai Qian and typed, “We lured out an unbelievable amount of spiders and killed them all. If they most definitely could kill all of us if they crawled out at once before we set up the trap, and even if we didn’t move the table away, we would have been trapped inside the small room to death… You scored a great merit this time.”

Ai Qian shook his head and said nothing; he still hadn’t recovered from the encounter earlier. The man simply inhaled greedily the air inside the cave in attempt to thin out the poisonous smoke in his lungs as much as possible.

Yue Qiang then glanced again at Yin. The girl hadn’t spoken up for the entire time. She only walked forwards silently.

A thought suddenly appeared in Yue Qiang’s mind. She can’t have predicted this from the beginning, can she?

First, she predicted that there would be a spider pack from the dark and wet underground environment. Then, she beat around a super large bush and came up with a fake theory where magnets could kill people to restore the trader’s confidence. After that, she used his Charm skill to take out all of the spiders. When she discovered the spiders, she had come up with the idea to burn them all almost instantly. The flexibility of her mind, and the decisiveness of her decisions… most importantly, everything had turned out exactly she had planned like a written script. The more Yue Qiang thought about it, the more shocked he became.

Seeing that Yin was still silent and seemingly thinking about something, he asked secretly, “Did you predicted this from the very beginning?” then he told her his assumption.

“No, and that’s impossible.” Yin answered, “Perhaps the two of you were too anxious just now, which was why you failed to come up with the solution. Setting this aside… right now I’m thinking about another thing.”

“Another thing?”

“Mm. Don’t you feel that this environment is a little strange? That passage outside has a giant rock trap, clues about the mechanisms of this place, and even a device that can completely cut off a path. But why haven’t we encountered more man-made obstacles even though we’re approaching the heart of this place?”

Ah, so this is what Yin had been thinking this whole time. Yue Qiang continued to listen.

“I am more inclined to believe that the spiders in this cave is a natural breed. It’s just that the unusual environment caused it to evolve to that size. They are probably not a defensive measure set up by the School of Mo’s Great Camp. After all, if that woman’s corpse really is somewhere in this place, then she would have been eaten by the spiders! Therefore, we must be on guard from now on. This is because the real defenses of this camp haven’t appeared yet!”

While listening to her words, Yue Qiang continued to raise the torch high and stared towards the distance as best he could. Although he couldn’t see too far away, his vision was no longer enshrouded in complete darkness.

A fist had appeared at the end of his vision!

A wooden fist!

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