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Chapter 70: I Didn’t Attract These Mobs

Yue Qiang beckoned Ai Qian from the back.

The trader was looking a lot better than before. At the very least, his complexion was looking closer to normal now.

“So.” Yue Qiang said, “The current situation is clearer than it was before now. There are a lot of unexpected dangers in this place, but they are all within understandable boundaries. Therefore, let’s tell each other our respective combat abilities so that we’ll be prepared to divide our tasks when we face the enemy later.”

“I’ll talk about my abilities first.” Yue Qiang said, “The abilities I’ve learned in this world are basically all close combat abilities. My 1v1 abilities are okay, and I can fight for a reasonably long amount of time.”

“I can only attack once, and after my attack I will fall into a state of extreme weakness.” Yin said, “However, my attack will never miss, and it deals tremendous damage.”

The duo briefly explained their abilities before facing towards Ai Qian at the back and waited for him to speak.”

“As for me…” A Qian appeared a little hesitant, “Actually, I was fully prepared before I came here, but all of my preparations were spent on my ten soldiers. I’d selected them from the Zhao Army Camp after great consideration, promised them a hefty reward, and even equipped them with the latest iron armor and helmet and well forged weapons. But I didn’t think that they would all die before they even saw the enemy’s shadow.”

“Do you have any abilities that could save your own life then?” Yue Qiang asked.

He did not choose to right click and check his stats immediately, and instead chose to ask Ai Qian directly. This was because the system seemed to be slowly blocking out the ability to check another’s stats, and among the attributes and abilities he had seen on Ai Qian before, many of them were displayed with question marks. Therefore, it was actually better if he asked him directly.

“I do, but…” Ai Qian continued to look very hesitant. It wasn’t the kind of hesitation that stemmed from his need to keep his secrets. He actually looked like he was just embarrassed, “After I arrived at this world, I mastered a skill that can allows me to attract females strongly towards me. And this also includes… mosquitos.”

When Yue Qiang heard this, he immediately feel a great curiosity.

An attraction ability that crosses the line between species?

Yue Qiang recalled his memories. Ai Qian seemed to have an attribute called ‘Incomplete Charm’ that had a pretty high value. Not only did the system purposely noted that the attribute was ‘Incomplete’, it even described its effects as incredibly effective on females. In that case, was there a skill among the ones that were blocked out with ‘??’ that was related to this stat?”

“Can your ability protect your life?”

“I’m not sure…” Ai Qian hesitated for a moment. He himself did not seem confident with his abilities, “I basically earned all my money on this world by relying on women. Mm… let me demonstrate it to you.”

While speaking, Ai Qian closed his eyes for a moment before quickly reopening them once more.

He was still the same person as before, but something seemed to be different now.

Ai Qian’s looks were leaned towards the handsome side, and Yue Qiang garnered that even without any Charm his looks were definitely more than capable of attracting the opposite sex.

To put it more bluntly, he had a handsome face that could make a man jealous.

Now, the trader looked even more handsome after merely closing and opening his eyes once. When Yue Qiang saw his face, he suddenly had an impulse to smash it into a pulp.

The reason for that was because he looked way too beautiful right now. If he put a long wig on his head, he would definitely look like an absolute babe.

His looks had obviously not changed in the slightest, and yet he somehow managed to double his Charm stats after blinking once.

Yue Qiang subconsciously threw a glance at Yin.

The girl still looked as calm as ever, and her attention did not waver from Ai Qian. However, she did shift her gaze slightly upwards.

“And this is basically how it is. After I entered this state, any woman who saw me would basically jump at me like they’ve gone mad. That’s not all though. The reason I carried Cinnamomum with me as a mosquito repellant is because I easily attract mosquitos to me. I heard that all blood sucking mosquitos are females, so…”

Seriously? Yue Qiang was speechless. This was literally an enhanced, male version, and species ignoring AOE Charm spell.

“In short, as long as the enemy is a girl.” Yue Qiang thought after he typed that his choice of words wasn’t very proper, so he changed it, “As long as the enemy is a female, you can take care of them, right? That’s why you say this is your life saving ability?”

Ai Qian nodded, “More or less, yeah.”

“It is a very bizarre skill.” Yue Qiang thought for a moment, “If we are in a society, then this skill has literally infinite usage against a woman. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be useful in such a place.”

Their ultimate objective – the coffin – did have a woman inside it, but of course a dead woman wouldn’t come back to life and attack them just because Ai Qian had used his Charm skill. Quite the contrary, what Yue Qiang was worried from the beginning until now was the Mo Family’s legendary devices and traps.

After he had heard Yin’s long winded explanation on magnetism, he suddenly had a more logical thought:

Why did the Mo Family lay down an electromagnetic device in this place? Could this be a disguised form of a disarmament trap? The Mo Family was known to have built their fame and fortune on wooden traps. The idea of disarming an enemy through magnetism before beating them with wooden traps didn’t seem like a bad idea at all.

After all, Yin had said that her earlier theory that magnetic fields could kill people was a complete con. In that case, since the Mo Family had spent so much effort to lay down these magnetic devices, then there must be something else waiting for them at the back. This theory was logical in his opinion.

He whispered to Yin and communicated his thoughts. Yin agreed with him before whispering, “The traps are a problem. The Confusion type skill I mentioned earlier is also a problem. However, it would seem that there is a third problem as well.”

While Yin spoke, her gaze was focused at the top of Ai Qian’s head.

The passage right now was extremely silent. In this utterly soundless environment, Yue Qiang suddenly heard a very soft rustling sound that sounded like droves of something moving across a surface.

Using the weak lighting of the torch, Yue Qiang looked towards the three soldiers who had died first furthest away from them.

Some black shadows had shown up on top of the three corpses!

These moving shadows were about the size of a fist, and they were many in number. There were a dozen of them on every corpse, and as they moved continuously the exposed parts of the corpses began to turn red in color.

These red colors were blood seeping out of the corpses!

Yue Qiang subconsciously moved his character a few steps backwards. As he continued to listen to the soft, rustling sounds, he suddenly realised what these fist-sized moving black shadows were.

They’re spiders!

They’re huge spiders!

They’re spider feeding on the soldiers’ corpses!

Since the corpses’ armor were polished real bright, the reflected light illuminated these black shadows. However, the corpses were quite far away from Yue Qiang’s group. Who knows if these spiders crawling towards them from places they could not see?

Yue Qiang suddenly recalled Ai Qian’s male version Charm skill. If he remembered correctly, this skill crossed the line between species, right?

If he remembered correctly, all blood sucking spiders were female spiders, right?

“I didn’t attract these spiders…” Ai Qian’s quibble was weak and unconvincing. Yue Qiang had already equipped the iron rod and pulling the duo backwards into a flying run.

Yin continued to focus her gaze at the top of the passage, and while they were backing away she suddenly warned Yue Qiang, “His head!”

Yue Qiang subconsciously looked at Ai Qian’s head, and through the light of the flames he saw a bright, thin thread dropping down from the ceiling. It was falling extremely quickly!

The end of this thin thread was a fist-sized black shadow, and the end point of its fall was none other than Ai Qian’s head!

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