SPO – Chapter 34

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Translator’s Note: This is a double release since we did not post a chapter yesterday. Much apologies for the delay.

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Chapter 34: The XXXX System and ‘Libido’ Stat

Chen Zi Han secretly whispered to you, “The way of speech such as the one we are using right now can only be done under the premise that both parties possess the cultivation of the heart. This way of speech is different from norm, and thus will not be overheard by other people.”

Yue Qiang understood that this was probably the game world’s way of rationalizing ‘Whisper’. After all, if even the NPCs in this game could whisper, then the fact that it had a logical explanation behind it was nothing to be surprised about.

Chen Zi Han whispers to you: “What this old man is trying to say is, we are not cornered into a dead end yet. If young sir can escape this place by yourself and bring reinforcements the School of Mo’s Great Camp one hundred kilometers away, you may very well be able to save us all!”

The School of Mo’s Great Camp? Yue Qiang felt like he had seen this name somewhere.

“Although everyone in the village is prepared to face their deaths a long time ago, we also left some leeway to deal with this kind of situation. In my opinion, young sir is equipped with both courage and resourcefulness. You are the best candidate to break through this situation.”

Like hell I’m courageous and resourceful; you gave me this quest simply because I’m the player.
Yue Qiang thought. However, he suddenly noticed an important fact from the old man’s words. Could this courage and resourcefulness be some kind of hidden stat attributes? He wondered if they had any connection with his Charisma. Perhaps this courage and resourcefulness and other imaginary concepts were in fact included under Charisma.

Chen Zi Han continued to instruct Yue Qiang by whisper, “On the surface, I am passing you the quest reward. There is also a letter that I’ve written myself in this quest reward. Pass it to the Camp Chief of the School of Mo’s Great Camp when the time comes. He will know what to do.”

After sending these whispers, a dialog box appeared above Chen Zi Han’s head, “Young sir has killed many enemies. This old man is very pleased…”

The old man went on to speak many streamlined quest lines pretentiously, but his eyes had glanced sideways at the house’s entrance non-stop. Someone was probably guarding outside, and these words were all spoken for the benefit of the guarding Zhao Soldiers. His gaze went back and forth; he had even winked at Yue Qiang after finished glancing at the window, filled with glee that was unlike his age.

This game is seriously getting more and more real, I can’t believe it can even reflect the NPCs pitting their wits against each other. Looks like the blue progress bar mentioned in the ‘Game Manual’ was no joke at all.

While nodding and responding to the village elder Chen Zi Han’s words, he opened the quest reward window at the same time.

There were two extra freely distributed stat points other than the original two of the reward. The explanation stated that he had acquired these through successfully helping the two NPCs completing their quests and not losing a single person from Yue Village, so now Yue Qiang had received a total of 4 freely distributed stat points. He did not plan to use these stat points immediately. After all, there was the potential to expand his stat attributes in this game. Right now what he needed to do was gather more information and plan out his next upgrade carefully.

There was also a letter in the quest reward. It was the letter handwritten by Yue Village’s village elder.

System Message: This item can trigger a quest. Will you open it?

He definitely could not open this right now.

Yue Qiang placed the letter into the deep end of his backpack and headed towards the door.

When he pushed open the door and went out, he realized that it the sky was already filled with bright stars.

It was late at night.

Every time he logged into the game and exited the house, Yue Qiang had the illusion that he was transported into another world. The sceneries inside the computer screen were growing more and more realistic and attractive. Although he was now a prisoner and his house had become a prison, this realistic beauty remained just as lovely as ever.

Perhaps it was because the blue progress bar had filled up some more.

Right now, there were two fully armed Zhao Soldiers standing at the left and right of the door. Their gazes were even and their faces were expressionless. They did not show any visible reactions other than laying their halberds horizontally across the front of the door, indicating that he could only stand in front of the entrance.

Their attentions were not paying any attention to the front door in the first place. Instead, they were using indifferent expressions to mask their concentrated and even gazes.

Yue Qiang curiously followed along the lines of the two Zhao Soldier gazes and discovered a most interesting thing.

The opposite of his small house was the house where the blacksmith Tan Xiong once stayed in before. It was bright inside, and four or five shadows could be seen moving about through the straw curtain of the window. This was the spot the two Zhao Soldiers had fixed their eyes on most intently.

From the looks of it, this is…

At a time like this, it is not sufficient to just rely on one’s eyes.

Yue Qiang turned the knob on his speakers by a full round.

Instantly, waves of cheeks blushing, heart thumping erotic sounds reverberated throughout Yue Qiang’s small rented house.

“Come on, hubby…”

“Oh doctor, your servant only has one piece of cloth left…”

“Your little girl is willing to service you from top to bottom in order, what do you think hubby hmm…”

Yue Qiang was speechless. He never thought that this game would have a XXXX (T/N: If you still don’t get this, it’s Adult) system. This game sure knows how to watch out for the ‘welfare’ of its players. The two soldiers standing beside him, who could only listen but not see with their own two eyes, were probably feeling pretty blue on the inside. When he looked closer, Yue Qiang noticed that one of the soldiers was even drooling from his mouth.

There had always been more men than women in an army camp, but the fact that this person in the house could actually enjoy a 1vN meant that he had quite the backing. Could he possibly be Zhao Yan?

It was at this moment a male voice rang out from the inside, “Kiss here, no, here, oh, no, gentler, not too much strength…”

Then there was yet another round of coy and flirtatious cries.

It was not Zhao Yan.

Yue Qiang had heard the Boss general’s voice on the battlefield and the cutscene before. His voice was most definitely not this… imbecilic.

There was another new development inside the house. He could vaguely see the man’s posture inside the house through the silhouette shone onto the straw curtain by the lamp light. The guy seemed incapable of resisting against the women’s seductions and his own burning passion any longer. Lifting his gun and ready to enter, he grabbed two round objects in front of him with his hands, and straightened.

The voice of a woman moaning for dear life escaped the confines of his speakers at the perfect moment.

Three seconds later.

Two voices rang out of the speaker. One was the satisfied panting of a man, and another was the dissatisfied panting of a woman.

On their side, Yue Qiang and the two Zhao Soldiers who were guarding the door matched eyes unanimously. Then they shook their heads at once and let out several sighs.

He must admit that the game’s visual or audio effects were outstanding. Yue Qiang was all ears when he pushed open the door, came out and ran right into such a blood boiling scene, but he couldn’t have possibly known that the man had last only three seconds despite the show of a potential 1v3 or 1v4. He couldn’t help the well of helplessness gushing up his heart.

A few minutes later, the man had finished tidying himself and walked out of the house.

He walked out of the door and arrived at the center of the small village path. He stretched his back greatly facing towards the sky before a dialog box appeared atop his head, “Today’s efforts ain’t bad. I have last yet another second longer.”

With a blazing heart of gossip Yue clicked the man’s avatar and checked his stats.

The character had a lot of stats and a lot of skills, but Yue Qiang skipped through all of them. He saw the line that he most wanted to see, and exploded into uncontrollable laughter.

This guy had a rare stat. The stat was called ‘Libido’. Its stat value was:


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